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Salter Ensemble (Belorukov / Harnik / Kocher / Grom / Beiner / Klammer / Kutin / Lang / Tomazin / Ba (Bruit Editions / Zavod Sploh)

Operating on the border between free improvisation and composition, the international electro-acoustic ensemble Šalter Ensemble present three incredible works composed by members of the ensemble -- Tomaž Grom; Jonas Kocher & Gaudenz Badrutt; and Elisabeth Harnik -- developed with the full ensemble, incorporating jazz, free improvisation, electronics & sound art.

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Gaudenz Badrutt-electronics

Estelle Beiner-violin

Ilia Belorukov-saxophone

Tomaz Grom-double bass, electronics, dada

Elisabeth Harnik-piano, objects

Josef Klammer-augmented percussion

Jonas Kocher-accordion

Samo Kutin-hurdy gurdy

Alfred Lang-trumpet

Irena Z. Tomazin-voice

Spela Trost-production, external eye

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Label: Bruit Editions / Zavod Sploh
Catalog ID: Br13 / ZACD29
Squidco Product Code: 35000

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2024
Country: Slovenia
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Tracks 1 and 2 recorded in concert at Philarmonic Hall, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on November 23rd, 2023, by RTV Slovenia.

Track 3 recorded in concert at Le Singe in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, on May 25th, 2023 by Cyril Hassler.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The composers of the three new works by Šalter Ensemble, who are also its members, bring heterogeneous experiences to the repertoire, from classical studies, researching through improvisation, working with electronics, the practice of sound art and playing jazz to creating in other media. Their works reached their final, performed form through the musicians' cooperation - from the initial idea, which the ensemble tested, developed, adapted and perfected in an intense period of rehearsals, workshops of sorts."-From the liner notes by Primož Trdan

"Šalter Ensemble operates on the border between free improvisation and composition, focusing on collective processes as a central part of its practice. The project is an international electro-acoustic ensemble initiated in 2017 by Jonas Kocher in collaboration with Zavod Sploh Ljubljana and Izlog Festival Zagreb, and has since performed at numerous venues and festivals in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and Serbia.

The ensemble consists of outstanding personalities from the Swiss music scene, the Slovenian music scene and, in the 2023 edition, exposed representatives of the Styrian music scene. The musicians come from a wide range of backgrounds - from jazz to traditional and folk music to contemporary improvised and electronic music - and are from different generations."-Bruit

Artist Biographies

"Gaudenz Badrutt: (livesampling - electronics & computer)

He began as a pianist in the field of contemporary classic music and works since 20 years as an electronics musician in the field of improvised electroacoustic music.He is best known in current times as an improvising electronics musician using computers (sampling) and various other electronic apparatus such as usual distortion devices, no-input-mixing or modular-synthesizer. Filigree, minimal noises, drones and dense structures are key characteristics of his music. Central to Badrutt's activities are collaborations such as the duo with Jonas Kocher (accordion), the duo with Hans Koch (clarinet, sopranosaxophone), and the trio with Koch and Kocher as well as the working-band duo strøm with Christian Müller (electronics). In the last few years, solo-performances became important too. He is further occupied in the fields of electronic composition, sound & video installation and videos (like 'magma' and 'Quiet Novosibirsk').

