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Brian Marsella:
Gatos Do Sul (Tzadik)

Pianist and composer Brian Marsella leads an all-star octet including Cyro Baptista, Mark Feldman, Jon Irabagon performing Marsella's lyrical and upbeat compositions inspired by classical, jazz, and folkloric Brazilian music and influenced by composers from Ernesto Nazareth, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Pixinguinha to Baden Powell and Egberto Gismonti; irrepressible! ... Click to View

Bill Laswell (incl. Pharoah Sanders / Herbie Hancock / Chad Smith):
Against Empire (Mod Reloaded)

Four rich and soulful pieces of electric jazz with an often Mwandishi-feel, from bassist Bill Laswell in a 9-piece ensemble of outstanding improvisers: Pharoah Sanders on sax, Peter Apfelbaum on sax, flute & keyboards, Herbie Hancock on electric piano, and 5 drummer/percussionsts--Jerry Marotta, Chad Smith, Hideo Yamaki, Satoyasu Shomura and, Adam Rudolph. ... Click to View

Charles Ives E.:
Another Songbook (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Conductor Sebastian Gottschick presents an additional selection of songs and chamber music works from composer Charles Edward Ives that reflect this broad range, 20 mostly brief and innovative works composed between 1898 and 1921, blurring the boundaries between genres through unusual motifs, themes, gestures and phrases that appear in new vocal and/or instrumental contexts. ... Click to View

Sebastian Gottschick :
Notturni (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Seven works composed in the 21st century by Sebastian Gottschick, who arranges and conducts the Ensemble Fur Neue Musick Zurich, configured as an ensemble with percussion, a sextet, a chamber ensemble with baritone and soprano, and performing himself solo on viola, sophisticated and modern works that employ complex tonality, timbre and playing techniques. ... Click to View

Friction Coefficients (Evil Clown)

Saxophonist & flutist Bonnie Kane (W.O.O.) joins the Turbulence group, the extended horn section of the Leap of Faith Orchestra from Boston area collective Evil Clown led by David Peck (PEK), a concert that was live-streamed to Youtube during the Covid-19 Pandemic in February 2020, in a sextet with four reedists, two trumpeters, electronics, drums & extensive percussion. ... Click to View

Futterman / Levin / DuRoche:
Timeless Memories (JDF/CLM )

Bringing together exemplary jazz musicians from three cities--Virginia-based pianist Joel Futterman, Bary Area multi-reedist Ike Levin, and Portland, OR percussionist Tim DuRochse, for two sets of dynamic collective free jazz with a lyrical intent, joyfully spontaneous music that unfolds in ways that appear composed through the compatibility and familiarity of each artist.c ... Click to View

Joel Futterman / Alvin Fielder / Ike Levin Trio:
Live At The Blue Monk (Charles Lester Music)

A burning live album presenting two sets of collective free jazz at Portland, Oregon's Blue Monk in 2006 from the trio of frequent collaborators Alvin Fielder on drumsn, Joel Futterman on piano, soprano sax & wooden flute, and Ike Levin on tenor saxophone & bass clarinet, a concert of great range, from explosive freneticism to introspective spaciousness. ... Click to View

Joe Morris :
Instantiation: Switches (Glacial Erratic)

The 4th in improving guitarist and composer Joe Morris' Instantiation series, where each part is unique, composed with specific notated and operational components such that it impossible to perform any of them the same way twice; performed with two active Boston improvisers, trombonist Eric Stilwell (hear on Joe Morris Trio "Value") and cellist & bassist Brad Barrett. ... Click to View

Kyle Bruckmann:
Triptych (Tautological) (Carrier Records)

Performing on oboe, English horn and live electronics, West Coast double-reedist Kyle Bruckmann presents three extended solo works of deep electroacoustic binding, each dedicated to a writer, artist or musician: "A Spurious Autobiography for John Barth (2015)"; "An Extruded Introversion for Blixa Bargeld (2016)"; and A Fuzzy Monolith for James Turrell (2015). ... Click to View

Dave Douglas (w/ Joey Baron / Dave Adewumi / Matt Stevens / Fabian Almazan / Carmen Rothwell):
Dizzy Atmosphere - Dizzy Gillespie at Zero Gravity (Greenleaf Music)

