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Kubisch, Christina / Trondheim Voices

Stromsanger 2022 For Six Voices And Electromagnetic Waves [VINYL]

Kubisch, Christina / Trondheim Voices: Stromsanger 2022 For Six Voices And Electromagnetic Waves [VI (Important Records)

Discovering the sounds of electromagnetic fields on trams in the city of Trondheim by wearing custom induction headphones, Christina Kubisch's work explores themes of the sounds of travel in this 3-part work for electromagnetic wave recording and six voices, commissioned by nyMusikk Trondheim and developed with Trondheim Voices, recorded live in Trondheim in 2022.

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Christina Kubisch-composition, field recordings

Tom Thiel-effects

Daniel Buner Formo-voice

Eckehard Guther-voice, recording

Lars Ove Fossheim-voice

Natali Abrahamsen Garner-voice

Siri Gjaere-voice

Anita Kaasboll-voice

Sissel Vera Pettersen-voice

Heidi Heidi Skjerve-voice

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UPC: 793447552415

Label: Important Records
Catalog ID: IMPREC 524LP
Squidco Product Code: 34628

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2024
Country: USA
Packaging: LP
Recorded live at the premiere of Stromsänger Rådhussalen, Trondheim, Norway on August 20th, 2022.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The general theme of the composition is the idea of sounds which travel. During a tram ride from the city up to the hills with an old tram I discovered not only stunning views of the surrounding landscape but as well a special soundscape. Wearing a custom made induction headphones, I could hear the normally hidden electromagnetic fields of the tram, which were so impressive and musical to me that I immediately decided to base my piece for Trondheim Voices on this discovery.

As a start, a series of pure vocal recordings were produced by Trondheim Voices while listening to a choice of electromagnetic tram sounds and following score instructions. This material was mixed in my Berlin studio and afterward was played back through a multi-loudspeaker setup into the room of the Elisabeth Church in Berlin and was instantaneously recorded. The emerged recording was played back and recorded again. The process of playing back the previous recording was repeated numerous times, generating numerous "re-recordings", until the voices sounded aethereal and abstract. The last one of these recordings became the very beginning of the Stromsänger piece.

Part A is based on the electromagnetic sounds of the waiting tram and previously recorded voices. The singers come on stage and start to sing together with their recorded part which slowly fades out while the live singing takes over: a kind of choral for electrical tram waves and voices.

Part B is based on the actual tram ride with strong and intense electromagnetic sounds. The single recordings were treated electronically and were divided into six channels. Each singer has chosen one of these files and improvises with the magnetic sounds as a soloist or in duos or trios.

Part C is based on the itinerary of the tram ride to Lian, where a pilgrim's path starts. The names of the single stops, which have very beautiful and poetic names, are performed together as a kind of "sound poetry". The singers walk around on stage and/or can choose special positions for their performance. The recording of the word "Lian", the final stop, was recorded beforehand and played back and re-recorded several times in the open Norwegian landscape near the final tram stop. The voices slowly disappear and fade out."-Christina Kubisch, 2024

"Trondheim Voices is a Norwegian cutting edge ensemble of improvising vocalists, constantly challenging and changing the framework for how a vocal ensemble can produce sound art. Since 2001, they have made solid statements as developers within improvised vocal music, expanding the traditional concert format, searching for new listening experiences in the interaction between the singers, the audience, the surroundings and new technology.

Through their many collaborations with internationally acclaimed composers and stage artists, Trondheim Voices has reached a whole new level of improvising, both through music, movement, new technology, space, and time. The subtle interaction between the singers, the sound-designer, the audience and the moment, is their point of navigation - making new music through listening and letting go.

Trondheim Voices is a pool of 11 soloist singers, who all have specialized in different types of improvisation. Each singer's individual musicality and timbre results in a unique quality to the groups collective tone."