Gaudenz Badrutt has collaborated with Christof Kurzmann, Kai Fagaschinski, Ilia Belorukov, Phil Durrant, Tasos Stamou, Morishige Yasumune, Michael Thieke, Alexander Markvart, Strotter Inst., Michael Vorfeld, Bryan Eubanks, Stephan Thut, Toshimaru Nakamura, Diatribes et al. with concerts at home and abroad, including at the Festivals RingRing Belgrad 2019, Jauna Musika Vilnius 2019, Music Unlimited Wels 2018, Le Bruit de la Musique in Saint-Silvain-sous-Toulx 2018, Outernational Festival Bukarest 2017, Sound around Kaliningrad 2017, Sanatorium of Sound Sokolowsko/Poland 2016, Sound Reasons 2015 in Dehli/Goa/Bangalore India, Musikfestival Bern 2015, Vertical Collisions and Irtijal Beirut 2015, Croisements Kagoshima 2014, Airegin/Improfestival Yokohama 2013, SwissMusicDays Belgrade 2013, Zwei Tage Zeit Zürich 2012, Terrains Basel 2011, Influx Toulouse 2011, Transmediale Berlin 2009, Zoom in Bern 2008, Rue du Nord Lausanne 2008, Norberg Festival (Sweden) 2006, Taktlos/Tonart Bern 2006. His videoworks has been played at the Transmediale 09 Berlin, Festival Zwei Tage Zeit Zürich 2012, Spinafest St.Petersburg.Gaudenz Badrutt lives in Biel (Switzerland).

Current projects:

Solo (analog effects, objects, livesampling)

Trio Koch, Kocher & Badrutt

Duo Jonas Kocher & Gaudenz Badrutt

strøm (with Christian Müller, electronics)

Trio Jean-Luc Guionnet - Frantz Loriot - Gaudenz Badrutt

Baldrian Quartet (Christof Kurzmann - Kai Fagaschinski - Jonas Kocher - Gaudenz Badrutt)

Quintett Jacques Demierre - Urs Leimgruber - Daniel Studer - Alfred Zimmerlin - Gaudenz Badrutt

Duo Hans Koch & Gaudenz Badrutt (also known as Social Insects)"

-Gaudenz Badrutt Website (

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Violinist Estelle Beiner has been a member of The Ocean and Spacetet.

-Squidco 7/10/2024

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"Ilia Belorukov is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He works in the directions of improvised, noise and electroacoustic music. He's a member of different projects with local and foreign musicians. He collaborates with artists who work in other musical directions (from hardcore and metal to academic contemporary music); with dancers and painters; with theater. Ilia practices an experimental approach of sound extraction on alto saxophone with objects, uses electronics and other instruments. Also he is a founder of Intonema label ( and one of curators of Spina!rec label ( Organizer of events in Russia, co-organizer of the SpinaFest and Teni Zvuka festivals in Saint-Petersburg. He writes reviews for his own blog on, was reviewer of Contemporary Music, Music & Time, Topot and GEZeta journals.

Ilia had played with such musicians as Keith Rowe, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, David Stackenas, Radu Malfatti, Lucio Capece, Jason Kahn, Birgit Ulher, Ignaz Schick, Jonas Kocher, Gaudenz Badrutt, Stefan Thut, Arturas Bumsteinas, Thomas Buckner, Bryan Eubanks, Jack Wright, Andrew Drury, Andrey Popovskiy, Alexei Borisov, Kurt Liedwart and many others. Released his works on labels Copy For Your Records, Ilse, Cabin Floor Esoterica (USA), Hideous Replica (UK), Creative Sources (Portugal), QuasiPop (Ukraine), 1000fussler (Germany), Mikroton, Intonema, Spina!Rec (Russia) and many others.

He participated in various festivals: SKIF, Teni Zvuka, Aposition, ReMusik (Saint-Petersburg); Noise & Fury, Long Arms, Tilde 2 (Moscow); Budapest Spring Festival (Budapest); Gogolfest (Kiev); Jauna Muzika (Vilnius & Klaipeda); Angelica (Bologna); Baba Fest (Rome); Altera Festival (Naples); Jazz Bez (Lvov); John Cage Year (Lublin); Theses (Kemerovo); Helsinki City Festival, Chance Meeting (Helsinki) etc."

