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Tetreault, Martin, Otomo Yoshihide: 2. Tok (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Picking up where 1. Grrr leaves off, this album is the second addition of the turntable duo of Martin Tetreault and Otomo Yoshihide in a collection of live, improvised recordings.

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product information:

UPC: 771028113224

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM 132
Squidco Product Code: 4713

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2005
Country: Canada
Packaging: Cardstock foldover
Track 1 was recorded on April 22nd, 2003 in Best, France. Track 2 was recorded on April 25th, 2003 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Tracks 3-5 were recorded on April 27th, 2003 in Orleans, France. Tracks 6 and 7 were recorded on April 28th, 2003 in Lyon, France. Tracks 8 and 9 were recorded on April 30th, 2003 in Geneve, Switzerland.


Martin Tétreault-turntables

Otomo Yoshihide-turntables

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Artist Biographies:

Otomo Yoshihide - born in 1959 in Yokohama, Japan. As a teenager, he spent time in Fukushima. Staying independent, he has consistently composed a wide range of music from improvisation to noise music and pop, and his music talent has spread all over the world. He has a successful career as a film score composer and has produced more than 70 movie soundtracks. In recent years, he has produced special type of concerts and musical works in collaboration with other various artists under the name of "ensembles". In addition, one of his priorities is,producing musical workshop projects involving handicapped children. In 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake , he started "PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!" along with people in various sectors. He has been active beyond the music scene and this is the reason that he has attracted a great deal of attention. In 2012, he received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in the category of Promotion for "PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!". In 2013, he received various prizes including the Japan Record Award for his accomplishments, such as composing the theme music for the TV drama "Amachan".

"I use my real name "Otomo Yoshihide" as my stage name. When you write your Japanese name in English alphabet, many people often write their given names first, then their family names, following in the Western traditional culture. But originally, some Asian countries, including Japan, write their family names first, and then their given names follow after that. In my opinion, there is not only one standard for people's names and we should respect the values each person attaches to their name. Calling someone by his first name is a wonderful custom in Western culture to express familiarity with each other but that custom is not necessary in Japan because nobody has ever called me by my first name. It does not mean that people are unlikely to become close friends with me. It is just that calling me "Otomo" seems easier. There are some places with such customs in the world; where people friendlily call you by your family name. I am definitely not a nationalist but I have a feeling that something is wrong with those people who do not only disregard the tradition I am familiar with, but would rather follow Western standards.

For this reason, I would like to continue using the notation "Otomo Yoshihide" as before. When you call me, please call me "Otomo" as before. This will not cause any problems in its use. Until now, many people have written my name "Yoshihide Ōtomo" or "Yoshihide Otomo" but please understand those notations are not my intention. I am sincerely grateful for your consideration."

-Otomo Yoshihide Website (

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track listing:

1 Brest no 2 / Le Vauban 22.04.03 (2003) 8:42

2 Nijmegen no 4a / Extrapool 25.04.03 (2003) 10:35

3 Orléans no 1 / Astrolabe 27.04.03 (2003) 2:51

4 Orléans no 4 / Astrolabe 27.04.03 (2003) 6:19

5 Orléans no 5 / Astrolabe 27.04.03 (2003) 5:16

6 Lyon no 2 / Kafe Myzik 28.04.03 (2003) 4:31

7 Lyon no 3 / Kafe Myzik 28.04.03 (2003) 3:25

8 Genève no 4 / cave12 30.04.03 (2003) 15:13

9 Genève no 6 / cave12 30.04.03 (2003) 4:37
descriptions, reviews, &c.

"In the spring of 2003, Martin Tétreault and Otomo Yoshihide toured part of Europe in a 15-date, 16-day marathon. Out of these improv concerts, six were captured on various media : cdr, dat and minidisc. The thought of preserving these moments came naturally to the ears of our two turntablists and was motivated by the renewed pleasure of playing together and of course by the quality of the music, which, night after night, explored new forms ranging from sonic economy to something much harsher. On this SECOND installment in a planned trilogy, they present the most fragmented on the very apt title 2. TOK"-Ambiances Magnetiques

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