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SQUIDCO Email Update, September 9, 2021

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
September 9, 2021

"You can play a shoestring if you're sincere."
—John Coltrane

   Creative Artists

• Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio w/
   Alexander von Schlippenbach
• Judith Berkson
• John Cage/Apartment House
• Chrysakis/Frydryk/Lucas/Lynch/Northover
• John Coltrane
• Kevin Corcoran/Jacob Felix Heule
• Rick Countryman
• Flying Luttenbachers, The
• Joel Futterman
• Per Gardin/Vasco Trilla
• Mats Gustafsson/Otomo Yoshihide
• La Sprezzatura Ensemble:
   JC Jones/Esti Kenan Ofri/Oren Fried
• Machinefabriek
• Szilard Mezei Tubass Quintet
• Ongon
• PEK Solo/An Orchestra of PEKs
• Elliott Sharp's Terraplane
• Total Music Association
• Alexander Zethson

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

Another Timbre
Aural Terrains
ChapChap Records
Creative Sources
Evil Clown
ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd

Loup editions
Machinefabriek Self-released ‎
Notice Recordings
thanatosis produktion
zOaR Records


   Jazz & Improvisation

Amado, Rodrigo Motion Trio / Alexander von Schlippenbach: The Field

Portuguese tenor saxophonist Rodrigo Amado's Motion Trio with cellist Miguel Mira and drummer Gabriel Ferrandini in his bands 7th full album, recorded live at the 2019 Vilnius Jazz Festival in Lithuania performing with special guest, pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach, for an extended improvisation of masterfully evolving changes and dynamics.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Coltrane, John: Chasin The Trane, Revisited
(ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

The 4-night engagement at the Village Vanguard in November 1961 with sidemen Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman, Jimmy Garrison & Elvin Jones resulted in saxophonist John Coltrane's 1962 "Live at the Village Vanguard" album, his evolving freedom surprisingly divisive and even decried as "anti-jazz", here reissued and remastered with a bonus version of "Spiritual".
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

Corcoran, Kevin / Jacob Felix Heule: Erosion [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]
(Notice Recordings)

An improvisational investigation into two bass drums over two extended recordings from West Coast experimental improvisers Kevin Corcoran and Jacob Felix Heule, as they apply an arsenal of unusual techniques and engage every inch of the drums with a diverse set of objects, evoking strange sounds, pattering rhythmic echoes, metallic cries and deep rumbling effects.
     Buy      $8.95      Listen          

Countryman, Rick: The First Bird
(ChapChap Records)

Taking his inspiration from the concepts and work of German fractal image & video artist Joerg Wand, US-born and Philippines-based alto saxophonist Rick Countryman presents his first unaccompanied saxophone album, as he flows, winds and weaves his saxophone along rich peninsular curves to illustrate Wand's vision through fluid and sustained playing.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Futterman, Joel: Creation Series [5CD BOX SET]

Five major works in a Creation Series concept from pianist Joel Futterman, each disc presenting from 2 to 4 parts in an ambitious and accomplished set of solo improvisations that start simply with monophonics and evolve into increasingly complex and inspired works of incredible creative control; a masterful release reflecting a lifetime of innovation and inventiveness.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $49.95      Listen          

Gardin, Per / Vasco Trilla: Singularity
(Creative Sources)

Swedish saxophonist Per Gärdin on alto and soprano, and Spanish percussionist Vasco Trilla performing primarily on timpani & gongs, along with clock chimes, metronomes and a drum set, recording in the studio between 2020 & 2021 in both Stockholm and Barcelona, the two favoring spacious environments for their improvisations as they expand and dissipate energy in perceptive ways.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Gustafsson, Mats / Otomo Yoshihide: Duo / Timing

Meeting at GOK Sound studio in Kichijoji, Japan in front of a small audience, Swedish baritone saxophonist Mats Gustafsson (The Thing, Fire!) also performing on flutephone and live electronics, and Otomo Yoshihide (Ground-Zero, Regenorchester) performing on guitar, turntable and banjo, recorded these eight amazing improvisations of unusual and unique attitudes and timing.
     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

