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Schick, Ignaz  / Dawid Szczesny: The View Underneath (Non Visual Objects (NVO))

Turntablist/sine wave artist Ignaz Schnick with laptop artist Dawid Szczesny in a series of minimalist recordings created around live performances in Wroclaw and Germany.

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product information:

Limited edition of 300

Label: Non Visual Objects (NVO)
Catalog ID: NVO 013
Squidco Product Code: 8954

Format: CD
Condition: Sale (New)
Released: 2007
Country: Austria
Packaging: Cardstock foldover


Ignaz Schick-turntable, objects & sine waves

Dawid Szczesny-laptop

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track listing:

1. One 1:25

2. Two 10:15

3. Three 5:15

4. Four 3:31

5. Five 5:58

6. Six 9:06

7. Seven 4:54

8. Eight 2:57
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"Ignaz Schick & Dawid Szczesny met for the first time in 2005 when Dawid was performing with Sofie Loizou in Berlin. Coming both from quite different backgrounds (Hip Hop/Electronica and Noise/Experimental Electro-Acoustics) they decided to collaborate on some recordings. The first session took place "live on radio" without previous rehearsals the first night of Ignaz’ three weeks residency at Radio Copernicus in Wroclaw in December 2005. The next very early morning they went into the recording studio and worked on the first tracks. In early 2006 they did a short minitour with 3 concerts in Germany and in the summer recorded more material at Dawids house in Wroclaw. In all tracks you can notice a certain jazzy feel, maybe coming from their shared passion for 1960s "jazz noir"."-NVO

Ignaz Schick's electronic work has gone through different phases of instrumentation from simple bedroom tape collages & vinyl manipulations via md field recordings to hard & software samplers. Over the years his scepticism towards digital technology and computers has grown and in parallel has his collection of little sound making objects. "Objets trouvés" which he has used in many different musical contexts. Within the last two years the turntable came back to interest as a simple, fast and reactive interface and it was a small but important step to leave the (own) history of sampling/plunderphonics for exploring the machine in its most direct and basic way: a rotating plate with its surface creates friction and makes objects vibrate and resonate. An immense cosmos of sound opening up - the quality depending on material, surface, speed and the way it is amplified. Turntable as a direct sound source and not necessarily only a machine of reproduction.

In 1998 Ignaz Schick founded Edition Zangi, and in 2000 the label Zarek. He has organized & produced many events, concert series & international festivals of experimental music in Berlin and elsewhere. He has also worked as a guest curator for Garage Stralsund, Staatsbank Berlin, Freunde Guter Musik Berlin, Ausland Berlin, &c.

Dawid Szczesny is a sound artist located in Wroclaw, Poland. His sound works are based mostly on samples of old vinyls and tapes. As a solo artist he played live in Poland, Germany, Latvia, Spain (Sonar 2006), Austria, Slovakia, South Africa (RBMA 2003) &c. During his solo performances he works with laptop and turntable. Currently he collaborates with Ignaz Schick (Berlin) and Sofie Loizou (Sydney), as well as in the duo of Earpeace with raper NonGenetic, of Shadowhuntaz, LA).

Limited edition of 300

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