twisted comix
From the _Hands Off!_ Anthology, story by Wayne Shellabarger

Comix! Why does a grown man read comix?!? And why does he spell it that way?

Ever since I was a kid I've read some sort of comic book; most kids do, I think. I didn't think much about it then, just doing the usual progression of styles and interests, from Little Lotta and Richie Rich to The Archies to Action Detective Comics. I'd stack them up, read through 'em, and run to the local bookstore and buy some more, usually missing half the cover or more, which let me buy them for even less! I did buy some anthologies, hardcovers reviewing the histories of my favorite comics. For the interested, I was a DC reader; Marvel was much too 'smeary' looking and chaotic for my young tastes...

Eventually I gave up on comics, left them behind as a part of childhood. Oh, when the Dark Knight returned I picked up the several issues just to see what was happening, and was fairly impressed that they'd successfully updated an old icon. But still, those kinds of adolescent fantasies seemed best left for the next generation of kids... so why did I keep reading the 'funny pages' first in the newspaper? Not that I took much pleasure in their banal repetition of the same humorless gags, but I love the graphic image, and continued to find myself drawn to it. But superhero comics? I think not.

And it was a few years after graduating college before a friend showed me my first Weirdo Comic Book. What? Black and White comics taking a sophisticated and lowbrow angle on the world?!? Renamed by the artists involved to 'comix', these were irreverent, lewd, cutting, and actually funny! I was immediately hooked, and found myself returning again and again to the 'adult' section of my local comic bookstore. The odd thing is, I'd never been to a comic book store before! I read my comics from the racks at the local corner store... I had little clue that so many comics were being published, and that so much amazing work was being done.

Little more to say than that... I read black and white comix almost exclusively, the stranger the better- I like a bit of a social bite, and rather enjoy the wealth of autobiographical comics that have followed in the wake of little Bobby Crumb and his ilk...

If you're interested in the same, fantagraphics is a good place to start.