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A series of works from improvising DJ Lenar (Marcin Lenarczyk), using material from the large volumes of miniatures created by Polish Radio Experimental Studio (PRES) artist Eugeniusz Rudnik, transformed into new concrete compositions; in other words, reprising PRES.

DJ Lenar

DJ Lenar: Re:PRES (Bolt)

Label: Bolt    
Released in: Poland    

"Nobody knows how many miniatures have been conceived by Rudnik. But one thing for sure: a lot. Plenty enough to make a direct release impossible. The number of them calls for action - something needs to be done with them in the first place; a selection at least, some ordering perhaps. They remind a bit of music material, which form is eventually decided not by its composer but by a published or other user. Their virtual destiny was radio theatre. But in a first step of our attempt at Rudnik's "Miniatures" we pass it not to a dramatist but to a musician. Together with other pieces from the Studio as "Miniatures" are not only a material to work on but also an exposition of a specific approach to music concrete making: work quickly, in-between other things you do, don't spend too much time on it. In other words: hit and run."-Bolt

"DJ Lenar in his portable recording studio as often improvises and composes, and produces soundtracks for movies. At his studio consists of two amplifiers (guitar and bass guitar), turntable, mixer, sampler and loopstacja. Even if it brings to mind the basic instruments to create music specific many decades ago, today the equipment is not used for the inversion, upside down all our habits of listening to music, but to "play". It's in the muscle and the gestures of users exactly the same way as "Goldberg Variations" were in his hands and posture of Glenn Gould at the piano."-Bolt

Bôłt's goal is to promote the achievements of the most eminent composers of contemporary classical, experimental and improvised music working in Eastern Europe Bôłt emphasizing originality, skills and imagination which avoid the shallows of pseudo-avantgarde trash.

Color booklet with text in Polish and Spanish

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Product Information:

Color booklet with text in Polish and Spanish

UPC: 5908310927381

Label: Bolt
Catalog ID: BR ES05
Squidco Product Code: 19006

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: Poland
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded by Dj Lenar in his home studio in Poland.


DJ Lenar-turntables, tape machines

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Track Listing:

1. First Intro 0:16

2. First One 1:12

3. First Two 1:51

4. First Three 3:45

5. First Four 2:00

6. First Five 0:20

7. First Closing 0:51

8. Digital Silence 0:10

9. Second Intro 1:11

10. Second One 3:59

11. Second Two 1:24

12. Second Three 4:55

13. Second Four 0:29

14. Second Five 2:15

15. Second Six 3:41

16. Second Seven 2:52

17. Second Closing 0:04