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Two CD set of electronic and concrete compositions from German composer Riedl, with recordings from Siemens-Studio for elektronische Musik and Studio for konkrete Musik.

Riedl, Josef Anton
Klangregionen 1951-2007

Riedl, Josef Anton : Klangregionen 1951-2007 (Edition Rz)
Label: Edition Rz    
Released in: Germany    

"Josef Anton Riedl (born 11 June 1929 in Munich [1927 is also given as his year of birth]) is a German composer.

Following a period of studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München and in courses given by Hermann Scherchen in Gravesano, Riedl, influenced by Carl Orff und Edgar Varèse, devoted himself as a composer particularly to percussion and Lautgedichte (sound poetry) (Schmidt 2001).

In 1950 he was co-founder of the German Section of the Jeunesses Musicales, together with Herbert Barth, Reiner Bredemeyer and Eckhart Rolfs (Schmidt 2001). Starting in 1952 he did pioneering work in the use of concrete and electronic sounds, joining Pierre Schaefer's Groupe de Recherche Musicale in 1953 (Schmidt 2001). In 1955 he worked in the electronic studio of NWDR in Cologne, and spent some time in 1959 in Scherchen's experimental studio in Gravesano (Schmidt 2001). From 1959 until its closure in 1966 Riedl was director of the Siemens Studio for electronic music (Schmidt 2001). The concert series Neue Musik München / Klang-Aktionen initiated by Riedl in 1960 (Schmidt 2001) continues to this day. In 1967 he established the Musik/Film/Dia/Licht-Galerie group, and in 1974 in Bonn founded the Kultur Forum, which he directed until 1982 (Schmidt 2001).

As a teacher Riedl influenced the work of musicians well-known today, such as Lorenzo Ferrero and Michael Lentz, for whose Bachmann Prize-winning book Muttersterben (2001) he created the music. Lentz currently performs as saxophonist in Riedls' ensemble.

Riedl also contributed to film music, for example to several episodes of the 13-part Die zweite Heimat."-Wikipedia

12 page booklet with b&w photos and text in German and English.

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Compositional Forms
Organized Sound and Sample Based Music
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Product Information:

12 page booklet with b&w photos and text in German and English.

UPC: 4029455102011

Label: Edition Rz
Catalog ID: ed. Rz 1020-21
Squidco Product Code: 14138

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Germany
Packaging: Cardstock 3 page foldover
Various recordings 1951-1998.


Florian Tielebier-Langenscheidt

Michael Hirsch

Johannes Gohl-electronics, zither, reeds, organ, voice

Stefan Gabanyi

Alberto Vignani-synthesizer

Lorenzo Ferrero-synthesizer

Josef Anton Riedl-electronics

Max Nyffeler

Mike Lewis

Peter Michael Hamel

Michael Lentz-voice, saxophone

Clemens Von Schacky-guitar

Florian Tielebier-Langenscheidt-violin

Fuat Kent-prepared piano

Simone Rist-voice

Nicolaus A. Huber-voice

Alfred Feussner-voice

Francois Bayle-voice

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Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Paper Music I, 1961/70 4:38

2. Studie 59 I, 1959 2:48

3. Zeichnen - Klatschen/Zeichnen - Zeichnen, 1979/81 4:13

4. Landschaftsbeschreibung I, 1973 5:09

5. Mix Fontana Mix, 1974/76/79 5:05

6. Silphium, 1969/70 4:16

7. Lautgedichtfolge G), 1977/79/98 5:00

8. Ausfluss, Niederschlag, Spur, Nachhall I, 2000/02/07 4:28

9. Douce-Amère, 1972/74/81 3:13

10. Komposition Nr. 2, 1963/65 10:30

11. Polygonum, 1968/70 1:35

12. Leonce Und Lena, 1963/64 1:51

13. Vielleicht - Duo, 1963/68/70 3:27

14. Musique Concrète - Studie II, 1951/59 2:34

15. Musique Concrète - Studie I, 1951/59 3:05

16. Leonce Und Lena B), 1963 3:46

17. Studie 62 I, 1962 2:17

18. Studie 62 II, 1962 5:46

Disc 2

1. Klangsynchronie I Studie 59, 1981 6:28

2. Studie 61 I, 1961 2:17

3. Komposition Nr. 3, 1965/67 7:01

4. Ideir Notna Fesoj, 1993 51:02

5. Elektronische Musik - Studie II, 1959 5:04

6. Elektronische Musik - Studie I, 1958 2:17

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