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Sepiasonic: Sepiasonic (Arjunamusic)

The sepiasonic ensemble, originally created by Claudio Puntin, Insa Rudolph and Samuel Rohrer, documented here on Arjunamusic, in improvisations, songs and soundscapes blend voice, 3 flutes, reeds, electronics and song in sublime ways.

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product information:


Label: Arjunamusic
Catalog ID: AM 704/14
Squidco Product Code: 19464

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Germany
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded at Flatoria Musica in Onsabruck, Austria, by Christian Heck.


Claudio Puntin-clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, keyboard, toys

Insa Rudolph-voice, toys

Samuel Rohrer-drums, electronics

Kim Efert-guitars, electronics, toys

Daniel Agi-flute, autoflute

Daniel Manrique-Smith-flute, autoflute

Jorg Brinkmann-cello, electronics

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Artist Biographies:

"Born in 1977 in Switzerland, Samuel grew up in a music connected family. He played the piano from age seven and switched over to drums with the age of 14, studying with Gilbert Paeffgen, who introduced him soon to Billie Brooks, with whom he studied at the Hochschule der Künste (formerly Swiss Jazz School) in Berne later on. In 2000, after studying in Boston, he became a demand drummer in Switzerland and started touring Europe and abroad with Patrick Muller Trio, Nya, Wolfert Brederode, Susanne Abbuehl Group, Malcolm Braff, Bänz Oester, Erik Truffaz and Harald Haerter a o. Since 2003 he lives in Berlin and became one of the influental musicians of his generation for improvised music.

His flexibility and capability to move around effortlessly in different styles, from atmospheric and free sounds to straight and energetic grooves make him a very dynamical and one of the creative percussionists in the european music scene today.

Performances and recordings amongst others with artists such as Laurie Anderson, Sidsel Endresen, Nils Petter Molvaer, Ricardo Villalobos, Skuli Sverrisson, Nan Goldin, Eivind Aarset, Max Loderbauer, Frank Möbus, Jan Bang, Vincent Courtois, Daniel Erdmann, Peter Herbert, Trygve Seim, Matthieu Michel, Erik Truffaz, Mark Feldman, Charles Gayle, Sirone, Hal Crook, Michel Portal, Claudio Puntin, Soundwalk Collective, Carlos Bica, Ferenc Snetberger, Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva, Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen and many, many more...

He recorded several albums for ECM, Intakt, HatHut and other labels and built his own label arjunamusic records in 2012. He is touring with his own group Noreia, the Daniel Erdmann-Samuel Rohrer Quartet, Wolfert Brederode Quartet, AMBIQ with Claudio Puntin & Max Loderbauer, with Klaus Gesing and Björn Meyer, his new trio with Trygve Seim and Harmen Fraanje and works on several new projects.

Samuel has been touring all over the world and played on major festivals like the NorthSea Festival Rotterdam NL, JVC Festival Amsterdam, Montreal Int. Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Fest., CTM Festival Berlin, Portland Jazzfestival, MoldeJazz NO, Punkt Festival NO, Bergen Jazzfestival NO, OffBeat Basel, JazzNoJazz Zürich, JazzdOr Strasbourg, Saalfelden A, Banlieues Bleues Paris, Nevers Jazzfestival F, Festival Le Mans F, Ulju Festival Korea, EnjoyJazz Mannheim D, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival GB, London Jazzfestival GB, Jazzfestival Willisau CH, Fajir International Music Festival Tehran and many more...

After meeting so many wonderful people all over the planet and feeling at home in many different places, he would consider himself as a nomad and world citizen."

-Samuel Rohrer Website (

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track listing:

1. Sorbet 6:17

2. Tagelang Nichts 5:16

3. Smiling At You 6:49

4. Nocturne 9:31

5. 3rds Circle 4:06

6. Mitternacht 8:11

7. Lost & Found 2:58

8. Changing Places 4:40

9. Beijing Boulevard 5:15

10. Reflections On Nita 3:43

11. Nita 6:38

12. Paris 1:50

13. Smiling Circus 1:40

14. Fliegen 7:22
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"We have here an abandoned diary that displays a very personal handwriting.

The sepiasonic ensemble, originally created by Claudio Puntin, Insa Rudolph and Samuel Rohrer, is publishing here something that no longer coincides with their ensemble's existence, which fell victim to the demands of market compatibility after 5 years' creative work.

But their compositions, songs and sound visions are published here in an album which constitutes a milestone in the creative work of the musicians involved and which many fans have awaited with excited anticipation.

The album has come out on arjunamusic, the label of the drummer Samuel Rohrer, and it is testimony to a long and consistent musical dedication in pursuit of the basic notion that their music should be detached from theories, styles and epochs, leaving only its feelings.

An approach which carefully merges the different musical roots and playing styles of the musicians and instruments to form a unique unity.With the necessary subtle feeling for the rhythmic and aesthetic nature of the diverse musical modes of creation and a lot of creative imagination there have emerged compositions. Improvisations, songs and soundscapes which show with much magic what universal and creative music can be today.

Three flutes, including bass and alto flutes, are an unusual set-up for a band with a rhythm section, but they combine to form a flexible harmony instrument and they glide naturally along songs and soundscapes without distorting their own identity. They are the organ, they are the chamber music trio, they are the cascades enabling one to rise into an impressionist universe. There they encounter a weightless clarinet which can be found everywhere. In this flying caravan it appears as a soloist in super-soft, Callas-tinged sound, then with virtuoso emotional improvisations through to the cool, groovy and airy sound on the bass clarinet. A chameleon, omnipresent and inconspicuously functional at the drop of a hat, with certain timing in all the worlds between bass and drums. Of all things the drums, nothing for days, suddenly filtered, and then a storm of break-beats and primeval landscapes. An amazing balancing act of chamber music textures and distorted guitar riffs. Then this puzzlingly flexible bass, it is sinuous, it is precise and harmonious, it's a different bass, one which goes round the corner and, as a guitar, casually grooves changes. Can a cello do this? Normally not, we know it when bowed in the great romantic concerto, but now here, and yet more: also as a harp, an improviser on chords and noise source. Together with the guitar, which brings Jupiter and what is behind it down to us, which does not shrink from using any expedient and steals a bit of a bar from someone with a megaphone looper and fades away. And then there is the magic of this voice, which sings as though from another world of everyday wonders and crocodile soaps which merge to form songs, then lets them go again, in the angelic choir or on zither strings, vanishing between toy piano and market atmosphere. Even those things which can be heard and have no name, invented specifically for this purpose, like the "zischboard" invented and built by Claudio Puntin, or sounds from everyday objects, merge into the self-evidence of sepiasonic's music.

sepiasonic has thus also created soundtracks for radio plays and films, including the NDR production "Measuring the World" by Daniel Kehlmann (radio play version on Deutsche Grammophon) or the film "Soundless Wind Chime" by Kit Hung (Berlinale 2009)."-Arjunamusic

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