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Spoken Word

Piiptsjilling: Fiif Piiptsjilling:

(Peter Foolen Editions -- Netherlands )

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Piiptsjilling is the duo of guitarist Romke Kleefstra and vocalists Mariska Baars & Jan Kleefstra, joined here by Rutger Zuydervelt, aka Machinefabriek, combining poetry with vocals, guitars and electronics in improvisational settings, creating rich sonic environments over which the voice guides the listener, speaking in one of the Germanic Frisian languages.

Good, Kevin : Listen Good, Kevin :

(Edition Wandelweiser Records -- Germany )

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Kevin Good organized this composition from four field recordings collected near Avon, CT, isolating sounds that he found interesting and then attempting to recreate them on other instruments, finally adding the human voice sparsely utilized throughout the piece, all to promote the idea of listeners actively paying attention to the sounds of their environment.

CHANGES TO blind: evolvensume CHANGES TO blind:

(Squidco Records -- USA )

Price: $9.95    

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Since 1984 phil zampino has gnawed away at an inexplicable world of sound, organizing it and projecting his dark-hearted sonic stage on an unsuspecting world. Undeterred, he released a series of small-run albums, developing performance ...

Labbe, Pierre : parlures et parjures Labbe, Pierre :
parlures et parjures

(Malasartes -- Canada )

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Montreal multi-wind instrumentalist Pierre Labbe (Les Projectionnistes, L'Orkestre des Pas Perdus, Papa Boa) leads an insanely talented and quirky quartet with guitarist Bernard Falaise, drummer Pierre Tanguay, and narrator/storyteller Michel Faubert, creating a captivating album that transcends language in it's superb pacing, development, and artistry.

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