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This is mostly a collection of stuph I'm interested in. Since I haven't taken the time to write mounds of explanatory information about myself, you'll have to take my interests as evidence of who I'm not. Here's where I lived for 9 years- I now live in north Manhattan (pictures coming!). After the World Trade Center destruction I added this homage to the towers, my pictures from the top of the tower. All taken, this will be, at best, a sketchy introduction to me, and bound to be terribly misleading. Yay!

If it helps to understand me, I'll tell you that my interests are mostly in music and computers. I can never decide which I like best, so I try to put the two together as much as possible with a fair dose of 'literature', words, and art.

At the end of the day music is my life, and I listen to a mixture of material from avante-progressive music (ReR/Chris Cutler/Henry Cow/RIO/Gong) to experimental ( Zoviet France/Jim O'Rourke/Arcane Device) to Downtown NY (Hirsch/No Safety/ Zorn/ Laswell) back to jazz or global ethnic or rock or popping back around again... YOW! There's so much to hear!! To help me make sense of it all I run an online music shoppe called Squidco - please visit our store to see what we're selling!

On computers, though I was a staunch Atari fanatic for years (especially when I was recording as my band CHANGES TO blind. I now use an Apple Macintosh and am online most waking hours. I'm also an Independent Web Contractor and Filemaker developer with 15 years of large corporate DBA experience. Perhaps you're curious what a squid like me likes to eat.

Otherwise I try to read as much literature as possible, preferring dark and twisted psycho-social fictions (Nabokov/Dostoevski/Crews/Sartre) though lately I've been reading a lot of Spanish kid's books as I've been studying the spanish language. For amusement I read a healthy dose of underground comix, just to make sure I don't take anything too seriously. I excercise as much as possible, use my bicycle and walk the heights around here in Inwood, in the northern most parts of Manhattan, NYC.

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