Trumpeter Dave Douglas' tribute to the great trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, exploring the many facets of the great Be-Bop progenitor's work, including the more experimental side of his interesting, performed with a band of great lyrical NY jazz musicians: Dave Adewumi on trumpet, Matt Stevens on guitar, Fabian Almazan on piano, Carmen Rothwell on bass, Joey Baron on drums. ... Click to View

Kaffe Matthews:
Foreigner [VINYL] (Objects Limited)

Recording with an Italian ELKA 400 electric accordion organ, pioneering electronic and sound aritst Kaffe Matthews presents two sonification of the word F O R E I G N E R, reflecting on her experience regularly moving from country to country, dealing with varying borders and governmental laws, by organizing sound in clusters that attempt to cross a compositional line. ... Click to View

Kidd Jordan / Joel Futterman / William Parker / Alvin Fielder :
Live At The Guelph Jazz Festival 2011 (Creative Collective)

The 2011 Guelph Jazz Festival presented this quartet of legendary players--William Parker on bass, Alvin Fielder on drums & percussion, Joel Futterman on piano & flute, and Kidd Jordan on tenor saxophone--for an exemplary concert of jazz that uses free approaches to create melodic, inventive and soulful music, the expansive conversations sophisticated and wonderfully exhilarating. ... Click to View

Joel Futterman:
Silhouettes (Progressive Records)

This '93 solo concert at Norfolk Academy in Virginia finds free jazz pianist Joel Futterman reflecting on standards and jazz repertoire by inference & reference, improvising over 7 original compositions and Coltrane's "Naima", with moments of lyrical delicacy, powerful swinging sections, and reflective Monk moods, all filtered through his Futteran's powerful creative drive. ... Click to View

#136 Spring 2020 [MAGAZINE + CD] (Musicworks)

Spring 2020 issue of Canada's premiere new music magazine covering improvised, composed and experimental music, with reviews of recordings and live events and extensive articles, this issue featuring Anthony Pateras, Xuan Ye, sound artist April Aliermo and composer Lieke van der Voort; with a 15 track CD of work from those and other featured artists. ... Click to View

Olli Aarni:
Mustikoita Ja Kissankelloja [VINYl] (Mappa)

Translating to "Blueberries and cat bells", Finnish electronic composer Olli Aarni's sound world is quick paced and surprisingly dense considering an overall feeling of brightness, sounds flashing and swirling by in strange segments of acousmatic exhilaration, pausing form momemtns before seizing his listener once more with swift streams of alien soundscapes; brilliant. ... Click to View

Sarah Hughes:
I Love This City And Its Outlying Lands [SINGLE SIDED CASSETTE] (Mappa)

A contemplative solo work of subtle nuance and laden atmospheres, slowly drifting through a virtual landscape of dampened details, from London composer and improviser Sarah Hughes, performing on zither, piano, Hammond organ, sine tones, white noise, electric harpsichord, and objects, using an eBow to draw sustained tones over which delicate progressions advance. ... Click to View

Gryke Pyje:
Collision And Coalescence [VINYL w/ DOWNLOAD] (Mappa)

Composers and performers Jani Hirvonen and Johannes Schebler create a complex universe in sound & melody, a veritable forest of sound referencing global and spiritual environments, using warm instrumental sources, field recordings, world percussion and extended use of the studio in a satisfying series of journeys with a mysteriously transcendental and devotional feeling. ... Click to View

Sebastien Branche :
Lignes de Fuite (Mappa)

Sebastien Branche (Insub Meta Orchestra, Miguel A. Garcia) uses the tenor saxophone as a sound source, meticulously applying extended techniques, circular breathing and the resonance of the saxophone itself during improvisation, using Supercollider software in a two-way collaboration where the instrument also transforms the sounds provided by the computer. ... Click to View

Roman Radkovic Collective:
Televize [VINYL] (Mappa)

A Slovokian experimental group with rock roots and a somewhat DaDa approach to unusual song forms using perplexing repetitions and interventions, led by guitarist and vocalist Roman Radkovič with Josef Novák on keyboard, Jiří Šíla on accordion, Zdeněk Řihošek on harmonica & double bass Zdeněk Caha on drums & voicev, , and Miloš Šandera on percussion. ... Click to View