-Ilia Belorukov Website (

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"Tomaž Grom (Ljubljana, 1972), double bass player, author

He understands music as a medium of communication rather than aesthetic pleasure. He wants to find reasons for making music. Uncompromisingly he prods at social norms. Music for him is a form of seeking, unanswered questions, flow of ideas, unpredictable situations. Composition is improvisation. Improvisations offers him space to lose himself, to make mistakes, to come up with intriguing solutions. In music, challenges invite thinking and open up new possibilities.

He has performed at festivals across Europe and North America, and has composed music for numerous theater, contemporary dance, puppet performances and movies. He is making video portraits of Slovenian artists for web portal to his idea, a feature-length documentary Balkan Whispers, directed by Boris Petkovič, was made. His film Can't Wait For You To Come was premiered in January 2021.

He is the founder and artistic director of Zavod Sploh, an associaton devoted to the production of music and performing arts as well as to education and publishing in the field. He curates music festival Sound Disobedience. He also curated concert cycles Confine aperto (from 2005 until 2018), Zvokotok (from 2014 until 2018) and Neforma (from 2010 until 2014). He is the author of the performances Keemo, Carte Blanche, Rib Cage, Bruto, Ništrc, Forgotten, Overlooked, Soul, Noize, Valve and Wire, sound installation Skladba za harmoniko and a long term project iMstrument.

Closest collaborators in performing arts and movies are: Špela Trošt, Bojan Jablanovec, Tomi Janežič, Loup Abramovici, Špela Čadež, Boris Petković, Urška Djukić, Ana Čigon, Iztok Kovač ...

As an improviser in addition to occasional collaborations (Michel Doneda, Jonas Kocher, Pascal Battus, Nate Wooley, Seijiro Murayama, Marc Ribot, Sonny Simmons, Doug Hammond, Axel Dörner, Eduardo Raon, Matija Schellander, Ana Kravanja, Kaja Draksler, Martin Küchen, Drago Ivanuša ...), he often works with the following musicians: Samo Kutin, Vid Drašler, Jošt Drašler, Irena Z. Tomažin, Andrej Fon, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Zlatko Kaučič, Eduardo Raon ...

He plays in the following groups: Oholo!, Dörner / Grom, Kaučič / Grom, Kutin / Grom, Tomažin / Grom, Šalter Ensemble."

-Tomaz Grom Website (

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"Elisabeth Harnik, free-lance composer and pianist, was born 1970 in Graz and lives in Gams (County of Styria/Austria). She studied classical piano and later - with Beat Furrer - composition at what is now the Univer sity of Music and Performing Arts, Graz.

The "repertoire" and it's extensions in composition and improvisation is her central focus. Harnik works within an electro-acoustic inspired sound-world, using unique preparations and extended techniques.

Performances include: Easterfestival Graz 2002, Hörfest Graz 2003/04/05, Styrian Chamber Music Festival 2003, Klangmühle Orth an der Donau 2005, Munich Ope ra Festival 2006, Mozart- Year Vienna 2006, Paul Hofhaimer Musiktage 2006, Composers' Forum Mittersill 2008, Haydn Year 2009, Festival 4020 Linz 2009, Sou ndings Festival London 2010, Opera Graz, Musikprotokoll/Steirischer Herbst 2011, E_MAY Festival Vienna 2011/2012, Klangspuren Schwaz 2012, Transart Festiv al Bozen 2012, Wien Modern 2013, Estonian Harpsichord Society Festival 2014, A udio ArtFestival Pula 2014 a.o.

She has worked with renowned artists and ensembles such as the Ensemble Zeitfluss Graz, the Ensemble 09 Linz, the Ensemble MusikFabri kSüd, the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Klangforum Vienna, the Ensemb le "die reihe" Vienna, the Ensemble Kontrapunkte Vienna, the ensemble Reconsil Vienna, the Ensemble PHACE Vienna, the Ensemble Platypus Vienna, the Hay dn-Trio-Eisenstadt, the Trio AMOS Vienna, the Trio EIS Vienna, the Thürmchen Ens emble Cologne, the Fidelio Trio London, the Cantus Ensemble Zagreb, the Ensemble mise-en New York and various national and international soloists.

