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Henry Cow

Box 2: The Road: Volumes 6-10 with DVD

Henry Cow: Box 2: The Road: Volumes 6-10 with DVD (Recommended Records)

Henry Cow's early years on the road, live recordings masterfully restored by Bob Drake, including the only known video of Henry Cow in Switzerland - amazing and essential!

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product information:

DVD: NTSC, All regions

UPC: 752725026321

Label: Recommended Records
Catalog ID: ReR HC41
Squidco Product Code: 11113

Format: BOX SET
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Box Set


Fred Frith

Tim Hodgkinson

Chris Cutler

John Greaves

Lindsay Cooper

Dagmar Krause

Georgie Born

Geoff Leigh


Ann-Marie Roelofs

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track listing:

Disc 6: Stockholm & Goteborg

Stockholm 1 6:38

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 3:29

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 2:55

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 2:27

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 6:17

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 1:59

A Bridge to Ruins 5:08

Ottawa Song 3:28

Goteborg 1 6:07

Goteborg 1 8:20

Goteborg 1 2:27

No More Songs 3:36

Stockholm 2 6:14

The March 4:15

Disc 7: Later and post-Virgin

Joan (Cutler/Frith) 5:30

Teenbeat 2 (Frith) 8:06

Would you Prefer us to Lie? (Cutler/Greaves) 4:29

Untitled Piece (Cooper) 11:32

Chaumont 1 (Born/Cooper/Cutler/Frith/Hodgkinson) 9:01

Chaumont 2 (Cooper/Hodgkinson) 2:15

March (Frith) 7:01

Brain Storm Over Barnsley (Frith) 3:24

Teenbeat 3 (Frith) 6:46

Post-teen Auditorium Invasion (Cooper/Hodgkinson/Leigh/Roelofs) 3:57

Bucket Waltz (Born/Cooper/Cutler/Frith/Hodgkinson/Leigh/Roelofs) 4:26

On Suicide (Brecht/Eisler) 3:43

Disc 8: Bremen

Armed Maniac/Things we Forgot 11:55

New Suite; Van Fleet 1:49

Viva Pa Ubu Instrumental Extract 4:35

The Big Tune Begins 0:45

The Big Tune Continues 2:12

The Big Tune Ends 1:31

March 3:47

Der Kunst Der Orgel; Bremen 9:41

Bremen 6:20

Bremen 4:41

Bremen 10:10

Erk Gah Instrumental Extract 3:37

Erk Gah Instrumental Extract 5:15

Erk Gah Instrumental Extract 7:50

Disc 9: Late

Joy of Sax 3:51

Jackie-Ing 1:16

Untitled 2 1:33

The Herring People 2:08

Rio - I 6:05

Rio - II 4:25

Rio - III 4:14

Rio - IV 2:26

Half The Sky 5:05

VirginsIllinios 2:13

Viva Pa Ubu 2:19

Disc 10: DVD - Vevey 1976

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"The 4 full-length CD's + 1 DVD in Box 2 cover the Cow's career from roughly 1976 to the band's demise, with an emphasis on the later era. Nobody knew that this 75-minute concert broadcast of the band existed, so the DVD is a real boon, and has spectacular versions of "Beautiful As The Moon", "Living In The Heart Of The Beast", "March", "Erk Gah", "No More Songs" and a great, improvisational piece. The music discs are also excellent, and include as highlights the original version of "Joan", as well as a 12 minute, hitherto unreleased piece by Lindsay Cooper, and great versions of "Erk Gah and "Viva Pa Ubu". There's also some immaculate improvising, including a 17 minute foray from the original RIO Festival, and Fred's "Waking Against Sleep" from the Western Culture sessions - and all that's just the tip of the iceberg. The hefty, 60-page booklet is chock-full of historic information and exclusive photos. And everything has been carefully transferred and re-mastered by Bob Drake to the best audio quality that current technology allows without interference or tampering."-ReR

DVD: NTSC, All regions

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