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Lisbeth Quartett (Greve / Schmiedel / Muellbauer / Baumgartner): Release (Intakt)

Founded in 2008, the Berlin-based Lisbeth Quartett under the direction of saxophonist and composer Charlotte Greve with core members Manuel Schmiedel on piano, Marc Muellbauer on bass and Moritz Baumgartner on drums, present nine lyrically cultured and beautifully fluid pieces through Greve's clever and sophisticated compositions of creative modern jazz.

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Charlotte Greve-saxophone, composition

Manuel Schmiedel-piano

Marc Muellbauer-bass

Moritz Baumgartner-drums

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UPC: 7640120193836

Label: Intakt
Catalog ID: ITK383.2
Squidco Product Code: 32176

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels w/ booklet
Recorded at Fattoria Musica, in Osnabruck, Austria, on November 30th, and December 1st, 2021, by Nanni Johansson and Frida Claeson Johansson.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"With Release, the highly acclaimed Lisbeth Quartett presents a greatly anticipated album on Intakt Records. After twelve years and five albums, Charlotte Greve, who has just been awarded the German Jazz Prize for "Artist of the Year", has relied on her intuitive sensibilities to create the new music for Release. The result is an album marked by sensitive interplay - a collection of stunningly subtle and melodically pronounced songs that are both gentle and powerfully fluid. Even if the musicians are across the world in Berlin or New York City, all traveling and working on their respective projects, they seem to meld and blend with ease because of their history together and their knowledge of each other's instrumental styles.

"They have all cultivated the ability to play their instruments gently and cleanly aligning with the style of even sounds and tone they have refined throughout their journeys together. Twelve years is a long time and the span of thousands of moments that they have shared having brought them to where they are today, working as a unit, creating new music in this post-modern era and continuing their legacy as a leading band in the international jazz landscape"-Jordannah Elizabeth, liner notes

"Release marks the anticipated return of the German Lisbeth Quartett to the studio albums, 13 years after its debut, Grow (Double Moon Records, 2009), and ceasing a five-year hiatus since its latest release, There is Only Make (Traumton Records, 2017). This work, the first for the European Intakt label, generates more elegance than turbulence through eight impeccably written pieces - seven by saxophonist Charlotte Greve and one by bassist Marc Muellbauer - that gain an extraordinary poetic nature in the hands of four musical narrators.

"Full Circling" is an impassively quiet solo-less piece whose mantric roundness purposely eschews heaviness. The next two tracks demand close listening. "Bayou" is an old song, revisited with a drum recital upfront. Comfortable behind the kit, Moritz Baumgärtner keeps his thing going after pianist Manuel Schmiedel echoes a 12-beat-cycle piano figure with class and groove. Saxophonist and bassist function in parallel, but it all shifts in texture and tempo with astonishing candor. There's solo piano introspection before Greve's heartfelt statement announces the curtain-close of a journey that suddenly returns to a streamlined rhythm in the last 30 seconds. Then it's Muellbauer's "Le Mistral" that arrives, almost touching on a medieval troubadourism and expanding with incisive chordal work, pulsing bass lines that feel as loose as gripping, and tight complex lines delivered in unison by piano and saxophone. A magnetic alto solo with significant discursive range is brought before the main theme.

The emaciated "Ellipsis" spreads both emotional honesty and intimacy, trailed by a beautiful melody that sails across the enchanting accompaniment with lightness. It includes elementary bass pedals, cymbal scintillation, and modal piano intersections characterized by harmonic nuance. With "Arrow", the trio shows some rhythmic bite, pressurizing the atmosphere with a rock-hard collective commitment, fine solos, and an exciting finale.

Before the short, intangible "Outro" that concludes this strong body of work, there's the title track, which has Baumgärtner weaving exquisite details and throwing syncopated responses against the serene instrumentation that surrounds him. The last third of the song welcomes an insistent bass pulsation that doesn't spoil the appealing nature of the song.

This quartet synthesizes their influences in an original way, and the result is a strangely affecting album to be savored many times with a guarantee of newly discovered elements at each listening."-Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail

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Artist Biographies

"Charlotte Greve is a New York-based alto saxophonist and composer originally from Germany. With a unique concept of tone and composition, she has been making a mark on both the Brooklyn and German jazz scenes. Charlotte has released seven albums as a leader of her bands Lisbeth Quartett and Wood River, two of which received an ECHO Jazz.

Further projects in New York are the Alto Saxophone quartet Asterids with Alto colleagues Caroline Davis, Oscar Noriega and Caleb Curtis as well as a trio with Vinnie Sperrazza and Chris Tordini called The Choir Invisible. Side-woman appearances include bands such as Matt Pavolka's Horn's band, Big Heart Machine and Vinnie Sperrazza's Apocryphal.

Born in 1988, Greve began playing classical flute at the age of eight and picked up the saxophone at the age of sixteen. She received her undergraduate degree at the Jazz Institute Berlin in 2012. The same year, she moved to New York City where she completed a masters degree in Jazz performance. Greve's most important teachers and mentors throughout her artistic journey have been John Hollenbeck, Mark Turner, Greg Cohen, and Billy Drewes."

-Charlotte Greve Website (

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Manuel Schmiedel is a German jazz pianist, born in 1987. He is known for the groups Lisbeth Quartett, Malte Schillers Red Balloon, Reinhold Schmšlzer & Orchest¥ra¥conteur, and The K Square.

