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SLD Trio (Shocron / Lamonega / Diaz): El Contorno del Espacio (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

The third SLD Trio album from the Argentinian free improvising band with a strong NY presence of pianist Paula Shoctron (also narrating on "Transformacion"), bassist German Lamonega, and Pablo Diaz, in ten diverse and confident recordings, performing compositions from each musicians one collective improvisation, and Duke Ellington's "Melancholia".

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Paula Shocron-piano, voice

German Lamonega-bass

Pablo Diaz-drums

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UPC: 5905279364509

Label: Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!)
Catalog ID: FSR 12 | 2019
Squidco Product Code: 28042

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Estudio Libres, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 1st 2018, by Sam Nacht.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Right next door, in the adjoining house, all week long workers have been ripping open the old walls, knocking apart the back shed, bringing the whole structure down to the shell so they can build it up again, while on this side of the wall every day a certain music plays that sculpts the space anew each time, one work after another casting a different dance of light into the atmosphere, and I wonder if my future neighbor will ever have an inkling of the forces that led her house to gain the nature that it did, this music spinning out its own fleeting structures like plants we hadn't seen before, shaping the air that was here on this side of the wall and maybe the other, inquisitive and determined music, surprising itself, how much the more so in an empty house with only the skeleton walls to listen, surely some of it gets through over there, furnishing the emptiness with unanticipated shapes and textures and channels of movement, I didn't know what it could do, I can't see it over there, how the music sets things to resonate in a certain way and even where there is nothing the sound is like a scent seeping into the nothing but air though what of the workers, are they too busy to sense what is slipping in among them, because mostly it's not playing so loud, a few excitable sequences might reach them, no matter, more this music building such densities such heartbeats and the music pushing the air, the air pushing the walls, the walls the space over there and around, answering the trees.

As for the makers of this music, the SLD Trio has been a working unit for five years. Based in Buenos Aires, they have played all over Argentina and in New York. Its third record, the trio continues to refine its personal, unpredictable sense of form. Open minded, with hands that reach."-Jason Weiss

Artist Biographies

"Paula Shocron is a pianist, composer, improviser, performer, music activist, and educator.

Born in the city of Rosario, she gained great exposure at the local media since she was nominated and won the Jazz Revelation Award in 2005.Her debut album 'La voz que te lleva', Blue Art Records; had excelent reviews in national and international press.

The Paula Shocron Trio was one of her most important groups, between 2007 and 2013. It has gained recognition nationally and internationally, having played in different festivals in Argentina and abroad including Festival Casa de Teatro in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2009; Jamboree Barcelona, Terrassa Jazz Cava, The Concert series in Contrabaix, Catalunya, Spain and Buenos Aires Sur Scene, Paris, France.

Among her most important recordings works are "Homenaje" (2009, Sony Music) dedicate to the pianist and composer Andrew Hill; "El Enigma" (2010, Aqcua Records) with saxophonist Pablo Puntoriero; four recordings under the argentine label Rivorecords "Our Delight" (2011), "Warm Valley" (2012), "Serenade in Blue" (2012); "See See Rider" (2013), a piano solo; "Gran Ensamble" (Aqcua Records, 2011) and her first independent release "Surya" (digital version by Kuai Music).

She manages the independent label Nendo Dango Records in collaboration with Miguel Crozzoli and Pablo Diaz. It includes all her last works: "Anfitrion", by SLD Trio with Germán Lamonega on bass and Pablo Díaz on drums. "Sono-Psico-Cósmica", a two piano live recording with pianist and cornetist Enrique Norris. "Cooperative Sound ", with Matt Lavelle, Ras Moshe, Daniel Carter, Hilliard Greene and Pablo Diaz.

In 2016, SLD Trio was offered by Werner Uehlinger (hatOLOGY/Hat Hut Records) to record a second cd, "Tensegridad", released in 2017.

