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This Heat

This Heat were:

Charles Hayward: voice, drums, tapes, etc.
Charles Bullen - guitar, clarinet, voice, tapes, etc
Gareth Williams - keyboards, guitar, voice, tapes, etc.

This Heat This Heat Piano Records LP 1978  
These Records CD (reissue) 1991 heat1cd  
This Heat Health & Efficiency Piano Records / Rough Trade EP 1980 this 1201
This Heat Health & Efficiency & Graphic These cd-3 1999  
This Heat Health & Efficiency / Repeat These Records 2*LP (reissue)    
This Heat Deceit Rough Trade LP 1981  
These Records CD (reissue) 1991 heat2cd
This Heat Repeat These Records CD 1993 these 6
This Heat LIVE at Krefeld, West Germany 1980 Independance cassette 1986  
This Heat Cold Storage
bootleg CD reissue of 1980 cassette: Live in Krefeld
Canterbury Dream 1998 CD 1998 CTD-020
This Heat Live at Krefeld 1980
First vinyl release of IndepenDance/Canterbury Dream release.
Rudi Frings LP 2002  
This Heat made available - John Peel Sessions (1977) These Records CD 1996 these 10
This Heat S.P.Q.R. The Last Live 1982
Last concert in London, also includes "Pool" from ReR Sampler, Greenfingers / S.P.Q.R. / Working Night / Makeshift Swahili / (unreleased title) / A New Kind of Water / Cenotaph / Health and Efficency / Pool
Canterbury Dream CD 1998 CTD-027
This Heat Live in Zurich Leishmania tapes cassette 16/4/1982  

1 track on The Recommended Records Sampler
Recommended LP 1982 RR 8&9
This Heat Various Cassette Recordings, 1977-78
This Heat with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh
b/w Albert Marcoeur: "Deux Lions au Soleil"
Tago Mago side of cassette 1982 K7
1 track on ReR Quarterly Volume 2 Number 1
Recommended LP 1987 Re 0201
This Heat Izgon Bojazni iz Komune
1.Test card
2.Horizontal hold
3.Not waving
4.A diet of worms
5.Aural photography
6.The rough and the smooth
8. The fall of Saigon
(b-side is Elliot Sharp / David Linton
Nikad Robom a-side cassette feb.76-dec.77 005

Camberwell Now

Camberwell Now were:

Charles Hayward: voice, drums, kazoo, etc.
Trefor Goronwy: bass guitar, ukulele, voice, etc.
Stephen Rickard: studio and field recordings, tapework

Camberwell Now Meridians Duplicate EP 1983  
Camberwell Now The Ghost Trade RecRec/Ink Records LP 1986 RecRec 10
Camberwell Now Greenfingers RecRec/Ink Records EP 1987 RecRec 15
Camberwell Now Alls' Well
cd reissue of all Camberwell Now material
RecRec CD 1992 RecDec 1015
2 tracks on Myths 1 - Instructions
"For Those In Peril On the Sea"
SubRosa LP 1984 SUB 33001-1
1 track on Myths - Part One
"For Those In Peril On the Sea"
SubRosa CD 1984 CD003-15
1 track on Myths - Part Two
SubRosa CD 1984 CD009-32
1 track on Ritual :Magnetic North
"Daddy Needs a Throne"
with booklet
Touch cassette 1985  

Charles Hayward

Charles Hayward Survive the Gesture Ink CD (reissue) 1987  
SubRosa CD 1994  
Charles Hayward A Tribute to Mark Rothko SubRosa CD 1989  
Charles Hayward Skew Whiff SubRosa CD 1990  
Charles Hayward Switch on War SubRosa CD 1991  
Charles Hayward
with Nick Doyne-Ditmas
My Secret Alphabet SubRosa CD 1993  
Charles Hayward Escape from Europe Locus Solus CD 1996  
Charles Hayward Near + Far: Live in Japan Volume Three Locus Solus CD 1999 LSR 003
Charles Hayward Abracadabra Info Locus Solus CD 2003 LSR005