La Sprezzatura Ensemble: Jones, Jean Claude (JC) / Esti Kenan Ofri / Oren Fried: Abstract Formative Discourse

Evocatively drawing on the exotic sounds and rigorous tenacity of the Middle East, The Sprezzatura Ensemble of Esti Kenan Ofri on voice, Jean Claude Jones on lap-style Spanish guitar and Oren Fried on drums and percussion, particularly classical & traditional drums & ringing tambourine bells, present five freely improvised chants recorded in Jerusalem between 2017-18.
     Buy      $10.95      Listen          

Mezei, Szilard Tubass Quintet: Rested Turquoise

Four double basses and a tuba, recorded in an arc to elucidate the sound of each instrumentalist, in Serbian improviser and composer Szilárd Mezei's deep-rooted Tubass Quintet, Mezei taking one of the double bass roles in place of his typical viola & violin work, as his compositions bring the deep instruments into both foundational and melodic territory.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Ongon: Exuvia [WHITE VINYL]
(Loup editions)

String player Antonio Bertoni (Leo Records, Astral Sprits) in his solo Ongon project seeks to bring back the shamanic elements of Moroccan Gnawa Music, particularly using the trance-inducing bass instrument guimbri, his hypnotic and exotic music set into a rich weaving of electronics, samples and concrete synthesis built ad hoc by Bertoni himself.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

Ongon: In Dispersione [VINYL]
(Loup editions)

Antonio Bertoni's solo Ongon project, trying to remove the mistreatment that the Moroccan Gnawa Music suffers due to the heavy western productions, as he performs on the trance-inducing bass instrument guimbri, his hypnotic and exotic music set into a rich weaving of electronics, samples and concrete synthesis built ad hoc by Bertoni himself; reference Natural Information Society.
     Buy      $20.95      Listen          

PEK Solo / An Orchestra of PEKs: Coulombs
(Evil Clown)

Recording as An Orchestra of PEKs--overdubbed tracks performing with his arsenal of metallic, percussive and electronics devices--intermediate mixes here of electric cello and electric upright bass through Moogerfooger stomp box and syntrix analog synthesizer and a metallic percussion mix, the various timbres interacting as a larger environment for PEK's reed improvisations.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Total Music Association: Walpurgisnacht

The first two tracks of this album reissue & remaster the 1971 self-released album by the German free jazz band Total Music Association of Hans-Jorg Hussong on (saxophones), Wilfried Eichorn (clarinet & sax), Andreas Boje (trombone), Erich Schroder (viola), Helmut Zimmer (piano), Matthias Boje (double bass) and Rudi Theilmann (drums), along with a 1988 studio session.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          



Chrysakis, Thanos / Dawid Frydryk / Edward Lucas / Sue Lynch / Adrian Northover : Five Shards
(Aural Terrains)

The edges of electroacoustic improviser and composer Thanos Chrysakis' shards are sharpened by the quartet of Dawid Frydryk on trumpet & electronics, Edward Lucas on trombone, Sue Lynch on flute & tenor saxophone and Adrian Northover on soprano saxophone, as Chryaskis generates evocative sonic environments over which the four horns mysteriously interact.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Machinefabriek: CM_30 (Music for a performance by Kolja Huneck)
(Not On Label (Machinefabriek Self-released) ‎)

Music written to accompany a light & juggling performance by German contemporary circus artist Kolja Huneck, Rutger Zuydervelt developing the compositions of these works using only short looping structures that weave and develop into a tapestry of sound, inspired by the repetitive motions of Kolja's performance and the 30 centimeter round discs with which he performs.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          



Flying Luttenbachers, The: Negative Infinity

Adhering to the tenets of "Dissonance, Speed, Aggression, Weirdness, and Singularity", Weasel Walter leads his Flying Luttenbachers in their 15th album of no wave, punk jazz & brutal prog, Weasel switching to guitar and yielding the drum chair to Sam Ospovat, as the band rips through ridiculously complex twists and turns, even taking on Albert Ayler's strange '66/'67 musical suites.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Sharp's, Elliott Terraplane: Century
(zOaR Records)

