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Various Artists & Compilations

Musicworks: #129 Winter 2017 [MAGAZINE + CD] Musicworks:
#129 Winter 2017 [MAGAZINE + CD]

(Musicworks -- Canada )

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Canada's premiere creative and new music magazine in their 129th issue, Winter 2017/18, with Geronimo Inutiq on the cover, plus articles on University of Victoria's music department, reedist Karen Ng, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Kamancello, Quasar saxophone quartet, Biophilia, Spool, and an 11-track CD with music from those artists and more.

Various Artists: The Intelligent Dancer [DVD] Various Artists:
The Intelligent Dancer [DVD]

(Absinth Records -- Germany )

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A collection of performances by Diego Chamy (dance), improvising in duo with Tamara Ben-Artzi (dance), Axel Dorner (trumpet), Nikolaus Gerszewski (piano and guitar), Robin Hayward (tuba) & Christof Kurzmann (electronics).

Various Artists: INstruments Various Artists:

(List -- France )

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A 2004 collection of commissioned compositions exploring the relations between acoustic instruments and digital process including Dafeldecker/Siewert, Janek Shaefer, Steinbruchel, Gunter Miller, &c.

Musicworks: #230 Spring 2018 [MAGAZINE + CD] Musicworks:
#230 Spring 2018 [MAGAZINE + CD]

(Musicworks -- Canada )

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In it's 40th year, the Canadian music journal Musicworks, with a reflection on their journey, alongside articles about guitarist Sam Shalabi, composer Sarah Hennies, the music series SONICBernheim in Louisville, Kentucky, electronic-music producer Vanese "VJ" Smith (Pursuit Grooves), and a 13-track CD with music from the those artists and more.

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