Hayward Compliations

3 tracks on At Close Quarters
"Hilly Field"
"Risque Verglas"
"Unearthing Fossil Fuels"
These Records CD 1993  
1 track on A Sub Rosa Lexicon (The Man of Sorrows)
SubRosa CD    
1 track on Chaos in Expansion
w/Nick Doyne-Ditmas
"Where Is Chaos Now?"
SubRosa CD 1993  
1 track on Les Nouvelles Musiques
w/ Gigi Masin
"Thames Water Authority"
SubRosa 2*CD 1989  
3 tracks on Charles Hayward>Nus>David Shea
"the new world order, who decides?"
"accidents & emergencies"
"no bones"
SubRosa CD 1996  
tracks (?) on Resonance Volume 6 Number 1: structure & freedom
Accidents & Emergencies
"Widescreen (extract)"
"Two Johns"
[7.28] Recorded live at the Albany Theatre,
18 March 1997
magazine with compact disc
Resonance CD 1997 Res 6.1CD
1 tracks on ROUGH TRADE Compilation Volume 2
Rough Trade/Base Record LP ?? RT 011
1 tracks on Resonance Volume 8 Issue #1
Charles Hayward, John Edwards and Ros Williams
London Musician's Collective CD 2001 RES V8#1
DJ Spooky
Rhythm Science
remix by DJ Spooky includes Charles Hayward "Accidents & Emergencies (instrumental)
Sub Rosa CD 2003 SR 201 CD

Hayward Collaborations

Quiet Sun Mainstream Antilles LP 1975  
Phil Manzanera Diamond Head Atco LP 1975  
Raincoats Odyshape
* plays on "Family Treet", "Only Loved at Night," "Baby Song," and "Go Away"
Rough Trade LP 1981  
Lora Logic Pedigree Charm Rough Trade LP 1982  
Everything But the Girl Edin Rough Trade LP 1984  
Everything But the Girl Everything but the Girl Warner LP 1984  
1 track with
Trio de Batterie
Musique Action International 85
"Three Legs from two Birds"
AYAA   1985  
Regular Music Regular Music Rough Trade LP 1985  
Les Batteries Noisy Champs AYAA LP    
Various Artists Festival MIMI 86 Regular Music LP 1987  

plays on tracks by Les Batteries and Regular Music on this compilation which was released in 87 on Guigou's label "Disques Inoui"

Heiner Goebbels The Man in the Elevator ECM CD 1988  
The Hat Shoes Differently Desperate RecRec CD 1990  
Coil Loves Secret Domain Wax Trax CD 1991  
Coil Loves Secret Domain
drums on "Things Happen", "Love's Secret Domain"
Wax Trax CD 1991  
Coil The Portable Altamont Shock Records UK CD 1991 SX012
Keep the Dog Angelica 91 recorded live at Angelica,
Festival Internazionale
Di Musica, Bologne Italy, June 1991
2 tracks
CAICAI Music CD 1992  
Heiner Goebells Shadow/ Landscape with Argonauts     1993  
La 1919 Jouer, Spieln, To Play Materiali Sonari (MASO) CD 1994  
Relay III Random Play 2:13 Music CD   CD001
Jeremy Peyton Jones North South East West Newtone Records CD 1996 Nt 6748 2
LUL Love Thy Tiny Sums
1993 Charles Hayward producer,
backing vocals on "Tirana"
Percy Howard
Charles Hayward
Fred Frith
Bill Laswell
Meridiem Materiali Sonori CD 1998  
Nick Doyne-Ditmas
Pan Integral Ndodi Records CD 1999 001
  Charles Hayward (drums) on "Potential" "Dust of Ages" and "November"          
Percy Howard
Charles Hayward
Vernon Reid
Trey Gunn
Incidental Seductions Materiali Sonori CD 2000  
Double Agent
Charles Hayward
Keiji Haino
Otomo Yoshihide
Tatsuya Yoshida
Peter Brotzmann
Live in Japan Volume 2 Locus Solus      
Charles Hayward
Fred Frith
Bill Laswell
Funny Valentine Tzadik CD 1998  
Angela Jaeger and
David Cunningham
Artificial Homeland Piano CD 1998 Piano 590
Kev Hopper
Spoombung Thoofa CD 1998 Thoofa 1 CD
Kev Hopper
Duophonic Super 45's DS45-CD26 Whispering foils Drag City CD 2000 DC201CD
Charles Hayward and
Michael Prime
Wash Rinse Spin/Osculation Raft 12" 2000 ???
Kev Hopper
Whispering Foils Drag City CD 2001 DC 201 CD
The Manzanera Archives:
Rare One
Quiet Sun: RFD (Mainstream Sessions) 2:27
Quiet Sun: Years of the Quiet Sun (Original Demo) 10:32
Quiet Sun: Corazon y Alma (Warner Brothers Demo) 10:23
Quiet Sun: RFD (Warner Brothers Demo) 6:14
Expression Records CD 2001 EXPCD21
Pierre Vervloesem
Grosso Modo
Carbon 7 CD 2002 C7-063
Percy Howard / Meridiem
Full Catastrophe [Live] 2000
Elevation Records / Ursa Minor CD 2002
Fred Frith
Keep the Dog
Recommended/Fred CD 2003 ReR FR
Percy Howard's Meridiem
A Pleasant Fiction [a/k/a Infernal Machinations]
Necessary Angel CD 2004  
Hugh Hopper
Numero D'Vol
Moon June CD 2007 MJR014


