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Crazy Doberman

Illusory Expansion [VINYL]

Crazy Doberman: Illusory Expansion [VINYL] (Astral Spirits)

With core members Drew Davis, Tim Gick, and John Olsen (Wolf Eyes), the wonderfully eclectic ensemble on each Crazy Doberman album shifts as they introduce musicians who can express the experimental improv structures required for each project, blurring genres and using whatever tools necessary to move from abstract to high intensity motion; a sublimely eccentric big band.

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Drew Davis-performer

Tim Gick-performer

John Olson-performer

Aaron Zernack-performer

Brandon Stacey-performer

Chris Davis-performer

Jason Filer-performer

Jon. K-performer

Jordan Allen-performer

Kyle Flanagan-performer

Landon Caldwell-performer

Mark Tester-performer

Nicholas Yeck‐Stauffer-performer

Paul Baldwin-performer

Zeno Ben—Amotz-performer

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Label: Astral Spirits
Catalog ID: AS099LP
Squidco Product Code: 29229

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded at a Space, in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2019, by John Dawson.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Crazy Doberman is a curious outfit, a rotating collective of musicians that come and go for recordings and live performances. The group is centered around Drew Davis, Tim Gick, and John Olsen of Wolf Eyes. Illusory Expansion is far from their first dance - it is more like their 20th release - and features a total of 16 musicians in a free-improvisational jam session.

There is a hint of a Bitches Brew vibe herein, but Crazy Doberman is more experimental and not overtly jazz. Other reference points might be the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Art Ensemble of Chicago, and maybe AMM, Sun Ra, or Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. But this is not to say that Illusory Expansion is retro. Instead, it is notably modern but gives a nod to the past.

Instrumentation includes various horns, percussion, and what sounds like guitar, bass, flute, and synth among others. The horns and percussion, in particular, are used in unstructured blowouts, while the pieces focusing more on synth provide downtempo atmospheric interludes or discordant abstractions. The density of each offering varies as more or fewer contributors are involved.

In all, Illusory Expansion is a nice chunk of sonic experimentation, and likely to appeal to anyone who is interested in the small but important "big band collective improv" genre."-Mike, AMN Reviews

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Artist Biographies

Drew Davis is a trumpet player, known for the groups Crazy Doberman, Doberman, Dracula Pamphlet, Marsh Chapel, Night Shade, Public Puberty, and Rural Tourniquet.

-Discogs (

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Tim Gick is an Indiana musician and performer, known for the groups Crazy Doberman, Gateway, and TV Ghost.

-Discogs (

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"John Olson aka John Robert Olson

Runs the American Tapes label. Also in groups: Siege Machine and Closed.For the trombone player please use John Olson.

Aliases:Ace Hardware, All Occupancies, Alternate Forces, Arrived Unsuitable, Burnished Company, Colonel Stonesteel & The Desperate Empties, Communication Palace, Community Action, Community Mental Health, Conforming State, Crib Breath, Cripple Crime's "Triangle", D.L. Savings T.X, Dawn Of The Dead, Dead Brain, Dead Comet Alive, Demoon Skirt, Deteriating Agents, Differential Pressures, DJ Coorz, Dwelling Unit, EF HOAM, Empty Set (2), Encounter Group, Ernst Klug, Exported Presence, Fatboy (7), First Responder, Full Scales, Guam River Yellow Philharmonic, Henry & Hazel Slaughter, How People Speak, Imaginary Unit In Electronics, Infecto, Invasion Status, John R. Spykes, Johnny Coorz, Kegcharge, Language (5), Latrine Psychology Guild, Living Mangled, Local Disorder, Lost Anchor, Madness (8), Mastered Observer, Max Raid, Medical Lake, Mollusk Lettuce Lungs, Moralized Rash Sounds, Musician Or Babbler, National Memory Day, Night Of Desired Objects, Noh Humans, Nonsense Mutation, Not Found (2), Oil Of Beauty / Liquid Beauty, Olzone, Other Outlets, Paco Underhill, Panic Players, Personalising Conductance, Prolonged Warnings, Rain Of Dissolved Sedatives, Rick Passages, Rounder, Sad Policemen, Seance Armories & Cast Mind, Shared Menace, Skanatel Attack, Solvent People, Speacil Speacker, Spyked Comet Alive, Spykes, Surprise Island, System Voltages, Tao Perre Pepper, Texaco Olson, The Boiling Seas Of Inzanity & Damage Esq, The Destroyed People Of Emeryville, The Eating People, The Exhumanations, The Finals (3), The Man Who Ate Himself, The Michigan League For Human Services, The Skulls (8), The Tiny Homes Of East Lansing, The Tiny Homes Of Lansing, The Tubes (3), Uncreated (2), Unuseable Signal, Vietnam One, Waves (2), Weapons (2), Weird Feeling, Woman's Skin, Words Of The Incryption Convict, Zero Days United, Zero Set

In Groups:

Abcess, Absence Of Rat Feedings, Ambush In Albany, Animal Sounds (3), Anti-Intelligence, Awkward Squad, Basket Case, Bass Face, Birth Refusal, Breckman Duo, Brinkman's Dead Brain, Burning Graveyard Lights, Cape God, Cardboard Sax, Cass Chamber, Circuit Refusal, Coffee (2), Commune Ills, Connelly & The Machines, Coyote Ugly, Crazy Doberman, Dead Air, Dead Dour Alive, Dead Machines, Death COMM, Dirty Dynamite Gang, Dr. Gretchen's Musical Weightlifting Program, E Ka (S) Boa, Enemy Brains, Evening Spyked, First Christ Of Church, Scientist, Fountain Of Youth, Frozen Alive Men, Graveeaters, Graveyards, Green Palace, Half Case, Handicapper Horns, Have You Seen The Shining?, Invisible Thread, Kill-Devil-Hill, Knoxed-Inn, Lady Spyke, Language Duo, Language Morph, Machine Yardz, Miles Of Birth, Miscarriage, Paekong Mae's Integer & Real Fathom Band, People Pollution, Plants, Pool Water, Psy Three, Public Puberty, Regional Sewer District, Rented Race, Scar-ed, Scare Supply, Scorpion Lollipop, South West Michigan Cultural Clash Center, Speculum Spyked, Spyke Morph, Spyke Point, Spyked Fossils, Spyked Mammal, Spyked Steltzer, Stare Case, Steel Forest, Syndromes, Synth Jerkshop, The Beast (2), The Boy Department Boyz, The Casket Sinkers, The Doomsdayzzz, The Farwood Duo, The Frying Membrane Boyz, The Lake Bottoms, The Mongoloid Men, The Pink Chunk Jazz Band, The Plague Bells, The R.I.P Randy California R.S.V.P Band, The Slathered, The Thin Ensemble, The Turkeys (2), The Ugly Borns, Threshing Floor (2), Tornado Boys, Ugly Museum, Universal Eyes, Universal Indians, Violent Ramp, Warning Sign, Wolf Eyes, Zero Percent Interest"

-Discogs (

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Mark Tester is an Indianapolis, IN keyboardist and composer, known for the bands Burnt Ones, Caldwell/Tester, and Crazy Doberman.

-Squidco 6/10/2024

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Track Listing:


1 Born Under An Evil Star 5:09

2 518 Wagons For California 3:42

3 Relentless Hunger 3:24

4 Nothing But Tents 3:30

5 The Mutilated Forms 2:11


1 Verdict Of Banishment 1:46

2 Human Tracks! 5:20

3 A Vision Of Angels 3:57

4 An Interrupted Prayer 2:24

5 Effect Of The Gold Fever 1:21

6 The Sight Of Earth 4:07

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