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I developed this site originally to provide text discographies of the labels loosely based around Recommended Records (RéR) and the labels that grew up around them, such as Review (& No Man's Land), RecRec, AYAA, etc... and the many labels that have wandered in that for one reason or another I consider related. Over time I've added in scans of the cd and album covers, and information about the records, though there's much more needed there... For the last year or so I've been getting information from RéR directly, so you'll find the more recent promotional onesheets available there, and as time goes on, more information culled from the RéR catalogs.

In general, the discography pages work like this:

Clicking on an artist or band name that's hilited as a link should take you away from this site to another site that (hopefully) provides more information about that band or artist. (As you're probably aware, information can sometimes be fleeting on the web, so if you find a link that's dead, please let me know- I gratefully credit anyone who can spare the moment to help me keep this site useful!)

Clicking on a release's name that's hilited as a link should open another window with either an image of the album cover and/or text detailing the record.

Here's an example:

ReR F4CD Faust You Know faUSt CD 1997

The information for the discographies at site was initially culled from my own collection and the various inserts and catalogs that I received from those releases. After putting these pages together for about a year I contacted Chris Cutler to fill in some of the missing bits, and for editorial insight. Hopefully everything that I've published at this site is accurate; please, let me know if you find any inaccuracies.

The information at this site can be freely shared, but I'd appreciate your crediting or linking to this site if you use it, thanks! Any obviously copyrighted material (images, sounds, etc) of my own or any of the artists represented at this site are subject to the usual laws of copyright.

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