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Michel F Cote, Bernard Falaise, Alexandre St-Onge, Christof Migone, and Sam Shalabi, all members of the excellent group Klaxon Gueule, in a minimalist release of improv.

Klaxon Gueule: Cote, Falaise, St-Onge

Klaxon Gueule: Cote, Falaise, St-Onge: Grain (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Label: Ambiances Magnetiques    
Released in: Canada    

"Klaxon Gueule always end up where you don't expect them. Following a disturbing episode of near-silence (the Muets CD, previously released on the damn fine Ambiances Magnétiques label) they went and recorded their third and latest CD inside a barn situated in Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur (Québec). Microscope-minded music, again, but very much audible, and very much comestible too. Eolian textures, organic developments without pesticides, and here we are: the Côté, Falaise, St-Onge trio has found its way to the center of living matter and are ready to make you hear its most intimate sonic secrets. Also heard on this disc are the untested genetic contributions of Christof Migone and Sam Shalabi, two eminent scientists of complicated improv. Grain may be the smallest measure of life; but take our word on it: there's a lot going on inside the shell!

Ingredients: L-Isoleucine 10.6g, Whole Rye Flour, Albumin (BSA) 3%, Rye, Carraway Seeds, Thiamin, Beta Lactoglobulin 44%, Riboflavin, Fat 27.9g, Folacin, Salt"-Ambiances Magnetiques

"Alexandre St-Onge. Born Montréal, Québec, 1976. Residence: Montréal, Québec. Composer, Performer (double bass).

Alexandre St-Onge is an audio artist, a musician/improviser (acoustic bass, bass, voice and electronics) and a sound performer. He has studied literature and philosophy and he is currently doing his PhD in art. He is fascinated by creativity as a pragmatic approach of the ineffable and he has released seven solo CDs: Entités (Oral), Joseph Carey Merrick (Oral), Mon animal est possible (Alien8 Recordings), L'amitié ou les rumeurs insoutenables du désir (Squint Fucker Press), kasi naigo (Squint Fucker Press), Une mâchoire et deux trous (Namskéio Records), Image/négation (Alien8 Recordings). He also plays in quite a few bands, including Et Sans, K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O., Klaxon Gueule, Pink Saliva, Mineminemine, Shalabi Effect and Undo. As a composer he has worked for interactive/mixed-media company kondition pluriel, as well as composing for artists such as Marie Brassard, Karine Denault, Lynda Gaudreau, Line Nault, Jérémie Niel, Maryse Poulin and Mariko Tanabe."

-ActuelleCD (

"Sam Shalabi is a central node in Montréal's free improv scene. One cannot count the many projects he is a part of. He is best known as a founding member of Shalabi Effect, who have recorded 2 albums on Alien8 Recordings which have earned the band extremely good response from critics and music enthusiasts alike. Apart from Shalabi Effect, he is also part of a number of bands, among which Detention, Molasses, Balai Mécanique, Po, 'Gypt Gore, and a trio with David Kristian and Alexandre St-Onge. He is also known for three solo albums, Luteness (Squint Fucker Press, deleted), On Haschisch (Alien8), and of course Osama, his investigation of arabophobia in a "post-9-11 world". His style ranges from freeform psychedelic rock to the most oddball abstract performance. Although mostly known as a guitarist, the highly versatile Shalabi also performs on oud and a variety of other instruments." (

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Product Information:

UPC: 771028110124

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM101CD
Squidco Product Code: 550

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2002
Country: Canada
Packaging: Cardstock 3 page foldover
Recorded in July 2000 in Saint-Jacques-le-Mejeur, CA.


Michel F Cote

Bernard Falaise

Alexandre St-Onge

Christof Migone

Sam Shalabi

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Track Listing:

1 orme sans enduit 5:00

2 fonte sur plomb 3:59

3 fer blanc sur frêne 2:33

4 hêtre mouillé d'eau 7:01

5 fer (huilé) 3:06

6 fonte sur cuivre jaune 5:30

7 fer sur plomb 3:31

8 fonte et cuir de bœuf 4:19

9 fer pour bronze 4:09

10 frêne sur fer enduit 3:00