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  October 2013
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Glerum Omnibus: Omnibus Two <i>[Used Item]</i> Glerum Omnibus:
Omnibus Two [Used Item]

(Favorite -- The Netherlands )

Price: $8.95

In Stock

Previously played Squidco store copy, used for cataloging and samples, in excellent condition.

Review Copy, not new but in mint condition. May have a strike, the word "Promo" or a drill hole. Inquire on condition if you are concern...

Sa, Joana & Luis Jose Martins: Almost a Song <i>[Used Item]</i> Sa, Joana & Luis Jose Martins:
Almost a Song [Used Item]

(Shhpuma -- Portugal )

Price: $9.95

In Stock

A beautiful collaboration between Luis Jose Martins on classical guitar, percussion & electronics, and Joan Sa on piano, toy piano, celestra, idiophones & electronics, gentle music that's nearly a song, but actually sophisticated, textured, and lovely contemporary improvisation.

Wisseltangcamatta, The: Movements Wisseltangcamatta, The:

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

Price: $15.95

Out of Stock

Live recordings at LOFT in Cologne, Germany from the trio of George Wissel on prepared saxophone, Achim Tang on doublebass, and Simon Camatta on drums & percussion, performing seven "Movements" that use prodigious technique with reserve and direction, revealing the structure of their work as the pieces build and recede in fascinating ways.

Dorgon: For Jason Viseltear Dorgon:
For Jason Viseltear

(Jumbo -- USA )

Price: $12.95

In Stock

Jason Viseltear, based in NYC, makes violins, violas, and cellos for both contemporary and period / baroque performance. Inexplicably, Mr. Dorgon dedicated this work to him, a piece of sound and noise, perhaps constructed using string instruments; perhaps not.

Kawaguchi / Olive / Oshiro: Airs Kawaguchi / Olive / Oshiro:

(845 Audio -- Japan )

Price: $12.95

In Stock

Using guidelines related to form, time, sound source and density, the trio of Tim Olive on magnetic pickups, Takahiro Kawaguchi and Makoto Oshiro on self-made instruments, recorded these compositions live, named for the atmosphere of the recording environment.