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It's been a year since I've updated the "new" page. Doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up... many may have noticed that the ReR CD page is a) the only thing that gets updated anymore (with much gratitude to ReR USA who keeps me current) and b) the page is now datbase generated. That's been the case for awhile, but it means that you can click on the column headers for any of the fields to sort by artist, title, release number, or release date. I hope this makes the site much more useful. I think all album covers are there now, running squidco.com the music store has helped to fill in some gaps with the CD catalog. Of course, if anyone see anything amiss or missing please write at zampino@squidco.com


Many Updates...

OK, so many things missing and now updated, apologies and thanks for patience anyone who cares!

Fred Records: Gravity, Step Across the Border, Prints, Guitar Solos
Bob Drake: 13 Songs and a Thing (see sublabels page)
Haco + Sakamoto Hiromichi: Ash in the Rainbow
Paolo Angeli: Bucato
and a bunch of titles I can't recall that were missing previously for no good reason

Running a record store and starting The Squid's Ear has taken its toll on my time, but I haven't forgotten this site. Since so much of the Recommended Discography itself is now databased it's only a matter of time that I rewrite the discography to take advantage of it... I've often questioned whether I should order the discography by catalog number (as I do) or by artist, or date. That should be the user's choice, and I hope to make it so before too long. Certainly I've been doing a lot of similar work on The Squid's Ear...

That said, I hope in the near future to complete all images for all ReR titles, and then to start backloading the promo one-sheets as I can get them from ReR. I'm working with Chris to get samples for all releases also.

Not to plug ourselves too much, but if you're at all interested in these titles you can buy just about everything in the ReR catalog from Squidco the store, and it certainly can't hurt to insure our future. Sorry, that was shameless...


Partial Posting Listing

Running a bit behind on the site... however I've added the latest 9 RéR releases over the last couple of months, but without images and detailed information (coming soon!):

Biota-Invisible Map
Jon Rose-The Violin Factory
Janet Feder-Speak Puppet
After Dinner-Paradise of Replica
Kampec Dolores-A bivaly hátán
Faust-BBC Sessions +
Roberto Iolini-Electroacoustic, Chamber Ensemble, Soundscapes & Works for Radio
Bob Drake-The Skull Mailbox
Roberto Musci/Chris Cutler/Jon Rose/Claudio Gabbiano-Steel Water Light

08/12/2000 Announcements-Upcoming Releases:

Jon Rose The Hyperstring Project, (ReRJR6)
Haco, Happiness Proof (ReR HACO2)
Jack Vees The Restaurant Behind the Pier (ReR JV1).

More information as I get it...

08/12/2000 Finally got the information and album covers for the following 4 ReR releases. The reason it took so long is that, deep inside this site I've added a MySql server to store information about the releases, information and images. I have quite a bit I can add in the future, and the only page converted to the new system is the ReR CD page, but slowly but surely I hope to expand and redesign all pages to use the database. This makes page loading a lot faster, and will give us advanced search capabilities in the near future.

RéR 01 Tim Hodgkinson Sang CD 2000
RéR CCFF2 Chris Cutler & Fred Frith 2 Gentlemen in Verona CD 2000
RéR SM1 Steve MacLean Ensemble The Opposite of War CD 2000
Ré ReR HC3 Henry Cow In Praise of Learning (original mix)s CD 2000

08/12/2000 Changes to the homepage, which still looks really dated to me... but with a little bit of CSS style sheet at least the selection list doesn't look quite as awkward as (imo) it has. Also removed a lot of red from the front page and put hilited boxes in instead. On a whim put the lion on blue instead of red, and have sat scratching my head looking for inspiration for the main page... But, bit by bit.

02/27/2000 Four new onesheets of upcoming ReR releases:

Tim Hodgkinson - Sang
Steve Maclean - The Opposite of War
Henry Cow - In Praise of Learning
Chris Cutler/Fred Frith - Two Gentlemen in Verona

Full information and cover will go on the RéR CD Page when I have them.

01/27/2000 New additions to the Charles Hayward page, thanks to Percy Howard who informed me of the upcoming release on Materiali Sonori:

"Charles is the drummer on my soon-to-be-released solo album called "incidental Seductions", will be released on Materiali Sonori Feb 15, 2000. Other players are Vernon Reid, guitar, Trey Gunn, Warr Guitar."

