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A 20-minute improvisation plus realisations of scores by the Wandelweiser composers Eva-Maria Houben & Taylan Susam, including an extraordinary outdoor performance of Houben's Nachtstuck for solo bass.

Lash / Farmer / Hughes

Lash / Farmer / Hughes: Droplets (Another Timbre)
Label: Another Timbre    
Released in: UK    

A 20-minute improvisation plus realisations of scores by the Wandelweiser composers Eva-Maria Houben & Taylan Susam, including an extraordinary outdoor performance of Houben's Nachtstück recorded in a wood in Derbyshire during a rainstorm.

"It's exciting to play Wandelweiser music because of its difference from improvisation, the satisfaction of being given specific tasks to carry out and attempting to do so to the best of one's ability, rather than always worrying about "should I play now?... what should I play?... should I stop playing?" and all those other thoughts that are crucial to improvising. But on the other hand many Wandelweiser pieces call upon exactly those kind of decisions, but in a radically reduced way."-Dominic Lash

"In 1992, Dutch-born composer/flutist Antoine Beuger and German Burkhard Schlothauer (composer/violinist) created the Wandelweiser Group, a collective of composer/performers dedicated to the performance, recording and publication of their own music. In 1993 Swiss clarinettist and composer Jürg Frey was invited to join, followed by Austrian trombonist Radu Malfatti the following year, then American guitarist Michael Pisaro, Swiss pianist Manfred Werder, and more recently American trombonist Craig Shepard (Korean-born Kunsu Shim was an early member but later left the group; other Wandelweisers include Germans Carlo Inderhees (piano), Markus Kaiser (cello) and Thomas Stiegler (violin), Brazilian guitarist Chico Mello and Japanese pianist Makiko Nishikaze). The group runs its own publishing operation, Wandelweiser Edition, and its own record label Timescraper.If you haven't heard of the Wandelweiser Group, don't be surprised: even if, without realising it, you had the good fortune to be in a room with one of the group's albums playing in the background, you might not even notice it - for, to quote Radu Malfatti, Wandelweiser music is about "the evaluation and integration of silence[s] rather than an ongoing carpet of never-ending sounds. Even though each individual approaches the problem from a different angle, we seem to have an overall consensus of how "real avant-garde music" should or could sound." It's quiet. Very."-Dan Warburton,

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Product Information:

Label: Another Timbre
Catalog ID: at45
Squidco Product Code: 14941

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: UK
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Tracks 1-3 recorded at The Drama Studio, Oxford Brookes University on January 30th, 2011. Track 4 recorded in a small wood above the village of Hathersage, Derbyshire, September 11th, 2010.


Dominic Lash-double bass

Patrick Farmer-percussion

Sarah Hughes-zither, piano

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Track Listing:

1. For Maaike Schoorel 5:30

2. Elusion 21:10

3. For Maaike Schoorel 6:06

4. Nachtstuck 33:37