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The Sound of Fun Surrounds You / Klangwunder

Blanketship: The Sound of Fun Surrounds You / Klangwunder (Gigante Sound)

Two EPs in one CD, 1st Blanketship's wonderful plunderphonic collage "The Sound of Fun...", and then a 35 minute work for People Like Us' WFMU radio show that ran in May 2008.

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Jared Blum

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Label: Gigante Sound
Catalog ID: GIGA016
Squidco Product Code: 12051

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock Sleeve
Produced and mixed by Jared Blum. Additional mixing by Bill Gould on Tracks 3, 8, 14. Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddah Mastering Labs.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"2 EPs On 1 Disc! Jared Blum's aka Blanketship is back with a special 2 Ep set showcasing his unique "thrift store rock" sound collage style. The first EP The Sound of Fun Surrounds You, was composed and produced between 2004-2008. These songs run through a mutlitude of genres with the playful but mysterious little grooves that only Blanketship can provide.

1. Viva Butterfly- An infectious opener from a failed TV pilot full of shaky South of the Border horns, a touch of children's choir and nondescript lyrics.

2. Who's Tellin You- An uplifting, religious themed, organ-click bass, 3/4 time shakedown, infused with ghostly piano twinkles and some swirly electronic manipulations.

3. Alda-The darkest Bship track yet. A hauntingly slowed Italian suspense theme starring the ever creepy TV host Pat O'Brien on voice mails. (Contains plenty of profanity)

4. Hemorrhoid Is More- A tired soul diva and her unfortunate bathroom experience.

5. Jai's Friend's Drum Suite- A friend of mine gave me a CD of his buddy's drum solo disc he had recorded in a tunnel. I decided to place samples on top of it and let the drums dictate the piece. Sort of cross between Les Maledictus Sound and Faust.

6. So I Confess- An updated version of Elvis' Love Song of the Year. Created from slowed down vinyl, a bleepy Moog and a Russian voice.

7. Taggingalong- Big out of tune organs, big drums, big guitars, abstract drones and some vocal percussion by Airto Moreira. A rock'n roll cartoon, tumbling and turning, yelling and fighting all in good fun.

8. MMMM- Mmmm just a nice oldie I had aging in the vaults. A simple, easy listening track with some nice Vietnamese bells and a luscious accordion ending. Satisfying, rich and tasteful.

9. Double Feature- Two great 70's masterpieces Maid in Sweden and Madhouse get a trailer rewrite.

In May of 2008, I was asked by Vicki Bennett aka People Like Us to construct a special composition for DO OR DIY, her radio show on WFMU. In keeping with the style and sense of humor of PLU's music and broadcast, I constructed a 35 minute piece that collated groovy nuggets and strange aural artifacts. I wanted to keep things loose and have this overall flow as if it were a bunch of shorts or skits perhaps. As I listened back on the show months later, I decided to re-edit some of the tracks and leave out those that were a bit too recognizable. But for the ones here, there is a bit of everything for everyone who's up for the challenge. Scratched vinyl, prog grooves, instructional records, library music, special education rock, world folk, easy listening, electronic bleeps, some yelling and some plain old weird humor. For fans of People Like Us, Negativeland, Dymaxion, Zappa, The Focus Group and WFMU."-Jared Blum, Gigante Sound

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Track Listing:

1. Viva Butterfly 2:40

2. Who's Tellin You 2:53

3. Alda 3:27

4. Hemorrhoid Is More 1:59

5. Jai's Friend's Drum Suite 4:10

6. So I Confess 1:33

7. Taggingalong 5:27

8. MMMM 2:35

9. Double Feature 2:40

10. The St. John River 1:30

11. Fun Folk 2:26

12. Enter the Click 1:58

13. Pet My Gentle Giant 1:09

14. The Breeze and I 2:07

15. Goofball 2:21

16. Stop Your Complaining 1:58

17. Ball Rhythms 2:05

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