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Various Artists & Compilations

Musicworks: #127 Spring 2016 [MAGAZINE + CD] Musicworks:
#127 Spring 2016 [MAGAZINE + CD]

(Musicworks -- Canada )

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Spring 2016 issue of Canada's premier music magazine, including a 10-track CD of musicians featured in this issue's magazine. Contents include: articles on Craig Aalders' el8dEra 3m; , Eighty-five scores celebrate Pauline Oliveros; Toronto label All-Set! Editions; Thin Edge New Music Collective; electronic composer John Mills-Cockell; and much more!

Various: 910 Noise Presents Various:
910 Noise Presents

(910 Noise -- USA )

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A compilation of sound artists within the 910 area code, the North Carolina coastal region including Wilmington, NC, the home of Squidco, with artists including Carl Kruger (Caucasians, Baby Daddy), Grant Stewart as subterrene, Ryan Lewis in Food World and Baby Daddy, Phil Zampino (CHANGES TO blind), Jason Ward, August Traeger, and Authorless.

Anderson, Fortner: Solitary Pleasures <i>[Used Item]</i> Anderson, Fortner:
Solitary Pleasures [Used Item]

(&Records -- Canada )

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The 35 poems found on Fortner Anderson's "Solitary Pleasures", performed with Michel F Cote, Sam Shalabi and Alexandre St-Onge, speak of the obsessions, phantasies and encounters of Anderson's life.

Felizardo, Filipe: Guitar Soli for the Moa and the Frog <i>[Used Item]</i> Felizardo, Filipe:
Guitar Soli for the Moa and the Frog [Used Item]

(Shhpuma -- Portugal )

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The third solo venture for Lisbon-based guitarist and visual artist Filipe Felizardo, performing without effects and loops over a lush and spare framework, for a "ghost blues meditation" in 8 movements of focused, beautifully paced and sonically oriented playing.

Glerum Omnibus: Omnibus Two <i>[Used Item]</i> Glerum Omnibus:
Omnibus Two [Used Item]

(Favorite -- The Netherlands )

Price: $8.95    

In Stock

Previously played Squidco store copy, used for cataloging and samples, in excellent condition.

Review Copy, not new but in mint condition. May have a strike, the word "Promo" or a drill hole. Inquire on condition if you are concern...

Moritz, Jonathan Trio: Secret Tempo <i>[Used Item]</i> Moritz, Jonathan Trio:
Secret Tempo [Used Item]

(Hot Cup Records -- USA )

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Secret Tempo juxtaposes NY saxophonist Jonathan Moritz' feel of jazz with elements of modern compositional and improvised music, from Bird to Webster, Webern to lowercase, as performed with his trio of bassist Shayna Dulberger and drummer Mike Pride.

Pita: Get Off <i>[Used Item]</i> Pita:
Get Off [Used Item]

(Hapna -- Sweden )

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Sa, Joana & Luis Jose Martins: Almost a Song <i>[Used Item]</i> Sa, Joana & Luis Jose Martins:
Almost a Song [Used Item]

(Shhpuma -- Portugal )

Price: $9.95    

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A beautiful collaboration between Luis Jose Martins on classical guitar, percussion & electronics, and Joan Sa on piano, toy piano, celestra, idiophones & electronics, gentle music that's nearly a song, but actually sophisticated, textured, and lovely contemporary improvisation.

Trio Kimmig (Kimmig / Studer / Zimmerline / John Butcher): Raw <i>[Used Item]</i> Trio Kimmig (Kimmig / Studer / Zimmerline / John Butcher):
Raw [Used Item]

(Leo -- UK )

Price: $10.95    

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The Swiss string trio led by violinist Harald Kimmig, with Daniel Studer on bass and Alfred Zimmerlin on cello, is joined by UK saxophonist John Butcher for a set of improvisations that build with a unique percussive vitality and burning intensity.

Various Artists (including Talibam!): Getting Rid of the Glue [VINYL] Various Artists (including Talibam!):
Getting Rid of the Glue [VINYL]

(Pendu Sound Recordings -- USA )

Price: $7.00    

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First in a series of themed LP dedicated to improv / experimental / & noise music, this LP including Talibam!, Fessenden, Mialessot w/ Daniel Carter, &c.

MusicWorks: #110 Summer 2011 [MAGAZINE + CD] MusicWorks:
#110 Summer 2011 [MAGAZINE + CD]

(Musicworks -- Canada )

Price: $15.95    

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Summer 2011 issue of Canada's premiere music magazine and CD, with articles and tracks from Gregory Oh, Grimes, Doldrums, The Vegetable Orchestra, Terri Hron, Miguel Azguime, Rachel Wadham, &c.

MusicWorks: #112 Spring 2012 [MAGAZINE + CD] MusicWorks:
#112 Spring 2012 [MAGAZINE + CD]

(Musicworks -- Canada )

Price: $15.95    

In Stock

Canada's premiere new music magazine, with Philip Glass on the cover, plus articles on Jocelyn Morlock, Farah, D'Eon and Gill, and Olivia Block, and a 12 track CD of works by those and other artists.


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