Arcane Device
Arcane Device

All comments are from David Myers, who is Arcane Device.

"An LP released on Recommended/ReR. Perhaps the most "compositional" work of Feedback, I rather liken this to the pre-synthesizer electronic music of the 1950's. ReR35 1988"

"A cassette released by now-defunct Generations Unlimited, Boston. 1988."

"A cute little package of two seven-inch vinyl disks, which collectors cherish for whatever reason. Released by RRRecords." 1988

"Second cassette on Generations Unlimited." 1989

"CD from Staalplaat, Amsterdam. The most aggressive and grating AD, with cycling, pounding non-rhythms and a finale which will test the limits of your speakers. Besides Feedback, some hand tools, voice noise and the illustrious "squealer"." 1992

"Two different cassette releases. Nice tapes, some live and some studio material on each. The former on Korm Plastics, the latter on Banned Production. Not sure of Korm's status, but you might contact former boss Frans de Waard, now at Staalplaat. AD7 I'm pretty sure you can get, from Banned." 1990

"A VHS video which shows a direct translation of Feedback to visuals. With Matty Jankowski, video cameras. One set studio, one live in Copenhagen, 1990. Includes interview of D.M. by beloved New Music observer and fringe culture enthusiast Mark Dery. Not available anywhere." 1990

"This recording marks a certain shift in Feedback focus toward the so-called "ambient". Released by the Swedish outfit Anckärstrom as part of a ten-CD set, with color poster, and a Staalplaat reissue." 1993

"CD from Silent Records. Follows somewhat in the footsteps of AD9, but has an edgier quality. AD10 might be called industrial ambient, or "sound field". Conceptually sickening cover art of an intestinal wall and nice inside photos of the Feedback machines. Silent." 1993

"CD release on Portugal's PlayLoud label. The first "true" ambient AD (in the Eno sense of the term). A full 72 minutes, wandering through clouds of ammonia crystals on somebody else's planet. Playloud." 1994

"A Split CD, half AD and half PGR. AD's first move toward ambience, somewhat cyber-cinematic in feel. Some tools, glassware, and voice sounds--all backwards, of course! The PGR tracks are perhaps even more ethereal. On Silent." 1990

"A unique CD collaboration between AD and Germany's well-known Asmus Tietchens, this is a real blend of the two and a must for fans of either. On Stille Andacht."

100 Tapes Project

"(1988) For this project, the attempt was to record 100 thirty-minute improvisations directly onto master cassettes; no copies were made. In reality, I burned out at about 48."

Feedback In Turmoil

"I just remembered an oddball cassette I allowed someone to release called "Feedback In Turmoil" (SSS Records SSS35), which documented a performance in Pittsburgh (at the "Termoil Room") when the "shoebox" Feedback Machine blew up-I mean smoke came out-and it was pretty bad. Their power connections were weird; the machine was never the same. Figured no one would ever have to see this, but I was dismayed to find it at Downtown Music [Gallery] one day!"


RRR-028 Testament RRRecords LP 1988
Re 0203 ReR Quarterly Volume 2 Number 3 Recommended Records LP 1988
David Myers:
Engine of Myth
QA 04 Er Ist Tief Und Dein Wasser Ist Dunkler Quiet Artworks LP 1990
Zero Crossing
ReR 0302 Quarterly Volume 3 Number 2 Recommended Records LP 1990
David Myers/Alex Ross:
Pressure Inversion Ratios
R2D-001 A Realization Compilation Realization CD 1991
"Dead Birds Sigh a Prayer"
NOY 002 A Gnomean Haigonaimean Johnny Blue LP 1991
Giant Steps
SUB 72-2 Dry Lungs International Compilation Subterranean Records 2*CD 1992
GR 003 Azoic Zone Geometrik CD 1993
Mail collaboration conceived by Francisco López featuring David Myers, &c...
ReR 0401 Quarterly Volume 4 Number 1 Recommended Records CD 1994
David Myers:
The Unknown (No. 4)

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