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Hubsch, Carl Ludwig / Christoph Schiller: Giles U. (Another Timbre)

The unlikely combination of tuba and spinet from Carl Ludwig Hubsch and Christoph Schiller (Millefleurs) taking each instrument beyond their traditional sound through extended technique and style.

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product information:

Label: Another Timbre
Catalog ID: at32
Squidco Product Code: 13368

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: UK
Packaging: Jewel tray, not sealed.
Recorded November 18th and 19th, 2009 at The Kitchen Cologne, Track 6 recorded February 2009 at Atelier Klingentalstrasse, Basel.


Carl Ludwig Hubsh-tuba

Christoph Schiller-spinet

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track listing:

1. 1 7:27

2. 2 9:41

3. 3 5:37

4. 4 10:53

5. 5 8:08

6. 6 6:02

7. 7 5:18
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"Another tuba - played this time by Cologne-based Carl Ludwig Hubsch - in another unique and unlikely pairing - this time with the spinet of Christoph Schiller. Outside their native Germany both are relatively unknown and under-rated players, but hopefully Giles U will help put an end to that. Seven tight and powerful improvisations bordering the most interesting areas of contemporary classical music."-Another Timbre

"The tuba's bass sounds are in complete contrast to the higher pitches of the spinet, bringing to mind cartoon images of an elephant and a mouse. But none of that concerned Hubsch and Schiller when they first played together in 2008-09; they felt a strong connection in their playing-the kind of thing that transcends details of instrumentation; it remains obvious here. In fact, both Hubsch and Schiller have modified their chosen instruments, in the process getting rid of the seeming disparity. Schiller's spinet has become a semi-percussive instrument, amply illustrated by this CD's opening sounds which are most reminiscent of the clacking of an old-fashioned typewriter. Elsewhere, it sounds more like prepared piano-or even a detuned guitar. In similar fashion, the tuba produces notes far higher than its stereotypical oom-pah, the result of Hubsch's breath control and circular breathing. Put that all together and it is certain less than one person in a hundred could correctly identify the instrumentation here. Be that as it may, the dominant factor is that strong connection that Hubsch and Schiller recognised in each other. It means they produce subtle music that is both sympathetic and beautiful, ultimately making the vagaries of their instruments irrelevant."-John Eyles, All About Jazz

Artist Biographies:

"Christoph Schiller was born in 1963 in Stuttgart. He studied fine arts at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart and HfBK Hamburg. He later studied piano with Daniel Cholette and music theory in Basel. He has been playing concerts of improvised music on piano since 1987. In recent years the piano has been abandoned in favour of the lighter spinet, for which he has developed specific playing techniques which are influenced by inside piano techniques. Besides keyboard instruments his work with the voice has become increasingly important. He lives in Weil am Rhein and Basel."

-Christoph Schiller Website (

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