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An encompassing modern guitar compilation curated by Elliott Sharp with pieces from Henry Kaiser, Nels Cline, Scott Fields, Mary Halvorson, Janet Feder, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Mick Barr &c. &c.!

Various Artists
I Never Meta Guitar - Solo Guitars for the XXI Century

Various Artists: I Never Meta Guitar - Solo Guitars for the XXI Century (Clean Feed)
Label: Clean Feed    
Released in: Portugal    

"Curated by Elliott Sharp, this compilation presents the "state of the art" in today's guitar. Included are some of the most established pioneers, like Henry Kaiser, Jean-Franois Pauvros, Michael Gregory, Mike Cooper, Brandon Ross, Jeff Parker and, of course, Sharp himself, but also the new heroes of the electric or acoustic six-string instrument: Nels Cline, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Noel AkchotŽ, Scott Fields, and Mary Halvorson, plus some less internationally known (but no less remarkable) figures active in the domains of free improvisation and experimental music, namely Janet Feder, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Mick Barr, and Gunnar Geisse.

Every idiomatic reference or influence is in the equation, from folk, blues, jazz, rock, and noise to classical contemporary, world music, lounge, and exotica, in a myriad of individual concepts showing us the very wide field of possibilities which characterizes the art of sounds in this beginning of the 21st century. As Elliott Sharp writes on his liner notes, this diversity is guaranteed by musicians who have "one foot in the future and one in the past": artists with "their ass directly in the NOW". These are the representatives of some of the most rewarding guitar music played these days for you to wonder and cherish."-Clean Feed Records

"Elliott Sharp is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer.

A central figure in the avant-garde and experimental music scene in New York City for over 30 years, Elliott Sharp has released over eighty-five recordings ranging from orchestral music to blues, jazz, noise, no wave rock, and techno music. He leads the projects Carbon and Orchestra Carbon, Tectonics, and Terraplane and has pioneered ways of applying fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetic metaphors to musical composition and interaction.

His collaborators have included Radio-Sinfonie Frankfurt; pop singer Debbie Harry; Ensemble Modern; Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Kronos String Quartet; Ensemble Resonanz; cello innovator Frances Marie Uitti; blues legends Hubert Sumlin and Pops Staples; pipa virtuoso Min-Xiao Feng; jazz greats Jack deJohnette, Oliver Lake, and Sonny Sharrock; multimedia artists Christian Marclay and Pierre Huyghe; and Bachir Attar, leader of the Master Musicians Of Jajouka.

Sharp is a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow, and a 2014 Fellow at Parson's Center for Transformative Media. He received the 2015 Berlin Prize in Musical Composition from the American Academy in Berlin. He has composed scores for feature films and documentaries; created sound-design for interstitials on The Sundance Channel, MTV and Bravo networks; and has presented numerous sound installations in art galleries and museums. He is the subject of a new documentary "Doing The Don't" by filmmaker Bert Shapiro."-Elliott Sharp

-Elliott Sharp website (

"Jeff Parker (born April 4, 1967) is an American jazz and rock guitarist based in Los Angeles. Parker is best known as an experimental musician, working with avant-garde electronic, rock, and improvisational groups.

Parker currently plays guitar in the post-rock group Tortoise and also was a founding member of the ensembles Isotope 217 and the Chicago Underground Trio in the 1990s and early 2000s. He is also a member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, as well as working with musicians George Lewis, Ernest Dawkins, Brian Blade, Joshua Redman, Fred Anderson (musician) and Jason Moran. He has released three solo albums: Like-Coping, The Relatives and Bright Light in Winter."

-Wikipedia (

"Kazuhisa Uchihashi (内橋和久, Uchihashi Kazuhisa) is a Japanese guitarist involved in free improvisation music. Born in 1959 in Osaka, Uchihashi began to play the guitar at age 12, playing in various rock bands, though he later studied jazz music. In 1988 he joined the band the First Edition, and in 1990 formed the band Altered States. He was also a member of Otomo Yoshihide's Ground Zero from 1994 to 1997. Uchihashi also plays daxophone, and in addition to his role as a free improviser, Uchihashi has been the musical director for Osaka theatre group Ishinha, has held improvisation workshops (a project known as New Music Action) in various cities in Japan, as well as London, Oslo, and currently in Vienna also. Uchihashi has set up his own record label, Innocent Records a.k.a. Zenbei Records, had held a music festival annually since 1996 Festival BEYOND INNOCENCE."

