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Trespass Trio

"...was there to illuminate the night sky..."

Trespass Trio:

Swedish saxophonist Martin Kuchen in trio with bassist Per Zanussi and drummer Raymond Strid, challenging and urgent jazz from a trio concerned with the state of our world.

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UPC: 5609063001495

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF 149
Squidco Product Code: 11751

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardstock Gatefold Sleeve
Recorded the March 11 and September 26, 2007 in Oslo, Norway, by Morten Brekke Stensland. Mixed by Jakob Riis, mastered by Luís Delgado.


Raymond Strid-drums

Per Zanussi-double bass

Martin Kčchen-alto and baritone saxophones

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track listing:

1. Like A Drum 2:51

2. Sad Salsa In F 6:16

3. Zanussi Times 7:04

4. Walking The Dead 6:09

5. ... Was There To Illuminate The Night Sky ... 6:12

6. Strid Comes 4:07

7. The Indispensable Warlords 4:53

8. ... Was There To Illuminate The Night Sky ... September Take (Bonus Track) 5:16
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"These are difficult times to be an idealist in what concerns the social function of music. Do really the art of sounds can change the world, something that many believed possible in the Sixties and Seventies? There's no clear answer in the present state of things (alienation seems to be the result of the growing access to information), but Swedish saxophonist Martin Kuchen plays his horn with a message. Either you hear it or you don't, or either this purpose is effective or not at all, but truth is the saxophone lines you'll find in

...Was There to Illuminate the Night Say... has a character of urgency and commitment that turns the Trespass Trio in a must. Per Zanussi and Raymond Strid may be less political than their partner, but they're entirely involved in the struggle to warn us that there's a hidden and sad reality underneath the apparent calm of our everyday lifes in an Occidental city. Somewhere there's a war going on with thousands of victims, or there's repression, racism and injustice, and these simple facts pose a moral dilema to each one of us. How can we be indifferent? What can a musician do if not creating music with this in mind? So, this is a hard, boiling, angry disc, recorded not to entertain you, but to defy your ears and conscience. There's no middle term: you have to take it or to live it. If you choose the second option, the loss is yours."-Clean Feed

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