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Unami, Taku / Takahiro Kawaguchi: Teatro Assente (erstwhile)

A minimal theater in sound from Taku Unami and Takahiro Kawaguchi and starring Yoko Chosakabe and Kumio Kurachi, recording at the Ueno Okura Theater Older Building.

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product information:

Label: erstwhile
Catalog ID: Erstwhile 062
Squidco Product Code: 15074

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded at Ueno Okura Theater Older Building on December 16th, 2010.


Taku Unami

Takahiro Kawaguchi


Yoko Chosokabe

Kumio Kurachi

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track listing:

1. she walked into a room, and found her absence 5:47

2. her cellphone rang while she was watching the blank screen of the theater 11:45

3. she entered the theater and took her seat, 5 times at the same time (beep on her appearance and disappearance) 1:17

4. she left her seat and walked out, 5 times at the same time (beep on her appearance and disappearance) 1:16

5. knocking by anybody of nowhere (dub mix) 10:00

6. clockwork society transformed into tropical rain forest, however, nothing was changed 2:57

7. a metal object colored with green, after a while, with green and black 8:33

8. Teatro Assente 23:30

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Electro-Acoustic Improv
Improvised Music
lowercase, micro-improv, sound improv
Free Improvisation
Sextet Recordings

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A minimal theater in sound from Taku Unami and Takahiro Kawaguchi and starring Yoko Chosakabe and Kumio Kurachi, recording at the Ueno Okura Theater Older Building.

Artist Biographies:

"Taku Unami was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1976. He is a composer and improviser working with assorted stringed instruments, including the guitar, mandolin, and contraguitar, laptop and vibrating objects (from which he amplifies the inaudible vibrations). Despite being linked to minimal improvisation his music is hardly classifiable, being able to surprise listeners on every new release, raising unforeseen questions and forging new paths for improvisation. He is part of the group HOSE and has active collaborations with Mattin, Taku Sugimoto and Masahiko Okura. In the past he has worked with Radu Malfatti, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Klaus Filip, Masafumi Ezaki, Burkhard Stangl, Rhodri Davies and Keith Rowe, among others. Unami has also composed for film, including 'Lost My Way' (directed by Takeshi Furusawa) and 'In 1,000,000 years' (directed by Isao Okishima). He has released more than 30 records, both solo and in numerous groups and collaborations. He runs the influential label Hibari Music and co-organizes the Tokyo concert series Chamber Music Concerts with Taku Sugimoto and Masahiko Okura."

-Taku Unami Facebook page, Jon Abbey (

"Born in OSAKA, JAPAN, in 1980. Works in OSAKA and TOKYO base sound artist. Takahiro started to work, from 2000, in various fields as "Fieldrecording", "Sound Installation" and "Sound performance". The common concept of all his works is: "Space recognition through the sounds". He has released six CD / CDR from domestic and foreign labels which are specialized in experimental music. And three other CD projects are going on for 2007. He has also been very active in his international and interdisciplinary projects in the year of 2006 : Creation of his new peace at Slade Research Centre in LONDON, UK Collaboration with dance and photography in the installation work:"Three", at BankArt Yokohama, Japan (Project involved in the Japan Media Arts Festival promoted by the Ministry of Culture of Japan)."

-Gruenrekorder (

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