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Balancing jazz and contemporary music, the Swiss trio of Christoph Gallio (saxes), Silvan Jeger (double bass) and David Meier (drums), continues the history of this touring band that started in 1989, here in their 8th release of excellent modern jazz.

Day & Taxi (Gallio / Jeger / Meier)
Artists [2 CDs]

Day & Taxi (Gallio / Jeger / Meier): Artists [2 CDs] (Percaso)

Label: Percaso    
Released in: Switzerland    

"For nearly a quarter century of Swiss saxophonist Christoph Gallio is the driving force of DAY & TAXI. Its oscillating easily between jazz and contemporary musical compositions are concentrated aphoristic and formally independent by design.

Undeterred by trends dares DAY & TAXI a balance between composition and improvisation. Stylistic heterogeneity, poetry and artificiality in the form of sentimentality, clichés and kitsch can not be avoided. The serene and sublime handling it shapes the unique DAY & TAXI sound that combines the individual qualities of the players and revives.

DAY & TAXI which originally Formed in 1988 as a quartet with saxophonist Urs Blöchlinger (1954-1995), bassist Lindsay L. Cooper (1940-2001), drummer Dieter Ulrich and saxophonist Christoph Gallio. Concerts in Zurich (Gessneralle, firm). The current lineup has been working since 2013 the band has released eight recordings. DAY & TAXI toured in Canada, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China and Europe."-Christoph Gallio website

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UPC: 7640138448843

Label: Percaso
Catalog ID: 31/32
Squidco Product Code: 19444

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at PERCASO Studio in Baden, Switzerland, on September 20th, 21st and 22nd, by Will-y Strehler and Day & Taxi.


Christoph Gallio-alto, soprano, C-merlody, baritone sax

Silvan Jeger-double bass

David Meier-drums

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Track Listing:


1. An Meinen Nassen Schuhspitzen 0:23

2. Long Distance (For Stephan Kunz, Commissioned By Kunsthaus Aarau) 5:30

3. Gobi In Gabi 1:49

4. Cheap Metal Glass 1:22

5. Walking With Beth (For Elsbeth Voerkel) 5:09

6. Feldfrau 1:58

7. Free 4:56

8. Drummer's Heart (For Matthias Gallati) 1:41

9. LA Fabrique DES Ornéments (For Alain Huck) 0:30

10. Die Zeichnerin 4:11

11. Death Ghost 5:36

12. Groove FOR W (For Michael Wertmüller) 0:31

13. Lisa IN Pisa (For Lisa Schiess) 1:59

14. Hansnah (For Hans Benda) 1:24

15. Jimmy (For Jimmy Giuffre) 4:45


1. Peine 0:34

2. 60 Beats & 60 Notes (For Marco Käppeli) 2:59

3. Andre's B (For Andre Behr) 6:43

4. Melody 1:02

5. BB (For Beat Blaser) 3:44

6. 18807 (For Anne Hoffmann) 3:42

7. Fermatas FOR Hideto (For Hideto Heshiki) 1:07

8. ONE More FOR Emil (For Emil Rey) 4:00

9. Melody (Drums) 0:36

10. Hügel 1:11

11. Beat A Beat ON Beat FOR Beat (For Beat Streuli) 4:03

12. Piriority (For Piroska Boros) 1:07

13. Gabi IN Gobi (For Gabi Fuhrimann) 2:45

14. Vero Vera? (For Vera Kappeler) 4:17

15. Flower Stand 5:47