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Spoken Word

Mina, Asi: Bialo Mina, Asi:

(Bolt -- Poland )

Price: $14.95    

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Sound interpretations of Miron Bialoszewski's poetry, whose work focuses on the mundane aspects of the everyday life, usually from an autobiographical perspective and using an overtly colloquial language, interpreted by vocalist Mina Asi, aka Asia Bronisławska, speaking and singing over understated keyboard work.

Johansson, Sven-Ake / Alexander Von Schlippenbach : Schraubenlieder [VINYL] Johansson, Sven-Ake / Alexander Von Schlippenbach :
Schraubenlieder [VINYL]

(Trost Records -- Austria )

Price: $22.95    

In Stock

Drummer Sven-Ake Johansson is also a poet, writer and visual artist; here he joined forced with Alexander von Schlippenbach in 1988 to record these songs, never previously released, sung in German and English, for a set of 9 fascinating narrations that engage the listener independent of language, as von Schlippenbach improvises with prodigious technique.

Frey, Jurg : Collection Gustave Roud [2 CDs] Frey, Jurg :
Collection Gustave Roud [2 CDs]

(Another Timbre -- UK )

Price: $22.95    

Out of Stock

A double CD with five beautiful pieces that engage with the work of the extraordinary French-Swiss poet Gustave Roud, with performers including Dante Boon, Stefan Thut, Andrew McIntosh and Jurg Frey himself, 10 compositions that Frey wrote in the manner that Roud would, roaming with a sketchbook and developing the pieces based on impressions of his surroundings.

Fouick: Blick & Jean-Marc Foussat: Mastic Boreal Fouick: Blick & Jean-Marc Foussat:
Mastic Boreal

(Fou Records -- France )

Price: $13.95    

In Stock

Primarily a creative filmmaker, Blick here provides narrative improvisation--phonemes, gutturals, word fragments, and spoken word--over improvising keyboardist Jean-Marc Foussat's Synthi AKS, creating expansive landscapes or curious audio aberrations, through four recordings demonstrating a diverse set of sonic environments interweaving voice and sound.

Piiptsjilling: Fiif Piiptsjilling:

(Peter Foolen Editions -- Netherlands )

Price: $12.95    

In Stock

Piiptsjilling is the duo of guitarist Romke Kleefstra and vocalists Mariska Baars & Jan Kleefstra, joined here by Rutger Zuydervelt, aka Machinefabriek, combining poetry with vocals, guitars and electronics in improvisational settings, creating rich sonic environments over which the voice guides the listener, speaking in one of the Germanic Frisian languages.

Good, Kevin : Listen Good, Kevin :

(Edition Wandelweiser Records -- Germany )

Price: $12.95    

In Stock

Kevin Good organized this composition from four field recordings collected near Avon, CT, isolating sounds that he found interesting and then attempting to recreate them on other instruments, finally adding the human voice sparsely utilized throughout the piece, all to promote the idea of listeners actively paying attention to the sounds of their environment.

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