She received a great number of rewards and prizes, most recently she was Artist in Residence at the OMI International Arts Center New York 2010 and Composer in Residence 2013 at the IZZM in Ossiach/Austria. In addition to her work as composer she appears as improvisator at various national and international festivals such as the V:NM-Festival, the Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, the Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen, the Artacts Festival St. Johann, the Music Unlimited Festival Wels, the Soundgrube Vienna, the Comprovise Festival Cologne, the Beethoven Fest Bonn, the A L'ARME! Festival Ber lin, the Jazz & More Festival Sibiu, the Alpenglow Festival London, the All Ears Festival Oslo, the Umbrella Music Festival Chicago, the Okka Fest Milwaukee, the Musi cacoustica Beijing, the SoundOut Festival Canberra/AUS a.o."

-Elisabeth Harnik Website (

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"Josef Klammer, born 1958, Lienz / Easttyrol / Austria
Worked initially as a photographer, studied drums at Music University Graz

Since the mid-1980s, the musician and media musician Josef Klammer has been continuously working on the tonal expansion of his instruments and on researching and transforming the music potential inherent in the media.

1994 outstanding artist award for music, Ministry of Art and Science
2003 Elektronic Award 2003 for the "Klammer&Gruendler Duo", of the ELAK Vienna and Musikforum Viktring
2015 Award of Distiction / Prix Ars Electronica 2015
2016 STELLA, nominated for "Anna und die Wut", excellent stage music

Exhibitions, sound installations and music projects in Vienna, Hongkong, Sevilla, New York, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Darmstadt, Katzow, Rimini, Paris
Music for TV and movies; radio plays and radio programs for the ORF (Austrian Braodcast Corporation)
Stage music for productions at theatres in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Schwerin, Gera, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt, Linz and Graz and in Wiener Festwochen
Artist in Residence at ZKM Karlsruhe (08) and IEM / Musik University Graz (01, 03, 08, 09)
Numerous and regular concerts and recordings with a wide variety of ensembles playing New Improvised Electronic and Experimental Music
Jury for Prix Ars Electronica (Digital Music), Styrian Cultural Initiativ and IGNM/Austria
Curator for diverse festivals and initiatives
music projects and workshops for schools"

-Josef Klammer Website (

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"Jonas Kocher is a sound artist and accordionist born in 1977. He is collaborating with personalities from various backgrounds and in numerous artistic and social contexts. His work explores issues such as the listening, space and perception as well as the integration of different kind of random elements. His specific approach to his instrument involves at the same time physicality and reduction, uncontrolled playing and high precision.

Jonas Kocher has a strong interest in process oriented works and unstable situations. As a sound artist he has realised works that are situated between composed theatre, installation and concert pieces. He got commissions from Ensemble Paul Klee, Biennale Bern 2010 & 2017, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, etc. and regularly collaborates with musicians such Michel Doneda, Joke Lanz, Axel Dörner, Hans Koch, Jacques Demierre and many more. Read the full biography on wikipedia

Jonas Kocher is initiator of Bruit, a structure that fosters sound and interdisciplinary works."

-Jonas Kocher Website (

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"Samo Kutin is an extremely active multi-instrumentalist, known for his use of unconventional and self-made musical instruments and sound-making objects. One of the traditional instruments in his repertoire is also the Hungarian medieval string instrument hurdy gurdy, which he can be often seen in playing at the events of experimental and improvised music. In the field of ​​free improvisation he is intensively devoted to finding, discovering and manipulating the various potentialities of the hurdy gurdy. The extreme acoustic dimensions, from gentle noise to noisy drones, from soft blows to unbearable whimpers, he reaches through the preparation and amplification of the musical instrument, using both contact microphones and acoustic resonators.

