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Drasler / Pascolo / Novello: odboqpo (Creative Sources)

The electroacoustic improv trio of flutist Paolo Pascolo and electronics guru Alberto Novello (JesterN') on modular synthesizer, and Slovenian drummer Vid Drašler, for seven haunting improvisations of unfaltering patience, electronic tones commingling with atmospheric flutes and subtle percussive intervention, creating rich sonic environments or quirky conversation.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063406856

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs685
Squidco Product Code: 29958

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded by Hrvoje Niksic.


Vid Drasler-drums

Paolo Pascolo-flute, bass flute, effects

Alberto Novello-modular synthesizer

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Artist Biographies:

"Vid Drašler is from Bistrica ob Sotli, where he worked in the jazz-rock Dragon's Tail and the band Malik. With the band Balžalorsky - Drasler they created a surplus on the domestic jazz scene. The same sensible drum in the Chanson Orchestra. It reached its next climax with the Drasler - Karlovcec - Drasler trio, in which noisier improvisation does not in any way mean less clarity.

He has also participated in several theater projects and with Zlatko Kaučič's Komb, where he studied for four years. He is also active as a music educator and co-designer of music events in Vrhnika and the engine of an improvisation workshop right there.

He has also collaborated with musicians such as: Zlatko Kaucic, Vitja Balzalorsky, Jošt Drasler, Marko Karlovcec, Andrej Boštjancic, Andrej Fon, Tomaz Grom, Cene Resnik, Kaja Draksler, Mario Rechtern, Linda Sharrock, Petr Zelenka, Samo Kutin, Tao G Vrhovec Sambolec ...

As part of the Sploh Institute program, he has repeatedly presented his work at Confine aperto, Zvokotok, Sun and Sunshine concerts around the world, RR public presentations, international guest appearances, the Neforma improvisation dance and music series, the Disobedient Festival and the Disobedient CD . With the recording of a solo concert, he participates in the iMštrument project. The publishing house has even released an excellent solo debut entitled Huddle , the band triplicate CD My ear has sharp edges and Stir with a band Drašler / Karlovčec / Drašler."

-Sploy Institute (

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Paolo Pascolo: "Flutist and alto sax player active since 2003 in the field of improvised and electroacoustic music, he collaborated with musicians such as Giovanni Maier, Giorgio Pacorig, Tristan Honsinger, Giancarlo Schiaffini, John Paul Jones, Takehisha Kosugi, Kawabata Makoto, Hartmut Geerken, Saadet Turkoz, Peter Broetzmann, Piero Bittolo Bon, Enrico Sartori, Stefano Giust, Maurizio Abate, David Vanzan, Virginia Genta, Bruno Romani and bands like Parallax, Improvvirus Sound Experience, Warrior charge Sounsystem, Asabikeshiinh and Ronin (contributing to Alina Marrazzi's movie "Vogliamo anche le rose", 2008).

He plays in the impro collective "Orchestra Senza Confini" directed by Evan Parker in 2011, by Zlatko Kaucic, Giovanni Maier and Johannes Bauer in 2012 and by Ab Baars in 2013.

He published for Palomar records, Dobialabel, Qbico, Troglosound, Setola di Maiale and Ghost records.

He played in festivals and concerts in Europe, United States, Russia and South Korea with Devil?Man (Palomar records), Res_et and hBar (Dobialabel), Phophonix Orchestra, Neokarma Jooklo (Troglosound, Qbico), Dob Orchestra (Palomar), Aghe Clope (Setola di Maiale).

He worked in theater and dance projects too: Mattatoioscenico ("CPT 70% D'Acqua", selected for the Premio Scenario 2007 finals), Tristan Honsinger ("Abbastanza: assenza e presenza", 2008), Paolo Fagiolo ("Through Hate and Anger", 2009), and Merce Cunningham Dance Company ("Nearly Ninety", 2010). He works with the dancer Caterina Gottardo in contact improvisation's workshops. He realized with RES _ET the soundtrack for "Per Mano Ignota" and "Allahmatar" ( selected for the Celeste prize final 2013) by the director Cristian Natoli."

