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Trio Heinz Herbert (w/ Dominic Landolt / Ramon Landolt / Mario Haenni): The Willisau Concert (Live) (Intakt)

Textural improv of improbable grooves and tones driven by intense periods of interaction balanced with spatial sonic environments; adventurous and exuberant dialog caught live at the Jazzfestival Willisau, in Switzerland, 2016 from the trio of Dominic Landolt on guitar, Ramon Landolt on Hammond organ, synthesizer & samples and Mario Haenni on drums.

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product information:

UPC: 7640120192877

Label: Intakt
Catalog ID: INT287
Squidco Product Code: 24131

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded live at Jazzfestival Willisau, in Wilisau, Switzerland, on September 2nd, 2016, by Martin Pearson.


Dominic Landolt-guitar

Ramon Landolt-Hammond organ, synthesizer, samples

Mario Haenni-drums

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Artist Biographies:

"Swiss guitarist Dominic Landolt is a member of Fischermanns Orchestra and Trio Heinz Herbert. He currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland."

-Squidco 2/12/2020

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"Ramon Landolt is a Swiss pianist and keyboardist, known for groups Mûr, Trio Heinz Herbert."

-Squidco 2/12/2020

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"Mario Hänni is a talented jack-of-all-trades: The drummer, singer and multi-instrumentalist is one of the most active figures in the Swiss music circus. He is a drummer and singer with Pablo Nouvelle, runs the Krautjazz trio Heinz Herbert and played in tens of popular bands. But he also has his own creations, and he introduces them to bee-flat in a "carte blanche". This evening he meets Martin Baumgartner. He moves as a creative inventor between concept art and improvisation, between jazz, classical music and electronics. Accordingly, the two go to work - Hänni on drums, Baumgartner on prepared turntables and all kinds of Klimbim. They create their own electronic-acoustic worlds."

-Bee-Flat (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Granulare Liebe / LEI 18:08

2. Fragment Z / Brugguda 11:51

3. Hyper Down 11:45

4. Heinz Steps 8:38

5. Planet Cita 8:29

6. Gumpi Ball 0:59
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The music of Trio Heinz Herbert is first and foremost a tonal experience. Broad arcs and ingenious geometric grooves give it its form. Spaces are created, pivotal points set, textures woven. Within these free markings the tonal chemistry begins to unfold its potential. Sometimes a space shuttle floats through an underwater garden, sometimes the sounds glisten like a cell under the microscope. The trio penetrate the DNA of the sounds, creating a playful, humorous effect, despite the precision and experimental strength.

Pirmin Bossart writes in the liner notes: "The refreshing performance by the Trio Heinz Herbert on the main stage at Willisau Jazz Festival, summer 2016, confronted the audience with a kind of contemporary music which doesn't sound like jazz for a second, but is infused with its freedom and spirit of adventure. Many of the older Willisau pilgrims, who appreciate the festival for its classic programme of free music, were very excited about this young trio, which says a lot. We sense immediately that three instrumentalists set out to great a wholly individual music, with precision and determined playfulness - and soon realised their goal"."-Intakt

"Though it may seem like a relatively recent development, free jazz musicians have never shied away from integrating electronic elements into their work; think of Bob Ostertag's synthesized explorations on Braxton's monumental Creative Orchestra (Köln) 1978, or Evan Parker's ElectroAcoustic Ensemble, formed in 1990. One thing that has been lacking, however, is an incorporation of more varied electronic idioms - most free jazz artists are content to simply let the sounds act as accents or atmospheric overlays. Trio Heinz Herbert, consisting of Dominic Landolt on guitar and effects, Ramon Landolt on keys, synth, and samples, and Mario Hänni on drums, is a Zürich-based group that seems to be pushing for a fuller, more wide-ranging fusion of the worlds of free jazz and electronic music. The Willisau Concert documents a performance at the Jazzfestival Willisau in September 2016, and it's a perfect encapsulation of the intriguing and idiosyncratic approach taken by the Trio.

The first piece in the set, "Granular Liebe / LEI," opens with tentative guitar tones, a bubbling synth, and drums that rattle cautiously underneath. One's first impression is of just how much physicality is present here - in particular, Ramon Landolt's sound manipulations are akin to those created by groups such as Autechre; whether he's releasing dense, bone-rattling surges of bass or skittering rhythms that recall chiptune in their manic relentlessness, his productions always seem to be carefully toeing the line that exists between "artificial" and "organic." As the second half of the track unfolds, we get a taste of the ambience that Trio Heinz Herbert can create. Dominic Landolt's guitar pushes along with locomotive persistence, Hänni steadily increases both the tempo and complexity of his drum-work, and Ramon Landolt bathes the piece in swirling, subdued sine-waves. As its title suggests, "Fragment Z" is an extended, yet skeletal, soundscape that finds the group flirting with free-form abstraction. As such, it's the perfect palette-cleanser before "Bruggada" brings the three musicians back into the realm of structure and straightforward melodicism. Just as the next track, "Hyper Down," seems like it will collapse back into formlessness, Ramon Landolt unveils an impressionistic and oddly affecting chord progression on the keys that sends the piece in another direction entirely. Dominic Landolt's now-familiar guitar chug is a key component here, adding as it does a kind of textural glue to the composition.

The next two tracks, "Heinz Steps" and "Planet Cita K" offer a refreshing change of pace. The former is a foray into sinister psychedelia, one that dips its toe into several sonic pools: slippery shapelessness, funk-indebted strut, and, most surprisingly, blistering punk rock. The latter sees the return of Ramon Landolt's soft washes of synth, in addition to introducing a series of evocative chants that call to mind New Age music - if it's been radiation-fried and left stranded on the barren surface of an alien world, that is. Trio Heinz Herbert's The Willisau Concert is one of the more inspired blends of electronic and improvised music that I've heard recently, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes their free jazz on the "freer" side. No, there are no wild, skronking outbursts here - it's not that kind of free. On the contrary, Trio Heinz Herbert are more interested in the liberation that results when the dividing lines between genres are shaken up, blurred, and (in some cases) discarded entirely."-Derek Stone, The Free Jazz Collective

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