According to Raincoat's Ana Da Silva:
After Moving, Da Silva hooked up with This Heat drummer Charles Hayward and formed a new band called Roseland. They played two gigs, but not much more. "We just had a demo tape of five songs we did; it wasn't even a proper record. That's all we did. Nothing happened, and I was a bit drained anyway."

and a 199? CD reissue on Rough Trade (?) - getting kind of sketchy here :)

and a 1993 CD issue on DGC (?)

Known Bootlegs

Take these with a grain of salt... I haven't seen most of these myself.

Cold Storage is the Live in Krefeld WG cassette on CD ctd-020 live at the scala th 7912 Turing 1
Paper Hats
Horizontal Hold
Hi Baku Shyo
Makeshift Swahili
The Fall Of Saigon
Music Like Escaping Gas
A New Kind Of Water
Turing 2
Twilight Furniture
Health & Efficiency

Cold Storage Paper Hats
The Fall Of Saigon
Test Cards
Makeshift Swahili
Unreleased Title
Music Like Escaping Gas
A New Kind Of Water
Twilight Furniture
Health & Efficiency

Tago Mago is The Tago Mago cassette along with the "Health & Efficency" 12-inch ("Health & Efficiency", "Graphic/Varispeed 1", "Graphic/Varispeed 2") on CD on the Canterbury Dream label.

"This Heat - live" and "09/80" hand-written on the silver cardboard insert. It runs about 68 min, and the group announce that they will play Dusseldorf next. The tracks are (as far as I have identified them): Horizontal Hold/ Paper Hats/ The Fall Of Saigon/S PQR/ Triumph/ ?/ Makeshift Swahili/ ?/ Music Like Escaping Gas/ (announcement)/ Twilight Furniture The sound is OK, could be a soundboard with analog generations. - Stefan Röhrich

Outtakes and Rarities The Fall Of Saigon outtake
Not Waving outtake
Horizontal Hold outtake
Revue Cassette "TAGO MAGO"
From "TAGO MAGO" Cassette Magazine 1982. Various casette recording,1977-78.Camberwell,Cokd Storage and Live.with Mario Diekuuroh.
Health & Efficiency Original 12" take.
Horizontal Hold
Triumph Humming Vocal Version.
Cenotaph Complete Edit Version.
Pool Recomended Label Omnibus take.

After the Heat Another Flaming Tune
Begining The Hours
The Best Weapon
A to B
Breakst Stroke
Raindrops from Heaven
Restless Mind
B to A
Golden Age
It's Madness
Generous Moon
Final Demo Recordings all unreleased song

The following two tracks are from Les Batteries Noisy Champs:
Identity Parade

SCALA from Scala Cinema,London 1979 Turing 1
Paper Hats
Horizontal Hold
Hi Baku Shyo
Makeshift Swahili
The Fall Of Saigon
Music Like Escaping Gas
A New Kind Of Water
Turing 2
Twilight Furniture
Health & Efficiency

Errol's Club, Gothenburg, Sweden 1980
PEACE FROG C030109B 6600Y (2CDR)
good audience stereo recording

I recently discovered (Aug 2001) another Charles Hayward site, in French, more focused on This Heat, but current and with a good number of links, etc. You can view that site at

Another This Heat site pointed out to me is in japanese, but with images of many releases. You can view that site at

LP - vinyl LP
EP - vinyl EP 12"
CD - compact disk
CS - cassette
(r) - reissued
(t) - track

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