-Wikipedia (

"One of improvised music's most in-demand guitarists, Mary Halvorson has been active in New York since 2002, following jazz studies at Wesleyan University and the New School. Critics have called her "a singular talent" (Lloyd Sachs, JazzTimes), "NYC's least-predictable improviser" (Howard Mandel, City Arts), "one of the most exciting and original guitarists in jazz-or otherwise" (Steve Dollar, Wall Street Journal), and "one of today's most formidable bandleaders" (Francis Davis, Village Voice). The Philadelphia City Paper's Shaun Brady adds, "Halvorson has been steadily reshaping the sound of jazz guitar in recent years with her elastic, sometimes-fluid, sometimes-shredding, wholly unique style."

After three years of study with visionary composer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton, Ms. Halvorson became an active member of several of his bands, including his trio, septet and 12+1tet. To date, she appears on six of Mr. Braxton's recordings. Ms. Halvorson has also performed alongside iconic guitarist Marc Ribot, in his bands Sun Ship and The Young Philadelphians, and with the bassist Trevor Dunn in his Trio-Convulsant. Over the past decade she has worked with such diverse bandleaders as Tim Berne, Taylor Ho Bynum, Tomas Fujiwara, Ingrid Laubrock, Myra Melford, Jason Moran, Joe Morris, Tom Rainey and Mike Reed.

As a bandleader and composer, one of Ms. Halvorson's primary outlets is her longstanding trio, featuring bassist John Hébert and drummer Ches Smith. Since their 2008 debut album, Dragon's Head, the band has been recognized as a rising star jazz band by Downbeat Magazine for five consecutive years. Ms. Halvorson's quintet, which adds trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson and alto saxophonist Jon Irabagon to the trio, has released two critically acclaimed albums on the Firehouse 12 label: Saturn Sings and Bending Bridges. Most recently she has added two additional band members-tenor saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and trombonist Jacob Garchik-to form a septet, featured on her 2013 release Illusionary Sea. Ms. Halvorson also co-leads a longstanding chamber-jazz duo with violist Jessica Pavone, the avant-rock band People and the collective ensembles Thumbscrew and Secret Keeper."

-Mary Halvorson Website (

"For the past 40 years Mike Cooper has been an international musical explorer, performing and recording, solo and in a number of inspired groupings and a variety of genres. Initially a folk-blues guitarist and singer songwriter his work has diversified to include improvised and electronic music, live music for silent films, radio art and sound installations. He is also a music journalist, writing features for magazines, particularly on Pacific music and musicians, a visual artist, film and video maker, collector of Hawaiian shirts and appears on more than 60 records to date."

-Mike Cooper Website (

"Nels Courtney Cline (born January 4, 1956 in Los Angeles) is an American guitarist and composer. He has been the guitarist for the band Wilco since 2004.

He first came to prominence in the 1980s playing jazz, often in collaboration with his twin brother Alex Cline, a drummer. Since then, he has worked with a wide range of musicians in punk and alternative rock, notably Mike Watt and Thurston Moore. He also leads the groups the Nels Cline Singers and Nels Cline Trio.

Cline was named the 82nd greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine in November 2011."

-Wikipedia (

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Product Information:

UPC: 5609063100051

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CFG 005
Squidco Product Code: 13428

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 20101
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardstock Gatefold Sleeve
1. Mary Halvorson - In Two Parts Missing
Recorded and mixed by E# at Studio zOaR

2. Jeff Parker - Act As If Nothing Ever Happened (Umjabuglafeesh Music - BMI).
"Recorded by myself at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, June, 2009 and by Curtis Ruptash at The Wayback Machine in Chicago, January of 2010. This piece is composed of three overdubbed tracks of myself playing the electric guitar through, at varying times, a digital delay, a filter sweep, and a ring modulator. I hope you find the story I was trying to tell to be enjoyable."

