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Unusual Vocal Forms

Good, Kevin : Listen Good, Kevin :

(Edition Wandelweiser Records -- Germany )

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Kevin Good organized this composition from four field recordings collected near Avon, CT, isolating sounds that he found interesting and then attempting to recreate them on other instruments, finally adding the human voice sparsely utilized throughout the piece, all to promote the idea of listeners actively paying attention to the sounds of their environment.

Kurka, Irene : Chants Kurka, Irene :

(Edition Wandelweiser Records -- Germany )

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Soprano vocalist Irene Kurka performs two works works by Antoine Beuger, and one each by Christopher Fox, Eva-Maria Houben, and Thomas Stiegler, accompanied by Antoine Beuger on flute for his composition "Chants de Passage"; 5 beautiful, unhurried works that bring the delicate beauty of each compositions, and of Kurka's refined voice, to a resonant foreground.

Un Coup de Des: Volcan Evaporado Un Coup de Des:
Volcan Evaporado

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

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Redox: Orbitals Redox:

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

Price: $15.95    

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The trio of Kaja Farszky on marimba & percussion, Annette Giesriegl on voice and electronics, and Katharina Klement on piano for a gripping album of free/ea improvisation, splitting the release in 3 parts from a live concert in 2015 at Sonnenhang House Concerts Series in Kumberg/Austria, and 3 parts recorded at Croatian Radio in Zagreb in 2016.

Mazurek, Rob : Chimeric Stoned Horn [CD] Mazurek, Rob :
Chimeric Stoned Horn [CD]

(Astral Spirits -- USA )

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Astral Spirits first CD release comes with a pair of 3D glasses, to allow the listener to view Mazurek's 3D lithographs that cover this album of piccolo trumpet explorations with electronics, voice and percussion, a deeply personal and spiritual album from the Chicago trumpeter, released in conjunction with Mazurek's art opening "Constellation Scores" at URDLA in France.

Taylor, Hollis: Absolute Bird [2 CDs] Taylor, Hollis:
Absolute Bird [2 CDs]

(ReR Megacorp -- UK )

Price: $34.95    

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An unusual and distinctive record from violinist and ornithologist Hollis Taylor, a book with 2 CDS presenting 41 tracks of recordings of the Australian pied butcherbird, each track pairing a bird, environmental sound, and a single instrumentalist, with an impressive list of performers who take unique approaches to the challenge of accompanying a bird.

Muira, Yoko / Jean Michel Van Schouwburg: On The Shore Of Dreams Muira, Yoko / Jean Michel Van Schouwburg:
On The Shore Of Dreams

(FMR -- UK )

Price: $14.95    

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The peforming duo of Tokyo pianist Yoko Miura on conventional piano, toy piano and melodica, and free improvising vocalist Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg are recorded in the studio for 14 succinct and unusual improvisations, Fou Records leader Jean-Marc Foussat recording the affair and providing electronics on one track; wonderfully weird and informed.


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