Megaphone Records

Megaphone is run by Jason Willett, who sometimes plays in Half Japanese. Click here for their official web site

001         The Work                        Slow crimes
002         Fred Frith/Tim Hodgkinson       Live Improvisations
003         Fat                             Magnetizer                CD
004         V.Panomaleva                    The Goose
005         The Work                        See
006         The Honkies                     All my screws Fell Out
007         The Molecules                   Down under the blacklight CD
008         Jac Berrocal                    Fatal Encounters
009         Jon Rose                        The Virtual Violin        CD 1993
010         Vacuum Tree Head                Exel(Eye Eye)             CD 1992
011         Happy New Year                  Happy New Year  
012         Willett/Fair/Rieder             Willett/Fair/Rieder 
013         Vacuum Tree Head                The Oob Eye Works
014         Tim Hodgkinson                  Each in Our Own Thoughts
015         The Honkies                     Who eats?
016         Jon Rose                        Violin music for supermarkets
017         99 Hooker                       White Musik 4/ Jass Peephole
                                            (White Music for Jazz People)
018         Happy New Year                  Live
019         The Recordings                  <>
020         Kraldjusanstalten               Voodoo Boogie/Nu Ar Det All Var
021         The Exiles(w/Jon Rose)          The Exiles

Limited 001 The Dramatics                   The Dramatics
Limited 002 The Pleasant Livers             From the Land of Pleasant Living
Limited 003 The Can Openers                 The Can Openers
Limited 004 The Jaunties                    The Jaunties
Limited 005 The Attitude Robots             The Attitude Robots
Limited 006 The Dentures                    40,000 Warriors
Limited 007 The X-Ray Eyes                  The X-Ray Eyes
Limited 008 The Dramatics                   This is International Telecom 
Limited 009 Jason Willett and Ruins         Jason Willett and Ruins
Limited 010 The Jaunties                    Myoclonic Twitch in the Key of H
Limited 011 The Can Openers                 Sherbet
Limited 012 The Attitide Robots             Iron-on t-shirt
Limited 013 The Dentures                    10 Inch Voice
Limited 014 The Dramatics                   Hypnotist Geese
Limited 015 Jason Willett and Jad Fair      It's all Good
Limited 016 X-Ray Eyes                      Bone Meal
Limited 017 The Jaunties                    Yes Lord!
Limited 018 The Attitude Robots             Kings
Limited 019 Jason Willett and Jad Fair      We're Going To The Moon
Limited 020 Jad Fair and Jason Willett      Wild
Limited 020 Ron Anderson                    Anything is Possible

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