He performs as a soloist and in a variety of improvised combinations (among others, duo with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Lee Paterson, Boris Baltschun, Daichi Yoshikawo etc.) and ethnic ensembles at international festivals and various stages. He also creates music for fairy tales, animations, theatrel, puppet and dance performances and regularly runs workshops for children.

He has been a frequent and important contributor to realizing several Sploh Institute projects; he performed at concerts in the framework of Confine aperto, Zvokotok, Sonce in sončice po vsem svetu, RR and on international tours, at the Sound Disobedience festival and at the Neforma dance-music improvisation series. His solo concert recording is a part of the iMstrument collection. He is a band member of Samo Gromofon and the Šalter Ensemble. His solo CD, Plovilo, was released by Sploh, the album, Kopaš, in duo with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Stutter And Strike with Martin Küchen and Štiri dela with Šalter Ensemble."

-Samo Kutin Website (

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Alfred Lang is an Austrian trumpeter, born in 1968

-Squidco 7/10/2024

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"Irena Z. Tomažin is a Slovenian performer, choreographer and a voice teacher. The (heart)core of her work is the voice in its various existence. Starting out her dance education from the urge to move and release inner tensions and inspirations, her performance practice has since then shifted towards the investigation around the embodied voice. Her voice work is always physical, connected with body, gesture/dance and space, but at the same time is very oriented towards the sound textures of the voice. Her practice manifests in the form of thoughts, songs, spoken word events and experimental concerts, as well as through directing dance and theatre work. Sometimes it rises from the encounter and collaboration with other artists, other times from being alone, making space for listening to what is outside and inside.

In the last 20 years, next to collaborating with other artists and performing in different dance and theatre productions, Irena has created a series of voice and movement solos, duets and group pieces. As an experimental voice artist she is involved in the European scene of improvised music and has ongoing collaborations with some of the world's most renowned sound improvisers. As a teacher, Irena shares her work regularly teaching workshops in Europe and around the world."

-Association Bruit (

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"Špela Trošt

Since 2005 she is a production manager for Sploh institute (, for art production and publishing and an artistic director for performing arts. Working for Sploh she co-created more than 50 projects: music series, festivals, performances, intermedia productions, music releases and workshops. The programme of Zavod Sploh in cooperation with several organizations from Slovenia, Europe and USA involved more than 170 musicians, performers and dancers from the world.

Since 2002 she is a production manager for a platform for research, development and production of contemporary performing arts Via Negativa ( 2003 to 2009 she was a producer for reasrching project of acting art Studio za raziskavo umetnosti igre (workshops and performances). Between 2004 and 2005 she worked as a production manager on MASKA (, organization engaged in publishing, production of performances and education in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Before she became a production manager she was acting in several projects (over 20) and in some of them she also collaborated as a dramaturge and assistant of directo Between 1995 and 2002 she was an artistic director of theater group named "Gledališče čez cesto" and between 1996 and 2000 also an artistic director of international festival Off theater GLEDOS in Kranj.

1997 she was assistant of selector for the theatre programme Evropski mesec kulture (Europian month of culture), Dušan Jovanovič. She worked also as a tv producer (on national television RTV Slovenia and Kanal A) and she had been directing for national television.2003-2008 she was a professor of a History of dance and theatre on Slovenian artistic high school for contemporary dancers.

She completed Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theory of Visual Culture, Primorska univerza, 2016, with the title: Genealogy of the concept of presence in the performing arts."