A live improvisation, played simultaneously on five acoustics and an electric - dedicated to Nels Cline

4. Jean-François Pauvros - Migrant Song
Recorded by Jean-Marc Foussat

5. Janet Feder - Heater
Recorded by Colin Bricker at Notably Fine Audio in Denver, Co on 10/19/09,
using 1 Neumann KM86, and 1 Neumann KM85 into Grace microphone preamps and Apogee converters.
The recording is live using no electronic effects on a baritone classical guitar made by Milan Sabljic.
"Heater is a love song. To my heater".

6. Raoul Björkenheim - I Told You So
Electric viola da gamba recorded at Rosebud studio, New York City / Mastered by Robert Musso and Raoul Björkenheim

7. Noel Akchote - Joanna
Recorded 26.10.2009 by Christophe Albertijn in Studio The Rabbitfield (Hoboken, Belgium)
Special Thanks to Stef Kamil Carlens

8. Nels Cline - Study for Hairpin and Hatbox

9. Brandon Ross - Until Iago Whispered
Composed and performed by Brandon Ross / 6 string banjo
Recorded by Irene Trudel @ WNYC Studios, NYC, April 2009 / Mixed by Chuck Zwicky @ Chelsea Manor, NYC, January 2010

10. Mike Cooper - Storyteller (Ornette Coleman)
"Always amazed that more people don't do this tune - combines the saxophone melody line with a version of the bass part and then some free improvisation - recorded on my 1930's National Tri-Plate using a Zoom H2 and the built in mics - added a slight delay for some 'room ambience' after in Garage Band. The rattle you hear is a shell bracelet I wear"

11. Michael Gregory - Blue Blue
Written, Arranged and Produced by Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - Guitar Niels Præstholm - Contrabass Kresten Osgood - Drums
Recorded at On Location Recording Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jon Meinild Engineer / Mixed at L.R.S. Recording Studio, Kingston N.Y. U.S.A., Dave Cook Engineer and Michael Gregory / "chord melody piece I wrote whilst inspired by big band swinging blues."

12. Scott Fields - Buzkashi
Recorded at Topaz Studios by Reinhard Kobialka, Cologne, Germany, January 24, 2010 / guitar: 2006 C.P. Thornton Jazz Elite - amplifier: Mesa-Boogie F50 / no effects, recorded live without overdubs or edits - Played with fingertips and fingernails.

13. Kazuhisa Uchihashi - Little Creatures
Recorded live at Shinjuku Pit Inn,Tokyo

14. Mick Barr - Coiled Malescense
Recorded at home 2/28/10

15. Gunnar Geisse - The Day Rauschenberg Met de Kooning

16. Elliott Sharp - Telemetry
Performed on Koll 8-string guitarbass, Timefactor delay
Recorded live - no edits or overdubs - Studi


Brandon Ross-guitar

Elliott Sharp-guitar

Gunnar Geisse-guitar

Henry Kaiser-guitar

Janet Feder-guitar

Jean-Franois Pauvros-guitar

Jeff Parker-guitar

Kazuhisa Uchihashi-guitar

Mary Halvorson-guitar

Michael Gregory-guitar

Mick Barr-guitar

Mike Cooper-guitar

Nels Cline-guitar

Noel Akchote-guitar

Raoul Bjšrkenheim-guitar

Scott Fields-guitar

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Track Listing:

1. Mary Halvorson - In Two Parts Missing 5:29

2. Jeff Parker - Act As If Nothing Ever Happened (Umjabuglafeesh Music - BMI). 5:02

3. Henry Kaiser - BLAME IT ON THE TONKORI 4:46

4. Jean-François Pauvros - Migrant Song 6:08

5. Janet Feder - Heater 4:57

6. Raoul Björkenheim - I Told You So 3:48

7. Noel Akchote - Joanna 4:58

8. Nels Cline - Study for Hairpin and Hatbox 4:09

9. Brandon Ross - Until Iago Whispered 2:14

10. Mike Cooper - Storyteller (Ornette Coleman) 5:14

11. Michael Gregory - Blue Blue 4:38

12. Scott Fields - Buzkashi 4:52

13. Kazuhisa Uchihashi - Little Creatures 4:07

14. Mick Barr - Coiled Malescense 3:38

15. Gunnar Geisse - The Day Rauschenberg Met de Kooning 4:39

16. Elliott Sharp - Telemetry 5:05