Barry Chabala / Lance Austin Olsen:
Patterns For A Future Human (Roeba)

Guitarist Barry Chabala merges musique concréte and improvisation, using recordings from painter and visual artist Lance Austin Olsen that Olsen recorded in his workshop while creating a series of large collaged and folded paintings--mutterings, physical sounds and other ephemera--which he sent to Chabala to use as a backdrop for these spaciously meditative guitar improvisations. ... Click to View

Leap Of Faith:
Phenomena (Evil Clown)

Two founding member of Leap of Faith, multi-reedist and multi-instrumentalist PEK and cellist and percussionist Glynis Lomon present two improvisations themed on waves and particle transformations, using microphone techniques to enhance Lomon's bowing, in a set deploying aquasonic, daxophones, gongs, Englephone, contrabassoon, tromboon, and much more. ... Click to View

Henry Kaiser:
Problems are only opportunities in work clothes. (Fractal Music)


Henry Kaiser performs a live guitar solo on a borrowed Downes 101HB baritone guitar with no overdubs, just delays and no looping, provided by Henry Kaiser to Squidco as a free item to accompany any other Squidco purchase where the customer requests a copy, intended to help stores like Squidco during this time of pandemic; for which we are extremely grateful! ... Click to View

Dunmall / Sanchez / Sanders:
A Songbirds Temple (FMR)

The long-running UK collaboration of Paul Dunmall on tenor sax & alto flute and drummer Mark Sanders, is joined by NY pianist Angelica Sanchez to record five superb collective trio compositions, Sanchez and Sanders providing outstandingly active rhythmic foundations over which Dunmall passionately soars, then adding unusual foundations over Sanchez's astute solo sections. ... Click to View

Paul Williamson Quartet (Williamson / Hoshino / Carbo / Henry):
Dark Energy (FMR)

A tightly integrated group that balance strongly melodic material and fully free and spacious improv from the Melbourne, Australia quartet of Hiroki Hoshino on double bass, Miles Henry on drums, Theo Carbo on guitar, led by trumpeter Paul Williamson, presenting four lyrical modern jazz compositions from both Williamson & Hoshino, and 4 collective improvisations. ... Click to View

Vandermark / Drake / Trovalusci / Ceccarelli:
Open Border [VINYL w/DOWNLOAD] (Audiographic Records)

An incredibly exciting first encounter between Chicago improvisers Ken Vandermark on multiple reeds & Hamid Drake on drums, and Italian improvisers Gianni Trovalusci on flute & composer/electronics artist Luigi Ceccarelli, performing live at the Forlì Open Music Festival for an extended, inventive and unpredictably thrilling set! ... Click to View

Joe Morris :
Instantiation: Locale (Glacial Erratic)

The 3rd release of improvising guitarist Joe Morris' "Instantiation" series, where each part is unique, composed with specific notated and operational components such that it impossible to perform any of them the same way twice; performed with Ben Hall on tympani & percussion, Andria Nicodemou on vibraphone, Dan O'Brien on tenor & baritone sax,and , Allison Burik on alto sax. ... Click to View

Howard Riley:
Three Is One (ASC)

Legendary British free jazz pianist Howard Riley challenges the listener with consonant compositional explorations for up to three overdubbed pianos, performing all parts of the trio himself, the pieces recorded and parts of his discography from 1975 through 2007 on labels including Mosaic, Impetus, and Emanem; an album of incredibly (virtual) compatible interaction. ... Click to View

Leap Of Faith:
Trajectories (Evil Clown)

With new drummer/percussionist Steve Niemitz, the Leap of Faith trio of PEK on clarinet, contrabass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, musette, tarota, bass tromboon & sheng, Glynis Lomon on cello, aquasonic & voice, and Niemitz on percussion recorded this session at Bonnie Kane's monthly Thursday Night Experiment in Western Massachusetts. ... Click to View

PEK Solo:
Precedents [2 CDs] (Evil Clown)

Two discs of solo work from Boston-area reedist, composer and Evil Clown collective leader David Peck (PEK), the first CD with 3 tracks, each focusing on a unique instrument from David Peck's large arsenal, in this case the bass tromboon, a C flute and a contrabass clarinet; the second a large improvisation using a mix from the first recordings along with live signal processing. ... Click to View