-Sploh Website (

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Track Listing:

1. My Wish is Your Command (by Tomaz Grom) 15:39

2. Interstices / Interferences (by Jonas Kocher and Gaudenz Badrutt) 18:26

3. Sum II (by Elisabeth Harnik) 16:08

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Gratkowski, Frank / Elisabeth Harnik
Recordings from two European jazz festivals in 2020--Klangspuren festival in Austria and Moers Festival in Germany--from the duo of pianist Elisabeth Harnik and multi-wind & reedist Frank Gratkowski performing on alto & soprano saxophones, clarinet & bass flute, both of whom bring classical training to their spirited, diverse and far-ranging improvisations.
Harnik, Elisabeth / Michael Zerang
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The extended and absorbing live performance between Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik and Chicago drummer Michael Zerang at Španski Borci,in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2019 begins in restful interaction, Harnik often inside the piano and Zerang scraping and coaxing sound, building to a disruptive dream of intense interaction that ends in a turbulent awakening.
Belorukov, Ilia / Jason Kahn
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Recorded in two studios — Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Zurich, Switzerland — capturing 5 encounters between experimental improvisers Ilia Belorukov performing on modular synthesizer, and Jason Kahn, who steps away from his electronics and drums in favor of stark vocalizing, each providing perfectly caustic responses to the other's intense and determined tactics.
Zuydervelt, Rutger (w/ Ilia Belorukov / Rene Aquarius)
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Music for the movie "The Red Soul" by Jessica Gorter, a chilling and fascinating look at the legacy of Josef Stalin, from an electroacoustic trio of Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) editing and processing the playing of saxophonist Ilia Belorukov and percussionist Rene Aquarius, a dark and muted set of 14 emotional tracks that reflect a dark history.
Schindler, Udo
A series of duo recordings between saxophonist, clarinetist and cornet player Udo Schindler and pianists, all recorded at Schindler's Salon for Sound and Art at Krailing, Germany between 2013 and 2016, with Claudia Ulla Binder, Masako Ohta, Elisabeth Harnik, Katharnia Weber, and Lisa Ullen; song titles taken from SONDAGEN (Soundings) in memory of poet Thomas Kling.
Szlavnics, Chiyoko
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Three works from Canadian composer Chiyoko Szlavnics, two electroacoustic compositions incorporating sinewaves, one with a saxophone quartet and the other with two accordions, two flutes and two percussionists; and a string trio of long sustained tones and slow glissandi.
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An exciting and often unorthodox concert of free improvisation between Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik and Slovenian drummer/percussionist Zlatko Kaucic, captured live in 2022 at the Kulturhalle in Eggersdorf, Austria for a diverse 5-movement freely improvised and very open-minded work, with both performing inside and outside of their instruments, and literally, underneath the piano.
DDK Trio (Jacques Demierre / Axel Dorner / Jonas Kocher)
A Right to Silence [3 CDs]
The trio of pianist Jacques Demierre, trumpeter Axel Dorner and accordionist Jonas Kocher recorded these live improvisations at Theatre Le Colombier in Les Cabannes, France, each performer then assembling a complete album selecting from the fourteen recordings, unique to each performer's aesthetic selection, sequencing and length, creating three distinct yet deeply attached albums.
Kravanja, Ana / Elisabeth Harnik
Vrtinci Minljivosti = Vortices Of Impermanence
(Creative Sources)
The working duo of Slovenian violinist Ana Kravanja and Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik present nine dialogs of freely improvised playing that draws on contemporary composition, using their primary instruments along with preparations, objects, frame drums, voice and ringing stones, a mood of tense mystery and wonder pervading their excellent and unusual discourse.
Belorukov, Ilia / Gabriel Ferrandini
(Tripticks Tapes)
