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Items in this category are recent additions to our catalog which are releases on labels that we carry, but which are not their most recent releases. The items may not be completely cataloged - there may be no description or abstract, though we should have images and even sound samples. You can also see our latest new catalog additions in our Just In category.

Chaparreiro, Antonio & Alcada: Opus Macaronicorum Chaparreiro, Antonio & Alcada:
Opus Macaronicorum

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

Price: $15.95    

In Stock

Sometimes frenetic, always exhilarating duo work between Portugese electric guitarist Antonio Chapparreiro and drummer/percussionist Pedro Alcada, succinct tracks, some as short as 36 seconds, where the two spar and unite over angular rhythms and abrupt changes, with a twisted sense of humor and a wealth of adventurous spirit.

Backer, Andreas: Voice Improvisations Backer, Andreas:
Voice Improvisations

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

Price: $15.95    

In Stock

Norwegian / Swedish vocalist Andreas Backer in an album of impressive solo voice improvisations, applying stunning vocal techniques to generally non-articulate pieces, using his voice in astonishing, frightening, funny and simply bizarre ways over a diverse set of compositions, mostly acoustic, except on "Voicetronics"; weird and wonderful.


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