"These voices are like no choir you ever heard. They can form pale clouds of sound, or pools of glowing light, or bright shafts of pure sound. Phrases can soar before suddenly reversing direction and travelling backwards, but along a different tangent. Rising from the luminous sound beds - sometimes lush, sometimes austere - float a disembodied melody from an ancient world, an overheard conversation, a whisper from the past, the rumblings of a distant storm, the babble of children, or something that sounds like the ambient chatter of an asteroid belt."-Richard Williams

Artist Biographies

"Christina Kubisch was born in Bremen in 1948. She studied painting, music and electronics in Hamburg, Graz, Zürich and Milano, where she graduated. Performances, concerts and works with video in the seventies, subsequently sound installations, sound sculptures and work with ultraviolet light. Her compositions are mostly electroacoustic, but she has written for ensembles as well. Since 2003 she works again as a perfomer and collaborates with various musicians and dancers.

Numerous grants and awards, such as the Award of the German Industrial Association (BDI) 1998, composition grant of the city of Berlin 2000, Carl Djerassi Honorary Fellowship, USA 2000, artist-in-residence IASPIS, Stockholm 2002, Honorary prize of the German Sound Art Prize 2008, City sound artist Bonn, 2013.

Since 1974 solo exhibitions in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and South America. Numerous participations in international festivals and group exhibitions such as: Pro Musica Nova, Bremen 1976 and 1980, Für Augen und Ohren, Berlin 1980, Biennale of Venice 1980 and 1982, documenta 8, Kassel 1987, Ars Electronica, Linz 1987 and 2010, Steirischer Herbst, Graz 1987, Biennale of Sydney 1990, Biennale of Nagoya 1991, Donaueschinger Musiktage 1993 and 1997, Sonambiente, Berlin 1996 and 2006, Klangkunstforum Parkkolonnaden, Berlin 1999, Sonic Boom, London 2000, Visual Sound, Pittsburgh 2001, Singuhr Hörgalerie, Berlin 2002, Activating the Medium, San Francisco 2003, sounding spaces, Tokyo 2003, Resonances - The Electromagnetic Bodies Project, ZKM, Karlsruhe 2005, Her Noise, London 2005, B!AS International Sound Art Exhibition, Taipei 2005, Stockholm New Music 2006, Invisible Geographies: Sound Art from Germany, New York 2006, Sharjah Biennial 2007, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2007, Soni(c)loud, Mexico City 2008, RUHR2010, European Capital of Culture project, Ruhr area 2010, Salon Urbain de Douala, Cameroon

2010, gateways, Art and Networked Culture, Tallinn 2011, White Walls Have Ears, Hong Kong 2012, Sound Art. Klang als Medium der Kunst, ZKM, Karlsruhe 2012, bonnhoeren, Beethovenstiftung Bonn, 2013, festival NOW, Essen 2014, blurred edges festival, Hamburg, 2015.

Her music has been released with various labels such as Cramps Records, Edition RZ, ampersand, semishigure, Die Schachtel, Olof Bright, AA Records.

Christina Kubisch has been a visiting professor in Maastricht, Paris and Berlin. She has been a professor for sound art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken, Germany, from 1994 to 2013. She is a member of the Akademie der Künste Berlin since 1997."

-Christina Kubisch Website (

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"Eckehard Güther: born 1978, studied musicology and audiocommunications at Technical University Berlin, predominantly at the electronic music studio, which became the starting point for many musical, technical and artistic journeys in different contexts.

His creative outcome was formed by an amalgam of different influences and points-of-view: through his work assisting artists in terms of technical support (especially in sound art and sound installations), working as a sound engineer in different fields such as live, studio, and film, and being in contact with the lively Berlin scene.

Ecki Güther works for Singuhr Hörgalerie since 2005, assisting artists like Maryanne Amacher, Edwin van der Heide, Max Eastley or Paul de Marinis. He works regularly for Radialsystem Berlin, DAAD berlin artist program, musical formations such as ensemble mosaik, and as a technical director for concerts, installations, media productions and different media and music festivals.

He works with Christina Kubisch since 2006 in the studio and in the field, producing works and setting up installations internationally. Their common interest in field recordings resulted in "Mosaïque Mosaic", their first collaboration based on environmental recordings. Others will follow.:

-Gruenrekorder (

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Natali Abrahamsen Garner is a Norwegian vocalist, a member of groups Juxtaposition, and Propan.

-Squidco 7/10/2024

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Track Listing:


1. Departure 19:26


1 Arrival 20:26

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