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A cross of Tokyo and NY rock scenes, Dynamite Club is led by vocalist Kentaro Saito and drummer Mike Pride, in their 2nd release with help from Nate Wooley, Aaron Ali Shaikh, &c.

Dynamite Club
it's deeper than most people actually think

Dynamite Club: it's deeper than most people actually think (Funhole Records)
Label: Funhole Records    
Released in: USA    

"One year in the making, this is the 2nd full-length CD from Dynamite Club! 17 new songs. Where Dynamite Club's first album was an excercise in noise, claustrophobia and chaos, this is Dynamite Club's "studio" album - crystal clear, bright, tight and totally unpredictable - showcasing musical virtuosity and maybe even sincerety. Certainly not what you would expect, and unlike anything you have ever heard before. Sure to shock and delight music lovers of all walks. It's "DEEEEP"!

Dynamite Club was formed in 2001 in NYC by guitarist/ vocalist Kentaro Saito (Tokyo) & drummer/vocalist Mike Pride (Brooklyn). The current bassist, Evan Lipson is the bands 8th (previous bass players have quit, been fired, disappeared and, notoriously and honestly, fallen off a cliff in Taiwan). Somehow, through all of these changes in bass personnel, Dynamite Club has maintained its identity as one of the most outrageous, energetic and unique rock bands to come out of the florid NY & Tokyo scenes.Dynamite Club has 2 full length CDs out: The Legend Of Tiger Mask (2002 Big Sleep Records) & It's Deeper Than Most People Actually Think (2004 Funhole Records); 1 CDep: "S" (2004 Funhole Records); and is on 4 compilations that they know of. Dynamite Club even put out a VHS (Live @ Knitt (2002 Mo Discount Video)) back when people knew what that was.

Dynamite Club's new CD Fusion Era comes out on Caminante Recordings in the Fall of 2008. Fusion Era was produced by Pride and Saito with hardcore producer/ engineer legend Don Fury (Helmet, Quicksand, Victory Records artists, 108, MDC, etc.) whom Pride met while working with MDC from 2002-2005. Fusion Era is Dynamite

Dynamite Club have toured the US dozens of times, Japan and Taiwan, Europe and Australia and enjoy an energetic and enthusiastic fan base throughout.Dynamite Club have reached both the top (#5) and bottom of CMJ charts.Club's most ferocious and honest record yet. Where their previous albums were deep on studio experimentation & destruction, Fusion Era is conceived as a record for the fans who love to come out and see Dynamite Club play live - kicking out the jams faster, harder and with more energy as eachyearpasses-andcontainsabsolutelynostudiotrickery, very few overdubs (only two, in fact), and at under 20 mins. is endlessly listenable, exciting and surprising.

The members of Dynamite Club have played with or are in the following bands: Haino Keiji, MDC (millions of dead cops), Ruins, Fast n Bul- bous, Anthony Braxton/Sonny Simmons Sexet, John Zorn, Aarktica, PERIOD, Secret Chiefs 3, Whoopie Pie, Otomo Yoshihide,NelsCline,TrevorDunn,FROMBACTERIATO BOYS & many more.

For Dynamite Club, the future holds a full 6-8 week North American tour in the fall of 2008. Tours in Europe, Taiwan and Japan will follow.The band will also be presented in some limited engagements as a duo (bassist Lipson joining vocalist/ drummer Pride) throughout the year as guitarist Saito resides in Tokyo with his family most of the time, recently."-Dynamite Club

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Product Information:

UPC: B000CA78J4

Label: Funhole Records
Catalog ID: 003
Squidco Product Code: 14221

Format: CD
Condition: Closeout (New)
Released: 2004
Country: USA
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded between September 2003 and March 2004 at Station Sound in Queens, NY.


Kentaro Saito-guitars, vocals, biwa

Mike Pride-drums, vocals, keyboards, tenor saxophone, glockenspeil, piano, synth bass, microcassette

Byrne Klay-bass

Aaron Ali Shaikh-alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone

Nate Wooley-trumpet

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Track Listing:

1. Spiritual 2:39

2. Tight pants 3:03

3. Case one 2:45

4. Frozen penis 2:06

5. Shit in the air 4:09

6. Why babey 3:33

7. High life 3:29

8. Drinkin & drivin 2:10

9. Algebra test #20 : Fungi 4:00

10. F3000 2:59

11. Junkies 2:09

12. DAPF 2:05

13. Evil 2:57

14. A friend of a friend of a 0:56

15. Loan ranger 1:35

16. Let's get wet 2:32

17. Da da da dut dut dut 1:57

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