-Discogs (

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"Marc Muellbauer (* 1968 in London) is a German jazz bassist who has also emerged as an interpreter of new music.

Marc Muellbauer moved to Germany with his parents in 1971. He grew up in Krefeld and attended an English school there. At the age of fifteen, he began with the bass guitar to learn to play music after him the bass playing of Jaco Pastorius on the plate Night Passage of Weather Report fascinated. He took lessons from Stefan Rademacher and founded his first band. From 1985 to 1988 he also took lessons on the double bass with Hans-Günther Hilgers at the district music school in Viersenbecause he considered classical training for learning notes and music theory to be important. His love for the double bass brought him to study music at the Essen Institute of the Folkwang Hochschule (1989-1994) in Michael Wolf's class. At the university he took part in workshops on new music by Maurizio Kagel and Karlheinz Stockhausen. During this time his interest in jazz music began. He played in various jazz formations and took further lessons from various jazz bassists. With his teacher Michael Wolf he moved to Berlin in 1994, where he attended the Hochschule der Künste in 1996obtained the diploma for orchestral music. In Berlin he was a member of the Ensemble for New Music United Berlin from 1994 to 1996, with whom he premiered new composers and pieces by Ligeti, Berg, Webern and Schönberg. He took further jazz lessons from jazz musicians such as Charlie Banacos, Rufus Reid, Richie Beirach, Kirk Nurock, Mike Richmond, Dieter Ilg, Wayne Roberts, James Knapp, David Friedman, Peter Less, Sigi Buschand Maria Schneider. In 2002 he passed a concert exam in jazz at the University of the Arts.Projects

Marc Muellbauer founded the band Ginster 7 with Julia Hülsmann and Daniel Mattar. From this formation he developed the idea for his own band project, the Marc Muellbauer's Kaleidoscope. The acoustic music of the nine-piece band clearly shows the influences of classical music and folk. Since 1996 he has played in the Julia Hülsmann Trio, initially with the drummer Rainer Winch, later replaced by Heinrich Köbberling. He also plays in the quartet of Dirk Homuth, in the Charlotte Greves Lisbeth Quartet and in the duo Sleepwalk with the flutist Rolf von Nordenskjöld. He can also be heard on albums by Moritz von Oswald, Esther Kaiser, Finn Wiesner, Celine Rudolph, Uli Kempendorff, the Wood & Steel Trio and Nico Lohmann

In addition to jazz music, Muellbauer was a member of the backing band of German songwriter Klaus Hoffmann from 1996 to 2000, has played in the tango quintet Yira Yira since 1998 and with Tim Fischer since 2001."

-Wikipedia (

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Moritz Baumgärtner - drums, sounds, music! Born April 1985 in Zürich - CH


- Classical drum training from the age of 9 in Basel - CH
- Drum lessons at Jazzschule Basel 2000 - 2003
- studying with John Hollenbeck, Jim Black, Jeff Ballar, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Greg Cohen. David Friedman, Kris Dahlgren at Jazz Institute Berlin from 2006 - 2011

Moritz got to play concerts with Tony Malaby, Bob Stewart, Chris Tordini, Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Friedmann, Chris Hoffman, Perry Robinson, Ralph Alessi, Achim Kaufmann, Philipp Gropper, Pablo Held, Johannes Enders, Ack van Rooyen, Julia Hülsmann, Theo Bleckmann, Hayden Chisholm...

He played on several Jazz festivals p.E. Jazz Baltica, Moers Festival, JazzTage Leipzig, Jazz by Off beat Basel (CH), Jazzfest Berlin, Jazzfestival Port au prince (Haiti), Langnau Jazz Nights (CH), Jazzfestival La Paz (Bolivia), Lugano Jazzfestival (CH), Jazzfestival Bergen (NO); Jazzfest Timisoara (RU), Jazz D'Or Berlin - Strasbourg......and other Festivals like Sziget Festival (Hungary), Kazantip Festival (Ukrain), Rock am Ring, SXSW Austin (USA), Dour Festival (Belgium), Fusion Festival, Hurricane...

Moritz is / was touring frequently with many different Bands and Projects all over Europe.

(p.E Melt Trio, Lisbeth Quartett, Johanna Borchert Band, TAU - Gropper/Eldh/Zoubeck, Das Rosa Rauschen, Uri Gincel Trio, Christian Weidner, Pablo Held, Matthias Pichler, Gabriel Coburger, Frittenbude, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Bonaparte, Saroos, The Eclectic Moniker and many more).
His music also took im to USA, Southamerica, China, Russia, Ukraine, Haiti, Norway, Rumania, Denmark, Sweden, UK...

You can find Moritz on over 30 different records on international labels (Traumton, Sony, Warner, Enja, Audiolith...) as a jazzdrummer and improviser but also as a rockdrummer.

Prices / Scholarships:
Jugend jazzt Bundeswettbewerb 1st Price (2003)
Jazzma Scholarship (2003)
Yehudi Menuhin Scholarship (since 2010)
Jazzpreis Baden Württemberg 2nd Price 2010
Jazz Echo "Best Newcomer 2012"
Nominated for Jazz Echo 2015 "Melt Trio - Hymnolia"
Nominated for Jazz Echo 2017 "drums national"

-Moritz Baumgartner Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Full Circling 3:20

2. Bayou 7:54

3. Le Mistral 6:32

4. Ellipsis 8:13

5. Arrow 7:35

6. Interlude 1:00

7. Opener 6:28

8. Release 6:43

9. Outro 0:59

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