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Fujii / Tamura / Sharp / Kato
In the Tank

Fujii / Tamura / Sharp / Kato: In the Tank (Libra)
Label: Libra    
Released in: Japan    

"Analyzed like the arrangement of officials in the podium at a Beijing May Day parade, the way the personnel is displayed on In the Tank probably means that it's more Natsuki Tamura's session than one headed by Satoko Fujii. Usually in the past, his CDs have included broad, near-atonal intervals and harsh, electronic instruments, while hers, although sometimes featuring rock-styled musicians usually encompass classic jazz forms like the piano trio and the big band.

That doesn't mean that pianist Fujii contributes any less to this aggressive free improv than Tamura, her trumpet-playing husband. Yet when you mix in the contributions of guitarist Takayuki Kato member of the Free Jazz Shibusashirazu Orchestra, who participated in a later Fujii quartet session where she first recorded on synthesizer, and New York guitarist and soprano saxophonist Elliott Sharp, whose eccentric outpourings have ranged from noise-rock to futuristic classical themes, her playing is the most distanced from electronics.

Really one 68-minute improv, the CD is divided into four tracks that should be listened to as a whole. Mixing the trumpeter's bravura expressiveness and the techniques of the two guitarists who can replicate bass and percussion timbres, this is no laid-back jam session. It does have a particular shape however, with introductory passages and an elongated coda, both linked with the individualist playing of Tamura. Instructively, with all the dissonant, near-ghostly tones exhibited, In the Tank also implies traditional Japanese textures of koto-like plinks and finger-cymbal or rei pings at several junctures.

Still, as the exposition develops, distorted sine-wave pulsations and steady slide-guitar abrasions quickly subsume these delicate textures. Added to this is slashed flutter-tonguing and heaving echoes from Tamura's horn, plus a low-pitched repetitive counter line from the pianist.

Developing this first-time meeting of equals, Sharp's serpentine sax vibrations and the trumpeter's tremolo wah wahs and bright, silvery pulse accelerate contrapuntally as percussion clusters - from Fujii or Kato? - rattle in the background, until a climax of layered guitar harmonics loudly crescendo in what sounds like multiple ring modulator tones. Soon a spray of curved licks and watery bird-like snaps are heard from the guitars implying an underwater fowl pool game has been captured in the studio. The pianist counters with measured single notes and Tamura spews heightened grace notes and flourishes, accelerating so that the sound melds with rolling, high frequency chords from Fujii. Thick fuzz-tone reverb are then heard from one guitarist and sharp resonating bottleneck licks from the other, with rasgueado strums ushering in the next variations. [...]

Created in Tokyo in 2001, this impressive, ever-shifting performance suggests a repeat should soon be in order."-Ken Waxman

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Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura's Libra Label

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Product Information:

UPC: 4562169330115

Label: Libra
Catalog ID: 104-011
Squidco Product Code: 9314

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2005
Country: Japan
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded live at Sakura-mate, Kumagaya, Japan on March 20, 2001


Natsuki Tamura-trumpet

Elliott Sharp-soprano sax, guitar

Takayuki Kato-guitar

Satoko Fujii-piano

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Track Listing:

1. Walking Squid 10:40

2. Flying Jellyfish 21:14

3. Sinking Shrimp 14:51

4. Crowing Crab 22:03