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  About Squidco

Squidco sells unusual and experimental improvised, composed, rock, folk and other musics from labels and artists around the globe. Particular interests are in Free Jazz, Downtown NY Improv Scene, Musique Actuelle, R.I.O. (Rock In Opposition), Avant-Rock & Folk, Unusual Vocal Improv, Avant-Garde and modern compositional music, Electro-Acoustic, Electronic, Experimental, EA-Improv, lower case, Sound & Noise, Field Recordings, World Musics, Historic Recordings, and a great deal inbetween.

Squidco is located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our contact information is listed below. Phil Zampino is the owner of the shoppe. We're always interested in what you have to say about our site!

Information about our shipping and payment policies can be found here.

How to Shop at Squidco:

Squidco sells several thousand titles, which are classified by categories. Any item can be in many categories. Here are some suggestions on how to navigate our site and to most easily view our catalog.

The Squidco Homepage

The Squidco homepage is where we list the most recent new or important additions to our store. You can also see latest news items and postings, and see the latest on The Squid's Ear. We update the home page frequently so check back often to see what's just in and interesting!

Top Navigation Panel

The Top Navigation Panel is at the top of every page, giving you quick links to log in, check your shopping cart, and checkout. You can also see "What's New" in the store, a list of new releases, what's just in stock, and recent reviews on The Squid's Ear.

Left Navigation Bar

• The Left Navigation Bar is at the left of every page under the Squidco logo. It lists all of our major categories, genres, styles, formats, and conditions. Each link in the navigation bar will take you to a list of items. Clicking on a title or thumbnail in any list will take you to the full product description for that item.

A miniature version of your shopping cart is seen at the top of The Left Navigation Bar. As you add items to your shopping cart you will see the items added into the shopping cart. You can also calculate your USA shipping cost by entering your state, city and zipcode; or your international shipping cost by entering your Other State/Province, Postal Code, and Country.

• Every Squidco page has a search form in the left navigation bar, which will search by various criteria in our catalog. You can also click to an "Advanced Search" page.

• You can see a web version of our latest email newsletter by clicking on "Current Email Update."

"Recently Restocked" lists items in most recent order that were out of stock but are now back in stock. Every detailed product page shows whether an item is in stock.

Items that have arrived and are in stock and order-able, but which aren't fully cataloged, can be viewed by clicking the "Just In Stock" link at the left.

"Staff Picks" shows the history of items that our staff are particularly excited about, or which we consider essential to our customers.

"Squidco by Month" shows the additions to our catalog for each month of the year - we currently go back to 2005, when we started adding this feature. Viewing by month is a good way for returning customers to see what they may have missed since the last time they visited the store. You can also find the "Squidco by Month" feature on our homepage.

Detailed Product Pages

Clicking on the thumbnail or name of an item in any list will take you to its detailed product page. Here you will see a larger image and more detailed descriptions of an item, along with its weight and whether it's currently in stock. There may also be audio samples, track listings, personnel, catalog codes, &c. Squidco's recommendations of similar items are also listed.

The Squidco & Squid's Ear Mailing List

• Squidco also publishes an email mailing list every 2 weeks, which lists the most recent additions to the store. Email list members are also eligible for our "Friends of Squid" unadvertised sales offering our best discounts to loyal customers.

Contact Information

You may contact Squidco directly:

send us email (sales @

928 North 4th St
Wilmington, NC 28401


We're always interested in what you, our customer, has to say about our store - please feel free to write us with suggestions on how we could better serve you, or what you'd like to see in our store.