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Rose, Jon

Rosin [3 CDs + 1 Data Disk + Book]

Rose, Jon: Rosin [3 CDs + 1 Data Disk + Book] (Recommended Records)

A 3 CD box set with a booklet and bow hair marking violinist/conceptualist Jon Rose's 60th birthday, all previously unreleased works ranging from radio documentary and radio fiction to virtuoso performances using acoustic violin and his hyperstring interactive bow system.

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product information:

Limited edition of 1000 copies. Includes a booklet of texts, documents and photographs and a souvenir sample of bow-hair.

UPC: 752725031028

Label: Recommended Records
Catalog ID: RER JR8-11
Squidco Product Code: 17682

Format: 3 CDs + Data Disk + Book
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: USA
Packaging: 3 CD Box Set with Data Disk and Book
Recorded on different dates at various locations.


Jon Rose-violin, composition, conductor

Hollis Taylor-violin, saw, Stroh violin

Erkki Veltheim-viola, saw

Sally Maer-cello, saw

Clayton Thomas-double bass, saw

Darren Moore-percussion, corrugated Iron, saw

Ensemble United Berlin-amplified orchestra

Zsolt Nagy-conductor

Robin Fox-samples, video manipulation

Martin Gluck-flute

Birgit Schmieder-oboe

Erich Wagner-clarinet

Stefan Siebert-bassoon

Ulf Brehrens-trumpet

Florian Juncker-trombone

Yoriko Ikeya-harpischord

Friedemann Werzlau-percussion

Daniel Tummes-Zanon-percussion

Andreas Brautigam-violin

Stephan Kalbe-violin

Jean-Claude Velin-viola

Werner Klemm-violoncello

Matthias Bauer-doublebass

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track listing:

CD 1

1. Pannikin - Band Stabs 2:51

2. Pannikin - Thank You Very Much 4:30

3. Pannikin - Whips 2:38

4. Pannikin - Retail Therapy 3:31

5. Pannikin - Simultaneous Hum & Whistle 0:38

6. Pannikin - The Ntaria Aboriginal Ladies Choir, Hermannsburg 2:50

7. Pannikin - Corrugated Iron 3:58

8. Gum-Leaf 2:39

9. Pannikin - Autioneer 3:01

10. Pannikin - Dinky, The Singin Dingo 3:02

11. Pannikin - Chainsaw Tribute 4:00

12. Pannikin - The DiDJeribone 1:50

13. Pannikin - Bowed Saw Orchestra 3:55

14. Pannikin - Tacit 0:10

15. Internal Comubustion1 3:05

16. Internal Comubustion2 1:50

17. Internal Comubustion3 3:25

18. Internal Comubustion4 6:06

19. Internal Comubustion5 2:33

20. Internal Comubustion - Tacit 0:10

21. Syd And George - Extract 16:46

22. Syd And George - Tacit 0:10

23. Slow Rain 2:43

CD 2

1. Whiskers1 2:46

2. Whiskers2 5:01

3. Whiskers3 2:40

4. Whiskers4 1:23

5. Whiskers5 3:40

6. Whiskers6 5:02

7. Tacit 0:10

8. Talking Back to Media1 14:08

9. Talking Back to Media2 7:08

10. Talking Back to Media3 14:40

11. Tacit 0:10

12. Digger Music 7:08

13. Digger Music2 0:10

14. Bird Verb 7:43

CD 3

1. Sphere 26:52

2. Tacit 0:10

3. Garage Fence 11:49

4. Tacit 0:10

5. Hyper1 1:10

6. Hyper2 1:24

7. Hyper3 1:22

8. Hyper4 1:59

9. Hyper5 1:58

10. Hyper6 0:31

11. Hyper7 0:34

12. Hyper8 1:09

13. Hyper9 1:16

14. Tacit 0:10

15. Palimps1 2:35

16. Palimps2 1:55

17. Palimps3 5:21

18. Palimps4 0:10

19. Pursuit Mix 6:08

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sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"To mark Jon Rose's 60th birthday, Recommended Records is releasing this 3 CD box of previously unreleased works ranging from radio documentary and radio fiction to virtuoso performances - taken from all manner of contexts, using both the acoustic violin and the hyperstring interactive bow system. There's a remarkable improvised violin concerto (the rest of the mini-orchestras's parts are written out), as well as collaborations with Australian locals (multiple brassbands, musical whips, lounge pianists, aboriginal choirs, orchestrated corrugated iron, musical gum leaves, auctioneers, chainsaws, singing dingos, bowed saw orchestras, and so on). There's a duo with George - an Albert's Lyrebird, and concerts with contemporary ensembles and heavy earthmoving equipment. It comes accompanied by a great deal of extraordinary film - and some purely audio - material collected together on a supplementary data disc. Plus there's a generous booklet of texts, documents and photographs and, of course, a souvenir sample of bow-hair."-Recommended Records

Limited edition of 1000 copies. Includes a booklet of texts, documents and photographs and a souvenir sample of bow-hair.

Artist Biographies:

"Double Bassist Clayton Thomas was born 1976, in Hobart, Australia. Inspired by the sound, velocity and social movements of jazz, Clayton has dedicated his musical life to finding a personal truth that links his own cultural life as a white Australian, with the radical, far reaching pursuits found within the creative music. What he can't find as a bass player, he searches for in the organisation of unreasonably large ensembles.

Clayton Thomas relocated in Sydney, Australia, in 2014. Clayton is currently not a regular member of the Splitter Orchester, but he was part of the 2014 concert @ MaerzMusik and he'll also take part in the 2015 concerts in Berlin and Huddersfield."

-Splitter Orchester Website (

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