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Rua, Vitor and The Metaphysical Angels

Do Androids Dream of Electric Guitars? [2CDs]

Rua, Vitor  and The Metaphysical Angels: Do Androids Dream of Electric Guitars? [2CDs] (Clean Feed)

A central figure in the Portuguese creative music scene, from the pop group GNR to free improv in Telectu to contemporary composition, guitarist Vitor Rua presents a 2-CD album, one multi-tracking solo in complex and astonishing ways, and the 2nd playing the same scores with his group The Metaphysical Angels of top figures in the Portuguese avant jazz scene.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063004298

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF429CD
Squidco Product Code: 24450

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Asoka Miau Studio by Vítor Rua, and at Dim Sum Studio Antoonio Duarte.


Vitor Rua-guitar

Hernani Faustino-bass

Luis San Payo-drums

Manuel Guimaraes-piano

Nuno Reis-trumpet

Paulo Galao-clarinets

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track listing:


1. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: The Amazing Worm 6:40

2. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Friendly Formants 5:44

3. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Roulotte 7:55

4. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Flamenco Is Dead 5:29

5. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Subliminal Signs Of Humor 4:51

6. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Fugue In Fuck Major 5:51

7. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Deleuze Versus Tarzan 5:07

8. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Prepared Onion With Olive Glue 3:40

9. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Descending Stairs With Duchamp 3:42

10. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars? 4:58


1. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: The Amazing Worm 6:39

2. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Friendly Formants 5:55

3. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Roulotte 7:52

4. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Flamenco Is Dead 5:27

5. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Subliminal Signs Of Humor 4:45

6. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Fugue In Fuck Major 5:52

7. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Deleuze Versus Tarzan 5:03

8. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Prepared Onion With Olive Glue 3:33

9. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Descending Stairs With Duchamp 3:46

10. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Bands?: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars? 4:59

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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Vítor Rua is one of the key figures of Portuguese creative music, with a career covering a multitude of idioms and styles, from rock (he was the founder of the very popular band GNR) to minimalism, concrete music, electronic music, mimetic jazz, folk, punk, thrash metal, country music, and to free improvisation (with Telectu, his duo with pianist and musicologist Jorge Lima Barreto, sometimes with contributors like Sunny Murray, Gerry Hemingway, Han Bennink, Paul Lytton, Barry Altschul, Gunter Sommer, Chris Cutler, Eddie Prevóst, Louis Sclavis, Jac Berrocal, Carlos "Zíngaro" and Elliott Sharp).

Since 1987 he has focused on classical contemporary composition, either with solo, chamber and orchestral formats (and having John Tilbury, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Daniel Kientzy, Peter Rundel, Christian Brancusi, Remix Ensemble, among others, as interpreters) or messing rather humorously with the opera tradition (he has written five operas already).

This new activity hasn't made him forget his instrument of choice, the guitar, and neither did it collide much with his thinking of an ensemble as a guitar band - and that's what explains this double album in which we find Rua covering all the music expressions he practiced over the years, Do Androids Dream of Electric Guitars?.

CD1 is a solo and in CD2 the same scores are played by a group (The Metaphysical Angels, fronted by him) reuniting some top figures of the Portuguese avant-jazz and indie rock scenes. And yes, it sounds as if Vítor Rua is making account of his own life. It's that important, that urgent, that significant."-Clean Feed

Artist Biographies:

"Vitor Manuel Ferreira Rua, known artistically as Vitor Rua (Mesčo Frio, July 23, 1961) is a Portuguese musician, producer and composer.

A self-taught guitarist and composer, he has devoted much of his life to rock music, concrete, electronic, acoustic and improvised, having built a career since the 1970s, having been part of the King Fischers Band group and being one of the founders of GNR, Who would later resign publicly in a manifesto. He later founded the Telectu duo with Jorge Lima Barreto, a group that has collaborated with many leading names in improvised world music in the last thirty years."

-Wikipedia (translated by Google) (

"After establishing his name during the Eighties as an electric bass guitarist in alternative rock bands, like the now legendary K4 Quadrado Azul, Hernani Faustino turned to avant-jazz and free improvised music and chose the double bass as his self-taught instrument. Two decades later of multiple interactions with Portuguese and international musicians, he's now considered one of the most intense and solid bassists in the Portuguese scene. The association he maintains with drummer Gabriel Ferrandini (RED trio, Nobuyasu Furuya Trio & Quintet, Rodrigo Amado Wire Quartet) has been pointed as a dynamic and powerful rhythm section. His visceral playing is well showed by the contortions of his face during a performance: he goes to the limits of pleasure and pain.

Music is his life: besides being a musician, he was one of the members of the label Clean Feed, considered one of the five more important on the planet in what regards jazz, and the Trem Azul Jazz Store, located in Lisbon. He also composed for theatre, produced radio programs, and wrote about music in a couple of magazines. A good part of his activity in photography is also music oriented: Faustino is one of the most accomplished stage photographers around. This says all about his passion and commitment.

Hernani Faustino's numerous meetings and collaborations with other improvisors is astonishing: John Butcher, Lotte Anker, Nate Wooley, Carlos "Zíngaro", Agustí Fernández, Sei Miguel, Rafael Toral, Jason Stein, Nuno Rebelo, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Gabriel Ferrandini, Pedro Sousa, Rodrigo Amado, Albert Cirera, Manuel Mota, Luís Lopes, Jon Irabagon, Taylor Ho Bynum, Gerard Lebik, Piotr Damasiewicz, Harris Eisenstadt, Neil Davidson, Heddy Boubaker, Gerard Lebik, Elliott Levin, Katsura Yamauchi, Mats Gustafsson, Chris Corsano, Nikolaus Gerszewski, Rob Mazurek, Reinhold Friedl, Ernesto Rodrigues, José Oliveira, Helena Espvall, Nuno Torres, Ricardo Jacinto, Blaise Siwula, Virginia Genta, Elliott Levin, Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi, Floros Floridis, Matt Bauder, Dennis González, Vítor Rua, and many more, covering a wide range from free bop to extreme experimentation, going through electroacoustic improv, reductionism and noise."

-Hernani Faustino Website, Rui Eduardo Paes (

"Luís San Payo is a drummer from Lisbon, Portugal. He is the brother of bassist João San Payo.

Luís San Payo worked in the following projects: Croix-Sainte , Pop Dell'Arte , THC, Ref, Macao Radio , Entre Aspas , Xana , Casino, Los Tomatos , Rodrigo Leão Cinema Ensemble, Double Bind Quartet and Siblings Catita."

-Wikipedia (translated by Google) (ís_San_Payo)

Portuguese pianist Manuel Guimarães is a member of Variable Geometry Orchestra, and Vitor Rua & The Metaphysical Angels. He has also released a solo album on the Creative Sources imprint.

-Squidco 10/11/2017

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