Also received the latest newsletter from ReR telling of the upcoming February releases: Henry Cow In Praise of Learning (original mix), The Steve MacLean Ensemble The Opposite of War, Tim Hodgkinson Sang, Chris Cutler/Fred Frith Two Gentlement in Verona and Faust The BBC Sessions.

11/07/1999 Added 4 new ReR and Crumbling Tones (Bob Drake) cd's. Also did a major rewrite on the way that images are displayed when you click on an album title. Please, let me know if you encounter any problems with the images, or anything else on the site!!

ReR Science1 The Science Group ...A Mere Coincidence CD 1999
ReR CCDT1 Chris Cutler and Thomas Dimuzio Quake CD 1999
ReR PC1 Peter Cusack Where is the Green Parrot? CD 1999
CTA7 Bob Drake Medallion Animal Carpet CD 1999

Lastly, the site has made me aware of another associated label, Andere, which has an Alfred Harth cd, along with two Halmas and a Soybelman release. I will probably add this information to the site in the near future... (he says! :)

10/27/1999 New and improved Charles Hayward page. Thanks JS Adams, as always, for providing new info which inspired me to finally finish revamping the page.

10/23/1999 New additions to the AYAA, Woof & Hayward discographies. A few new updates to the "other sites" page as well. General cleanup and poking around to see what still looks funny...

9/27/1999 For those who pointed it out to me, the problem with the RéR homepage and Internet Explorer 5.0 on Windows has been fixed... it seems that Microsoft has decided to make html syntax more rigid as it goes forward, so some of my previously sloppy writing was a bit off :( It was all so simple once, when browsers shrugged their shoulders and tried their best to figure out the mess you handed it... *sigh* ...onward to XML..

8/24/1999 In January '98 I received the following email from NoMansLand@t-online.de

No Man's Land/Review Records changed its location to Berlin. Gerhard Busse took over the busines from Jürgen Königer (he quit). A mailorder distribution is part of No Man´s Land (distribution to shops still works on a rather small level). We just got Internet access so I ended up in your discography. Hope it makes sense to email you an up date.

I'm afraid I'm a bit late adding all of the discography information, but I only recently found these (or about them!) For complete information visit the NML web site, http://www.nomansland-records.de/

Motor Totemist Guild Archive 1 CD
Motor Totemist Guild Archive 2 CD
nml 9825 hanno leichtmann | johannes strobl | rupert huber Dawn CD 1998
nml 9826 Various Artists Ode an die Langeweile - eine Hommage an Hanns Eisler CD 1998
nml 9927 Ne Zhdali Rhinoceroses and other forms of life CD 1998

Also the Review label has been busy, with the following item added. I also took advantage of this information to update a few of the incomplete items in the Review discography.

rere 195 Leonid Soybelman Surfing In My Bed CD 1998

Lastly, the site has made me aware of another associated label, Andere, which has an Alfred Harth cd, along with two Halmas and a Soybelman release. I will probably add this information to the site in the near future... (he says! :)

6/17/1999 Added three new releases on ReR:
Ré ReR HC2 Henry Cow Unrest CD 1999
Ré ReR LVM1 Lagos/Venosta/Mariani Metamorphoses CD 1999
Ré ReR DACH1 Dumitrescu, Avram, Cutler, Hodgkinson, Hyperion Ensemble Musique Action CD 1999

5/16/1999 With the birth of squidco and the sudden realization that my annual bill was due at panix, I decided there was no better time than the present to save a few dollars. So I abruptly moved the rer site here. Squidco is my, phil zampino's, project, and it's a place for things musical, avante or abstract. If you find that I've mucked anything up with the move please email me.

8/11/1998 Added a lot of information given me from various net collaborators... added a new bootleg section to the Charles Hayward/This Heat discography, and significantly added to the AYAA discography (thanks Adrath!) If no one knows it, I'm extremely grateful to the assistance and information provided me by the web community!

7/19/1998 Added four new releases on ReR:
RéR TFCD Tim Hodgkinson Pragma CD 1998
RéR JR5 Jon Rose The Fence CD 1998
RéR CGZ2 Cassiber/Ground Zero Live in Tokyo
CD 1998
RéR SD1 electropleinair Sound Diary The Wind Rises CD 1998

5/05/1998 Added two new releases on ReR:
RéR 01 Ossatura with Tim Hodgkinson Dentro CD 1998
RéR TD1 Thomas Dimuzio Headlock CD 1998

4/28/1998 Finally cleaned up the routines to toggle images on this page, maybe even properly this time... dunno know if anyone cares :)

By the way, I've finally decided to define what I call "New", so that I'm going to keep the last year of releases on this page, and then archive the older information to another page. [hahaha, 2 years later and I haven't removed a thing! - editor :) ]

One aspect of Recommended Records releases (and NML, &c.) is that the catalog number has nothing to with the release order. Considering most of this music detached from time I generally like this approach... however, these pages are intended for the RéR interested, and hopefully this helps sorts out the proper sequence of releases.