-Soundcloud (

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Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN's practice repurposes found or decontextualized analogue devices to investigate the connections between light and sound in the form of contemplative installations and performances. He repairs and modifies tools from our analogue past: oscilloscopes, early game consoles, analogue video mixers, and lasers. He is attracted to their intrinsic limitations and strong 'personalities': fluid beam movement, vivid colors, infinite resolution, absence of frame rate, and line aesthetics. By using these forgotten devices, he exposes the public to the aesthetic differences between the ubiquitous digital projections and the vibrance of analogue beams, engaging them to reflect on the sociopolitical impact of technology in a retrospective on technologisation: what 'old' means, and what value the 'new' really adds.Resurrect the technology from the past to create the aesthetic of the future!

His works have been presented at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, Amsterdam Dance Event, Venice Biennale, New York Computer Music Festival, Bozar Bruxelles, BOA Biennale Porto, Rewire Festival Den Haag, Glasgow Contemporary Art Center, Dom Moskow, Seoul International Music Festival, Rome University of Fine Arts, to mention a few. He has released records for Staalplat, Bowindo, Elli Records, Dobialabel, Setoladimaiale, Ante-Rasa and Creative Sources.

He graduated in Nuclear Physics at the University of Trieste, completed the master Art Science Technologies with Jean Claude Risset, obtained a PhD degree at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven with Armin Kohlrausch, and graduated in Electronic Music at the Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatory of Den Haag.He worked for Texas Instruments, Philips Research, and Auro Technologies creating software for their audio applications.

NETWORKHe has assisted Alvin Lucier, David Behrman, Nicholas Collins and Trevor Wishart. He has improvised with Evan Parker, Butch Morris, Karl Berger.He was invited professor at Sussex University, MICA Baltimore, SAIC Chicago, Tallin University, Den Haag Conservatory, Turin Conservatory, IEM Graz, Champaign-Urbana University, CMMAS Mexico among others."

-Alberto Novello (JesterN) Website (

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track listing:

1. Zurment 4:28

2. Topotron 13:29

3. Tarcology 5:18

4. Dobianus 10:27

5. Zagnibal 7:03

6. Ljutaric 10:51

7. Vrhoom 9:54
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Returning to a late 2020 release on Creative Sources, Odboqpo is another instance of an album appearing without a recording date (other than simply 2020) or location (but again with an engineer): In this case, I was attracted by the participation of Slovenian drummer Vid Drašler - whose often subtle contributions to Nauportus have been rather compelling for me - and who's joined on Odboqpo (a made up word featuring rotational symmetry?) by the preexisting duo (neither of whom was known to me), Paolo Pascolo (flute, bass flute & effects) & Alberto Novello (modular synthesizer). And that the electronics mainly seem to manipulate & respond to the flute, while Drašler "accents" over the top, suggests the possibility of non-synchronous interaction - again generally evoking a mellow or leisurely vibe à la Neigen (which is more interactive per se).... (And again, there are quite dissonant clashes at volume, but it's more their affective orientation that I'm feeling. Some listeners might disagree, but one could trace notions of dissonance producing calm e.g. in Japanese traditional music....) Some quite striking textures result, and I'm enthused by these sorts of forces: Flute appears to be on a little (cyclical?) upsurge lately, and parts of Odboqpo do suggest parts of e.g. the very far-ranging Solar Wind (including in what is a less common new age evocation for the latter, but also in low breath "effects," presumably achieved rather differently...) - although not so much of the recent rhythmic tempest that's Flatbosc & Cautery (with its sometimes surprisingly prominent flute). Indeed, Odboqpo projects more of a consistent ritual vibe (& perhaps even some "anthropology" per my opening, although I do have to question the underlying colonial & appropriative dynamics in general of the so-called new age flute style...), and suggests various intensifications at times as well. Sometimes it's more "atmospheric" over extended stretches, though (including noisily), and can come to feel more about (ambient) presence. (Odboqpo also reminds me a bit, in its mixture of weirdness, of e.g. Parak.eets & Natura Venomous, but perhaps that's as much about the classical-linguistic flavor of the track titles as it is any detailed sense of the musical interaction....) There's thus a strong sense of gravity, broken sometimes by the occasional cliché (whether flute or electronic), but also a sense of layering, including in some more traditional configurations with the synth serving as bass/harmonic binding. (One might recall that medieval polyphony is generally considered to have been built up in a layered manner, one part after another....) Perhaps Odboqpo ends up being overly placid at heart for me, and it's a long album of over an hour, but there's generally some tenser or burbling activity not far behind. (And I'd be interested to hear these performers in a more traditional interaction - if that's not what this is, or again even if it is....)"-Todd McComb Jazz Thoughts

Get additional information at Todd McComb's Jazz Thoughts
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