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Ronn, Christian / Bob Bellerue : Intoku Inversions  <i>[Used Item]</i> (Anarchy Moon Recordings/Nishe)

Beautiful long-form drones and harmonic interactions develop and are then shaken up with sonic deformations and collisions, returning to beautiful environments and then reversed once again, from the duo of sonic explorers Bob Bellerue and Christian Ronn, recording in Copenhagen using organs, electronics, winds, and feedback to create these wonderfully alien domains.

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Christian Ronn-keyboard, MFB synth, effects

Bob Bellerue-electronics, winds, feedback

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Label: Anarchy Moon Recordings/Nishe
Catalog ID: None
Squidco Product Code: 33658

Format: CD
Condition: NM
Released: 2021
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded at Cave Studio, in Valby, Copenhagen, on August 23rd, 2017

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"If you are looking for an album that is dynamic and full of movement, Intoku Inversions might not be for you. The opening drone of 'Intoku Inversions 1' is pretty much what to expect for the whole album. Don't get me wrong, It's pretty great. Everything has a wonderfully elongated vibe to it. The notes just sustain and sustain. The shimmering tones underneath feel luminescent and the throbbing bass could be devastating if played on the right sound system, but variety, there is little.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Too often, musicians rush to get to what they perceive to be the 'good stuff'. However, they sometimes miss the point. The point isn't the 'good stuff' but how you get there. Intoku Inversions is effectively build up. Yes, there are 'peaks'. You could claim that around the halfway point on 'Intoku Inversions 1' is that Ronn and Bellerue have been getting too, and after that, it's a nine-minute outro. Or you could say that after eight minutes of consent drone, Ronn and Bellerue have had enough of this and want to try something different. Either way, you end up at the same point. The glorious drone has ended. It is replaced with the sound of feedback, scratchy metal and audio detritus. There is something playful in this section that was absent from the beginning. They are experimenting a bit more. Showing their curiosity at combining contrasting sounds and motifs. 'Intoku Inversions 2' starts like the opener, but there is more movement of sound. The drones feel like they have a purpose. It isn't an exercise in seeing how long something can last before they need to change it. This is partly because the feedback is more prominent. It is used like an instrument, rather than an afterthought, as it was on the opening track. It is both rich and lithe and is the backbone of the track.

This is not the album to play if you are in a rush to do something. It won't work. You'll get frustrated either at our lack of time or the music inability to get to the point quickly. Instead, the album is better suited for when you have time on your hands. This way you can get lost in the drones."-Vital Weekly

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Artist Biographies

Christian Ronn: "Composer, performer, producer, organplayer - electronic music, free form, sound art, film music. Curates Spir festival. Masters in Organ from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music in Copenhagen.

I'm interested in the greyzone areas where sound breaks up and transforms into something else. The stretched out feedback just before it feeds or the battle of two frequencies fighting to dominate the aural space. The moment before the vibrating string distorts and the seconds following the release of the huge clusterchord, where energy still hangs in the air. I like to stretch out and examine "inbetween-moments" and unrecognizable states of being.

I guess this translates into the music, but not always in the most obvious fashion, even though it's definitely informing it. I aim to put light in the cracks, open up a new space, give an experience of transcendence. A journey beyond language and thinking. Ultimately."


Christian Rønn Solo: (Churchorgan, Wurlitzer Piano, Electronics)

Christian Rønn / Ikue Mori: "Chordis et Machina" (LP-project)

Prox: With Jørgen Teller (freeform electronics/noise)

Panser: With Peter Peter (psychedelic electro/rock)

Ganga: Semi-Electronic Downtempo Soloproject

Blind Mans Band w. Claus Poulsen/Kevin Angboly (improv)

Troln: with H. Navne, H. Liebgott, T. Olsen (Cinematic Slow)

Christian Rønn / Martin Lau Duo (Voice Art/Free Electronics)

Filmscore Highlights:

Fritz Langs Metropolis. Music performed live at Roskilde Festival 2004 with Hanne Boel and Ganga Cinema Orchestra. New score in 2015, based on live-recordings from Roskilde 2004, as well as music by Brian Eno, In the Nurser, Portishead and Massive Attack. Reimagined by Ulrik Hviid and Palle Vedel.

Sergei Eisensteins Battleship Potemkin. Live Score by Christian Rønn / Peter Peter. Performed live on Roskilde Festivals Arena Stage, Metropol Stage and in Store Vega (CPH). Read reviews of the DVD in the reviewsection."

-Christian Ronn Website (

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"Bob Bellerue is a sound artist, experimental musician, sound/video curator, and creative technician based in Ridgewood NY. Over the last 30+ years he has been involved in creating and presenting a wide range of sonic activities - experimental music, sound art, noise, junk metal percussion ensembles, soundtracks for dance/ theater/ video/ performance art, and sound / video installations. Bob's electronic sound work is focused on resonant feedback systems, using amplified instruments, objects, recordings, and spaces, in combination with electronics and software written in the Supercollider audio synthesis programming language.

Bob's work has been presented by The Kitchen, Issue Project Room, MOMA/PS1, Pioneerworks, Experimental Intermedia, Cafe Oto, Fylkingen, EMS, High Zero Festival, the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, LUFF Festival, Akouphene Festival, Sonic Circuits Festival, Living Arts of Tulsa's New Genre Festival, CEAIT Festival, Ende Tymes Festival, Denver Noise Festival, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, PDX Noise Festival, Cave12, Diapason Sound Gallery, Roulette, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Elastic Arts, Here Art Center, Radio Epsilonia (Paris), WFMU, WKCR, WNYU, KFJC, KXLU, East Village Radio, Oberlin College, NYU, the Art Institute of Chicago, Stanford University, The New School, UCSD, and UCLA.

Bob's discography includes dozens of releases on Elevator Bath Records, iDeal Recordings, Banned Productions, Fabrica, P-Tapes, RRR Records, Love Earth Music, Prison Tatt Records, Los Discos Enfantasmes, Zelphabet, Peyote Tapes, No Rent Records, Important Records, and his own Anarchymoon Recordings and Sleepy Hollow Editions.

Bob has curated and produced events for the Che Cafe (1987-91), Naropa Institute (1992-95), Highways Performance Space (1999-2001), Beyond Baroque (2001-5), CalArts (2001-3), Il Corral (2005-7), Porhouse (2007-8), The Kitchen (2008-11), Issue Project Room (2011-present), Silent Barn (2011-18), Secret Project Robot (2012-19), Knockdown Center (2014-15), MOMA (2015-16), H0l0 (2016-present), and Pioneerworks (2017-present). His festival Ende Tymes was founded in 2011, and the 11th iteration is presently delayed due to the coronavirus.

Bob works as an audio engineer and technical director, working presently for Issue Project Room, and a handful of clients in the NYC area once the coast is clear."

-Bob Bellerue Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Intoku Inversions 1 17:38

2. Intoku Inversions 2 24:27

3. Intoku Inversions 3 35:29

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