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Two re-releases of Edition RZ LPs that are now available in this double CD box with additional tracks, as well as a mainly acousmatic DVD that features electronic tracks by a variety of electroacoustic composers.

Various Artists
30 Jahre Inventionen 1982-2012 [2 CDs + DVD]

Various Artists: 30 Jahre Inventionen 1982-2012 [2 CDs + DVD] (Edition Rz)
Label: Edition Rz    
Released in: Germany    

"The present DVD contains mainly acousmatic music. This is when a pure "tape piece" is interpreted live by an elaborate loudspeaker orchestra (the Acousmonium); all possibilities of depth scaling, localization, sound movement and dynamics are exhausted and, based on broad experience and knowledge, various tricks for adapting to the space are devised and expertly implemented. (This is where the title "Music for More Than ne Loudspeaker" derives from, which also served as the title for the Inventionen festival 2008 and 2010.) The acousmatic genre has its origins in the Ina-GRM (Institut national de l'audiovisuel - Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Paris); "invented" in 1974 by François Bayle, it strongly influenced electronic music in Canada and Belgium as well as studios in England (including the BEAST) and of course also the Elektronisches Studio der TU Berlin and the Inventionen festival.

Taken as a whole, the DVD offers the interested listener an invariably exciting and varied arc of individual creativity. The first part of the DVD (Tracks 1-10) contains acousmatic works which are then followed by three electronic works (11-13), the extensive speech composition by Trevor Wishart (14-17), and Bohor (18) which also reaches the highest volume. At the end, as an encore, are Sukhi Kang's Inventio (19) and Rolf Enström's /Thomas Hellsing's "Bildspel" Fractal (20), which are re-releases from the legendary LPs ed.RZ 3002 and ed.RZ 3003.

The two CDs are rereleases of the LPs ed.RZ 3002 and ed.RZ 3003 and the ed. RZ 3001 Ricardo Mandolini  "Elektroakustische Musik" LP with extra tracks. Biographies and program notes are shortened in the booklet;  extended versions, where available, are contained on the DVD as PDF files.

"-Edition RZ

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Product Information:

UPC: 4029455300615

Label: Edition Rz
Catalog ID: RZ 3006/7/8
Squidco Product Code: 16488

Format: 2 CDs + 1 DVD
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: Germany
Packaging: 2 CDs, 1 DVD + Booklet in Box
Recorded on various dates and locations. Mastered by Timour Klouche.


Ricardo Mandolini

Jonty Harrison

Daniel Teruggi

Hans Tutschku

Francis Dhomont

Gilles Gobeil

Scott Wilson

Kotoka Suzuki

Hanna Hartman

Richard Barrett

Pei-Yu Shi

Kees Tazelaar

Trevor Wishart

Iannis Xenakis

Sukhi Kang

Rolf Enstrom

Thomas Hellsing

Boguslaw Schaeffer

Takehito Shimazu

Rolf Enstrom

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Track Listing:

CD 1: Inventionen

1. Berlin 80 II 13:28

2. Fabulas II 10:36

3. Zytoplasma 10:58

4. Maa'ts 10:02

5. Fractal 22:54

CD 2: Elektroakustische Musik

1. Estallido breve 8:45

2. Juego de Marionetas 9:54

3. El Cuaderno del Alquimista 9:38

4. Cancion de Madera y Agua 8:36

5. Poema Reiterado 11:02

6. Elogio de lo Efimero 12:15

7. El Silencio de un Trueno 11:49

DVD: Inventionen VII: Musik fur mehr als einen Lautsprecher

1 Jonty Harrison BEASTory 2010

2 Daniel Teruggi Sounding Landscapes 2007

3 Hans Tutschku Firmament - schlaflos 2010

4 Hans Tutschku Zwei Räume 2008

5 Francis Dhomont Le travail du rêve 2008/09, 2010, 2011

6 Gilles Gobeil Castalie 2008

7 Gilles Gobeil Les lointains noirs et rouges 2009

8 Scott Wilson Böse 2010

9 Kotoka Suzuki Automata - Mechanical Garden 2010

10 Hanna Hartman Measures of Control 2008

11 Richard Barrett Simorgh 2010

12 Pei-Yu Shi Movements 2010

13 Kees Tazelaar Zeitraum-Ort-Zeichen-Sterne 2007

14-17 Trevor Wishart Encounters in the Republic of Heaven, Akt 1-4 2010/2011

18 Iannis Xenakis Bohor 1962

19 Sukhi Kang Inventio - Musicae clavichordii et sonorum artificiosorum 1984

20 Rolf Enström Fractal (Videofassung) 1984