In the future I hope to collect all the records defined on these pages and make things like sorting by release possible (amongst a myriad of other possibilites. Anyone want to type in all the artists on all the records on all the labels? :)

Chris Cutler also provided a bunch of missing dates for the CD discography, and corrections and additions for the sublabels and book publishing. Also corrected some problems with the Megaphone Discography (99 Hooker). Also added a bunch of new stuff to the Charles Hayward discography

3/11/1998 Thanks to mail from Kim Walvisch I discovered that I'd not included information on the 15 Dance Party Smash Hits 7th Anniversary Release, which has been added, including the promotional blurb. (on the vinyl releases page)

1/26/1998 New releases arrived today!! Also some additions to the No Mans Land catalog (the new Motor Totemist Guild) which is jointly added to the Cuneiform discography.

Also, finally admitted to myself that the formatting on this page was pretty spotty, and cleaned it up... all tables should line up nicely now, and all dates should stand out consistently in green. Who cares? I dunno... :)

RéR 5uu2 5uu's Crisis in Clay CD 1997
RéR FF1 Fred Frith The Previous Evening CD 1997
RéR SRS1 Sun Ra and His Arkestra Sun Ra and His Arkestra - Cosmo Sun Connection CD 1997

11/27/1997 Lot's of additions... Added the new RéR Quarterly, and images and information for the following cd's to the site. Full album artwork (click on the titles) and descriptions for most of these releases. Also a few new links to artists (see also other sites)
RéR CM1 Christian Marclay Encores CD 1997
RéR EK1 The Music of Ernö KirÁly Phoenix CD 1997
RéR GZ2 Ground Zero Consume Red CD 1997
RéR HACO1 Haco Haco CD 1997
RéR N.O.R.M.A. N.O.R.M.A. + Chris Cutler L'Arpa E L'Asino (The Harp And The Donkey) CD 1997

7/5/1997 Going off today - fixed a problem on this page where the rotating images came up broken... sorry about that one, some silly counter business... :) but I put a little less strain on the page by switching to lowres versions of the rotating album covers.

7/5/1997 Tech bits... added all new counters to the pages... if you've been curious, the uncredited numbers at the bottom of most pages are access counts, and the borrowed script I'd been using choked for unknown reasons a couple of months back. So I've lost a few stats, but it got me to finally get off my arse to write a simpler and more flexible script- and only one script for the entire ~squid site!

5/20/1997 Added a link on the other sites page to the Yoshihide Otomo site (with the sad news of Ground Zero's disbanding...)

5/15/1997 Added Ground Zero's new record, Consume Red record (see above), and RéR onesheet. Album cover coming...
ReR GZ2 Ground Zero Consume Red CD 1997

4/1997 - Added Ernö Kiralys - Phoenix with promotional onesheet information (see above)

ReR EK11 Ernö Kiralys Phoenix CD 1997

4/1997 Added N.O.R.M.A. + Chris Cutler - L'Arpa E L'Asino (The Harp And The Donkey) and promotional onesheet. (see above)

ReR N.O.R.M.A. N.O.R.M.A. + Chris Cutler L'Arpa E L'Asino (The Harp And The Donkey) CD 1997

3/1997 Added Cassiber - Beauty and the Beast, image and promotional onesheet.

ReR CCD3 Cassiber Beauty and the Beast CD 1997

5/27/1997 - Let's see, what else... well, this page. And the Notes About This Site page, which explains a bit more . Also several changes to the frame selection list, to included this page, and to add a button for Notes about this site. A link for this page was added to the ReR & Related page also.

5/26/1997 - Many changes to the way images and text are stored internally. All onesheets that RéR has sent me to date have been added to the discographies. New pages from past catalog should be coming soon!

Note: This site was built on a Mac, and tested only minimally on any other platform. Please let me know if you have any problems with this or any of my pages.

Notes about this site

11/07/1999 -Phil Zampino
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