Tatsuya Nakatani / Shane Parish:
Interactivity (Cuneiform)

The second album for the duo of Japanese avant percussionist living in New Mexico Tatsuya Nakatani and Asheville, NC guitarist Shane Parish (Ahleuchatistas), recorded live at Static Age Records during Nakatani's extensive 2018 tour, finding both players intensely involved in their dialog, through highly interactive and deeply reflective passages. ... Click to View

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  Angelica Castello / Jerome Noetinger 
  (Mikroton Recordings) 

   review by Dave Madden
Angelica Castello / Jerome Noetinger: Disturbio (Mikroton Recordings)

As there is so much we could discuss about these veteran players, their instruments, and the palette of Disturbio, I will give a high-level view so as to not wax on too long about / overemphasize the importance of any ingredient over another:

• Angélica Castelló: Born in Mexico, lives in Vienna, professor and electroacoustic (heavy on the acoustic) composer, electronics maven, Paetzold performance extraordinaire

• Paetzold: An instrument based on the Renaissance bass recorder. It resembles a large, wooden periscope mated with a stilt — or mutated goose neck — is capable of very low tones, and is often (boringly) employed to double clarinet an octave below. Notable performers include Castelló and Anna Petrini

• Jérôme Noetinger: One of the greatest living mystics of sound mangling. He has run the gamut in the composition and improvised performance world, and continues to tweak and get mileage out of his bag of tricks. His current set-up of crumbling feedback and crackle effects features a Revox A77 tape deck as it's keystone, the latter enabling real-time manipulation, live looping and staccato-to-elongated aural torrents

• The Revox A77 reel-to-reel player / recorder: Once relegated to "swinging bachelor pads," the A77 is referred to by audiophiles as "The Rolex Oyster of tape decks." It was a bit cheaper than some of the studio standards, but can physically endure much more than some of the less sturdy counterparts. I don't think any of that has any bearing on this music, but you can read more here if you are so inclined.

Anyway, the electroacoustic / post Cage / free improvisation domains usually adhere to one or all five of the following: Construction, destruction, a combination of the previous two, dissection, and / or observation. In the case of Disturbio, the field is already laid to waste; we're stepping in after an unresolved coda where whatever sudden catastrophe caused the collapse lingers and continues to impede renovation; but there is a sub-dermal environment squirming under the debris, attempting communications that are squashed before reaching the surface or a first responder.

Okay... Remember the robotic mice from Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Brains? Their job was to prepare food and clean up after any mess in the this-is-the-automated-future-per-1950s-predictions home; they continued to do so despite the disintegration of their masters, even pressing on while losing bolts and limbs to the house crumbled on top of them. They continued to wiggle. That's the telepathic mental image of the sonic world Castelló and Noetinger navigate and deform.

A blend of broken, distant television and radio broadcasts mingling with grumbles, fried circuits, twitching held notes, gravelly footfalls, staccato exhales, whistles, tape spinning and winding, and otherwise percussion guides this narrative. Would you prefer pink noise, gentle rumbles, and the synthetic clone of someone massaging a balloon? Gradually pour in hissy bird call recordings that surf on some type of Doppler effect and patiently move into an intricate, complex chord, a combination of AC hum, shimmering squeals, ocean noise — like a Buddha Machine designed for bigger, advanced brains. Can the foreground sometimes emphasize the broadcast voices, or popular songs, or opera snippets, or Spanish exorcism prayers? Could you add some subtle idiosyncratic reminders that the recorder that eats clarinets and bassoons for breakfast is also participating (i.e. wheezy humming, wooden grinding and sawing)? Cloudy feedback loops and the players real-time sample each other too?

Tangled, right? Not really. There is a lot of disparate elements firing on Disturbio, but a thoughtful progression and micro placement keeps the works hypnotic, slightly adhesive, mysterious, playful, not physical engulfment and desensitization into boredom.

Angelica Castello / Jerome Noetinger: Disturbio
Is On Sale at Squidco!

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Gatos Do Sul

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Pharoah Sanders /
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Against Empire
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