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  October 2010
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Orfield, Sue Band: Bonk Orfield, Sue Band:

(self-released -- USA )

Price: $8.00

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Tiptons saxophonist Sue Orfield's Band performs original music that spans many genres from blues rock and funk to jazz and bluegrass with a little ethnic vibe thrown in.

Pastor / Killion: Bows Pastor / Killion:

(Slam -- Great Britain )

Price: $6.35

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Italian violinist and multi-instrumentalist Stefano Pastor with the amazing cellist and Indian instrument master Kash Killion in a mix of original avant jazz and 2 Monk standards.

Quivers / Chora: [VINYL] Quivers / Chora:

(Ultramarine -- USA )

Price: $12.00

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A split LP of psychedelic free-form improvisation group Chora (Rob Lye and Ben Morris); and Quivers (Ninni Morgia and Jordon Schranz joined by Mike Pride).

The Tiptons: Tsunami The Tiptons:

(Zipa!Music -- USA )

Price: $7.50

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The Tiptons Saxophone Quartet with drums and electronics, led by Amy Denio and Jessica Lurie, in their 2007 album of original compositions, joyful and compelling music that defies categorization.

Feel No Other: Feel No Other <i>[Used Item]</i> Feel No Other:
Feel No Other [Used Item]

(Silber -- USA )

Price: $6.95

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Electric Bird Noise artist Brian Lea McKenzie extends his concepts in a new duo with vocalist Claudia Gregory (Exhaust the Fox, Claudia Versus the Queen of Hearts), with a new band name and a compelling set of epic electro-rock songs.

Olive / Owen (Tim Olive / Ben Owen): 63-66 <i>[Used Item]</i> Olive / Owen (Tim Olive / Ben Owen):
63-66 [Used Item]

(845 Audio -- Japan )

Price: $7.95

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Recording in Brooklyn in 2014, this collaboration between Olive and Ben Owen presents four tracks of electronic improvisation using shortwave radio, oscillators, paper, contact microphones and magnetic pickups, creating a mysterious and well-paced album of sound experimentation.

Poliks, Marek : Hull Treader <i>[Used Item]</i> Poliks, Marek :
Hull Treader [Used Item]

(Another Timbre -- UK )

Price: $8.95

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Referencing sci-fi, C.S. Lewis, and alien worlds, the compositions of Marek Poliks each have a central metaphor like alien environment and warmth, spaceship and cradling, performed by ensembles using traditional and electronic instruments and objects.

Steerage: Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It <i>[Used Item]</i> Steerage:
Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It [Used Item]

(Caduc -- Canada )

Price: $7.95

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An album of tones and tonal environments from Barry Chabala and A.F. Jones, using guitars and effects to create slowly moving tones punctuated with unusual utterances of unknown origin; rich and curiously non-specific sound that lives in the back- and foreground.

Zemler, Hubert : Gostak & Doshes <i>[Used Item]</i> Zemler, Hubert :
Gostak & Doshes [Used Item]

(Bolt -- Poland )

Price: $8.95

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Drummer/percussionist Hubert Zemler's second solo album with two compositions inspired by electronic music, particularly by works of the ensemble Suaves Figures, recorded in the vaults of the Camaldolese Church in Bielany, Warsaw with Milosz Pekala on vibraphones.

Junji, Hirose: the elements: tenor saxophone solos <i>[Used Item]</i> Junji, Hirose:
the elements: tenor saxophone solos [Used Item]

(Doubtmusic -- Japan )

Price: $12.95

In Stock

Japanese saxophone innovator Junji Hirose (Ground Zero, P.O.N., EastAsia Orchstra) in an album of extreme solos recorded in 2010 at Tokyo's Knuttel House.