An unflinching look at life in post-Reconstruction America, commemorating the anniversary of Nancy Cunard's 1934 collection of African-American writings, poems, and song lyrics titled Negro: An Anthology, from Elliott Sharp's Terraplane, with vocalists Tracie Morris, Eric Mingus, Mikel Banks, and instrumentalist including Sharp, Dave Hofstra, recordings from Hubert Sumlin, &c.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $11.95      Listen          



Berkson, Judith: Liederkreis II [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]
(Notice Recordings)

Featuring electronically-augmented vocal interpretations of lieder songs by such composers as Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann, New York vocalist Judith Berkson also presents purely electronic pieces engaging noise and feedback-oriented vignettes, the evolution of her project started in 2016 as she re-contextualizes classical music in powerfully expressive ways.
     Buy      $8.95      Listen          

Cage, John / Apartment House: Number Pieces [4-CD BOX SET]
(Another Timbre)

A 4-disc box-set with a 44-page booklet of extensive notes, presenting John Cage's Number Pieces which he wrote in the last five years of his life, adapted for mid-size ensembles and performed by the London-based ensemble Apartment House, compositions 'Five' to 'Fourteen' along with alternative versions of three of the pieces; significant and essential.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $49.95      Listen          

Zethson, Alexander: Pole Of Inaccessibility [2 CDs]
(thanatosis produktion)

Darkly meditative and somber compositions for the lower registers of the grand piano accompanied by synthesizer, in two extended pieces by Je Suis! and Angles 9 pianist Alexander Zethson, using the interactions between the deep piano keys and synth more as a sound source than as a distinct instrument, each reshaping the other to create a cloud of sound.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          


The Squid's Ear The Squid's Ear is Squidco's companion online magazine, featuring reviews of Squidco items from independent writers.

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Amalgamated (Bengsten / Newell / Klampe / Richards):

David Birchall / Adam Fairhall / Michael Perrett / Yoni Silver / Otto Willberg:
Aggregate Glows In The Cold
(Creative Sources)

Brainhack Musicbox (Bobrytsky / Lisovsky / Boldenko):
(Brainhack Musicbox)

Ciao Ciao Cello:
Quiero Ver A Ese Monstruo
(zOaR Records)

Forbes / Young / Walter:
Hard Living

Four Letter Words (Piet / Wark / Harris):
Pinch Point

Gay - Wir Saunawirt

GPS Trio (Chris Pitsiokos / Luke Stewart / Devin Gray):
Blast Beat Blues
(Rataplan Records)

I/O: Carlos Santos / Ilrich Mitzlaff:
Studies on Colour Fields Modulation
(Creative Sources)

Izquierdo / Lewandowski / Kuldkepp / Mayer:
Favourite Galaxy
(Creative Sources)

Mara Kolibri / Fredi Proll:
Primus 17
(Creative Sources)

Yoon-Ji Lee :
(zOaR Records)

Small Pauer [3'' CD]

Modelbau (Frans de Waard):

Chris Moore / Adam Shead:
The Flower Of Paradise

New Old Luten Trio:
Short Night [3'' CD]

Itaru Oki Quartet:
Live At Jazz Spot Combo 1975

PEK Solo:
Completeness for Flutes and Double Reeds
(Evil Clown)

PEK Solo:
Complex and Real Dimensions
(Evil Clown)

Porphyr (Reuter / Krennerich):
(Creative Sources)

Rodrigues / Carvalho / Rodrigues / Valinho:
(Creative Sources)

Elliot Sharp :

Somnoroase Pasarele:
0RT0 (I-IV)

You Sung Jin / Vincent Laju:
(Creative Sources)

Mototeru Takagi Quartet:
Live At Little John, Yokohama 1999

Un Poco Loco (Fourneyron / Beliah / Gesser):
(Umlaut Records)

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