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Kuchen / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Santos: Vinter (Creative Sources)

Incredible and telepathic ea-oriented improv from violist Ernesto Rodrigues, saxophonist Martin Kuchen, cellist Guilherme Rodrigues, and electronicist Carlos Santos.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063401585

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: CS158
Squidco Product Code: 12901

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded by Diogo Tavares at TCHA3, Lisbon, 18th May, 2007Mixing and mastering by Carlos Santos


Martin Kuchen-alto saxophone

Ernesto Rodrigues-viola

Guilherme Rodrigues-cello

Carlos Santos-electronics

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track listing:

1. Mörkertid 6:04

2. Kyla 14:02

3. Barmark 27:48
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"What to do with so many paths open? What do you do about those that have been closed, have become "paths you do not use"? Well, eventually you go down them, equipped with knowledge gained from the last pendulum swing away from those lanes.

There is a kind of theme that works its way through the improvisations on Vinter, supplied by Marten Küchen, a plaintive upward arc on his alto, filled with emotion, yearning, pain, hope. It's the kind of element that would have been (would still be, often) frowned upon in much music produced post-AMM, occupying the niche known as "eai" where it would have been seen as too manipulative, too referential, too imagistic perhaps. And it may well have been at one time; there was likely a period when it would have been a too-safe fallback position. But time and experience act on things, on people, the pendulum constantly goes back and forth while the entire mechanism moves forward in time and new knowledge and perspective is acquired. It's more complex than that of course. The musicians here never really operated within the bounds of a set category like electro-acoustic improvisation, as much as their work was informed by it, but skirted its borders, partaking of jazz-based improvisation, folk musics and contemporary "classical" developments in any number of subgenres.

So there's something of a mixture when looked at from one angle: the high-pitched, scraped-sounding strings of Ernesto and Guilherme Rodrigues on the one hand fit into the eai tradition of bowed objects while at the same time swelling into an almost chorale-like mass of support for that keening alto of Küchen's. Between them, they often resemble wind whistling through cracks in wooden walls. Carlos Santos' electronics remain largely abstract and often subtly percussive in sound but, too, join forces with the strings in those tidal surges, one of which, near the middle of the second cut, acquires a virtual climactic character. They're unafraid of allowing a tinge of romanticism, something often looked askance upon if not forbidden, into their music. There's an arc to the performance as a whole, the final track like an exhalation, the cello sounding low, the alto emitting breathy gasps.

Vinter chooses a path between paths, acknowledging all sides but opting for an area between, where the leaves are untrodden, where the ground may be thornier but which fits with the essences of the four musicians, unconcerned as to fashion."-Brian Olewnick

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Artist Biographies:

"Born 1966; saxophones. Martin Küchen has been active on the Swedish free improvised/free jazz scene since the mid-1990s. He has composed for larger groups, participated in dance projects, performed with different poets and created the music for experimental films. He now collaborates with improvisors all over Europe and USA/Canada. His current collaborations include:

Angles - a new trio with Ingebrigt Håker- Flaten, doublebass, Kjell Nordeson, drums and Martin Küchen, saxophones. Exploding Customer - a free jazz quartet with Tomas Hallonsten trumpet, Benjamin Quigley double bass and Kjell Nordeson drums, which plays mainly original compositions. Sound of Mucus - a trio with the stringchordist Herman Müntzing and Andreas Axelsson, percussion. Unsolicited Music Ensemble - a trio with Tony Wren, double bass and Raymond Strid, percussion. a duo with guitarist David Stackenås. UNSK: Birgit Ulher, Martin Küchen, lise-Lott Norelius and Raymond Strid. Looper - a trio with Greek cello player Nikos Veliotis and Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach."

-European Free Improv Site (

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