She has been working as artist and currently as Artistic Director with "Creatividad en Movimiento", a non-profit organization focused on the sustainable development of the creative arts.

In 2012 she began to develop her main project, "PROYECTO IMUDA", in order to investigate the relationship between music and movement. The aim was to find common codes to both artistic disciplines and work in spontaneous situations through improvisation. Over the years, these experiments began to mix with other artistic activities like painting, literature and performing arts. This group performed in different places in Argentina and abroad.

Since 2006 she teaches piano and ensamble at Jazz Career of The Manuel de Falla Music Conservatory. She also coordinates a regular workshop which main purpose is to explore the relationships between music and movement."

-Paula Shocron Website (

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"Germân Lamonega was born in the Plata, Buenos Aires. He began his studies of Electric Bass at age 13, experimenting for several years with various rock groups. In the year 2002 begins the race of Orchestral Direction in the Faculty of Beautiful Arts of the Silver and the race of Instrumental of Contrabajo in the Conservatory of Music Gilardo Gilardi. Paralelamente carries out the Course "The Language of the Jazz" in charge of the pianist Jose Angelillo, which defines its inclination towards this sort.He graduated from the Professional Musician of the School of Contemporary Music and studied the Superior Technique in Jazz at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory, directed by Ernesto Jodos.

He has taken several courses, workshops and seminars in Argentina and Brazil with Ernesto Jodos, Rodrigo Domínguez, George Garzone and Jorge Helder and has taken private lessons with Hernán Merlo, Jerónimo Carmona, Ezequiel Dutil, John Hebert, Matt Penman and Mark Helias.

On several occasions he has played with Tony Malaby, Marcelo Gutfraind, Andrés Elstein, Sebastián Groshaus, Fermin Merlo, Paula Shocron, Sergio Wagner, Juani Mendez, Ada Rave, Nicolás Chientaroli, Nicolás Politzer, Alan Zimmerman, Santiago Leibson and Manuel Ochoa. It is an active part of the Jazz circuit of Buenos Aires."

-German Lamonega Website (translated by Google) (

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"Born in Buenos Aires in 1985.

He has played, and in some cases recorded with local and international musicians. He has played in the most representative places in Buenos Aires, and he has toured around Argentina, Spain, France and USA.

He has been playing with the Enrique Norris Trío since ten years ago, with which he recorded ten albums. Currently he is part of the projects of Enrique Norris, Paula Shocron (IMUDA), SLD Trío, among others, and he regularly or eventually collaborates with different local and international artists.

He has been working as artist and currently as General Director with Creatividad en Movimiento, a non-profit organization focused on the sustainable development of the creative arts.

He is founding member of Nendo Dango Records, an independent label he carry on with Paula Shocron and Miguel Crozzoli.

Since 2010 he has been leading his own ensembles and he has three albums as leader: Pablo Díaz Cuarteto (2013), Mouna (2014), both available on KUAI Music catalogue, and his last album Destemporizador (2016), released by Nendo Dango Records.

He has also participated in different collaborations: Anfitrión (2015) by SLD Trío with Paula Shocron and Germán Lamonega, Tierra (2016) in duo with Miguel Crozzoli, and Cooperative Sound (2017) with Matt Lavelle, Ras Moshe, Daniel Carter, Paula Shocron and Hill Greene. All released by NendoDango Records.

As an educator, he teaches drums, complementary drums and rhythmic training in the Escuela de Música Contemporánea."

-Pablo Diaz Website (

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Track Listing:

1. El Contorno Del Espacio 5:38

2. Jiwasa 5:18

3. Secreto 2 2:04

4. Secreto 3 3:27

5. Trascender 7:20

6. Secreto 1 7:27

7. Melancholia 4:41

8. Transformacion 2:07

9. Maquina Verde 4:59

10. Caida Libre 4:14

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Improvised Music
Free Improvisation
Mexico, Central & South Americas + Islands
Trio Recordings
Jazz & Improvisation Based on Compositions

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