Red Trio drummer Gabriel Ferrandini joins alto saxophonist Ilia Belorukov for a three-part freely improvised set captured live at Masterskaya Anikushina, in St. Petersberg, Russia, the former workspace of architect Mikhail Anikushin, a large space that creates a unique resonance that the two improvisers take advantage of through insistent yet discerningly constrained dialog.
Koch / Loriot / Kocher
Stranger Becoming
(Bruit Editions + Neither / Nor Records)
Singular but not strange improvisational intersections from this Swiss trio of open-minded and masterful musicians--Hans Koch on clarinet, Frantz Loriot on viola and Jonas Kocher on accordion--highly compatible collaborators who have developed a unique language of chamber-oriented free improvisation that experiments at the convergence of compositional and chamber jazz forms.
Rempis / Harnik / Lonberg-Holm / Daisy
Formed in 2019, the quartet of Dave Rempis on alto sax, Elisabeth Harnik on piano, Fred Lonberg Holm on cello and Tim Daisy on drums celebrate Elisabeth Harnik's 50th birthday in 2020, originally planned as part of a European tour that year but prevented by pandemic, instead recording this well-balanced and often unbridled 2022 concert at Alte Gerberei, St. Johan in Tirol, Austria.
Belorukov, Ilia
Someone Has Always Come
(Sublime Retreat)
The third in Ilia Belorukov's series of electroacoustic compositions on Spina!Rec and Moving Furniture, here in a set of four compositions, each presenting detailed layers of acoustic and electronic instrumentation and field recordings captured throughout Europe and Russia, carefully placed over heavily laden synthetic drones that guide the motion of each piece.
Baldrian Quartett
Frieda Bertelsohn Martholdy: Streichquartette - Entschlummern sollst Du, sollst entschlummern
(Bruit Editions)
A tongue-in-cheek album packaged like a Deutsche Grammophon release of a string quartet by fictional composer Frieda Bertelsohn Martholdys (1878-1907), which is instead a superb live ea-improv performance at the 2018 Music Unlimited Festival in Austria by Gaudenz Badrutt (electronics), Kai Fagaschinski (clarinette), Jonas Kocher (accordion) & Christof Kurzmann (electronics).
Belorukov, Ilia / Gabriel Ferrandini
(Clean Feed)
Saint Petersburg alto saxophonist Ilia Belorukov and Lisbon drummer Gabriel Ferrandini in a studio album uniting two continents through exploratory free improvisation of exemplary skill and intense concentrative discourse, bringing Belorukov's creative approach to the instrument in close conversation with Ferrandini's powerful technique and clever interventions.
Belorukov, Ilia / Kurt Liedwart / Abdul Moimeme / Ernesto Rodrigues
(Creative Sources)
Creative Sources regulars Ernesto Rodrigues on viola and Abdul Moimeme on electric guitar join the long-running duo of alto saxophonist Ilia Belorukov and electronics artist and Mikroton label-leader Kurt Liedwart to record these two lowercase electroacoustic improvisations, transmuting acoustic and electronic sound in both stark and subdued ways.
Moslang, Norbert / Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart
(Mikroton Recordings)
Live recordings from the Dom Cultural Center in Moscow by the trio of Norbert Moslang on cracked everyday-electronics, Ilia Belorukov on sax, electronics & laptop, and Kurt Liedwart on analog synthesizer, electronics, ppooll, superb ea-improv balancing reserve and cracked power.
Strom (Gaudenz Badrutt / Christian Muller)
(Mikroton Recordings)
A concept record from Gaudenz Badrutt (electronics & synth) and Christian Muller (electronics & contrabass clarinet), starting with an improvised piece which is then resampled live into 6 new pieces, changing the character with each pass, and presented in reverse order.
Doneda / Kocher / Schiller
///Grape Skin
(Another Timbre)
The trio of Michel Doneda, Christoph Schiller and Jonas Kocher performing music of delicate tension and great assurance recorded in the spectacular church at Ligerz, Switzerland.

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Dean, Elton (w/ Dunmall / Watts / Rogers / Levin)
Elton Dean's Unlimited Saxophone Company
Elton Dean's 1989 performance at the Covent Garden Jazz Saxophone Festival in London is reissued, bringing to light the powerful performance from saxophonists Dean on alto sax & saxello, Paul Dunmall on tenor & baritone saxophones, Trevor Watts on alto saxophone, Simon Pickard on tenor saxophone, plus the rhythm section of Paul Rogers on double bass and Tony Levin on drums.

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