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Albert Ayler:
La Cave Live, Cleveland 1966 Revisited (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Never-before released recordings of tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler's 1966 band recording in his home town of Cleveland at club La Cave, recorded over two nights in a superb sextet with brother Donald on trumpet, Frank Wright on tenor sax, Michel Samson on violin, Clyde Shy on double bass and Ronald Shannon Jackson on drums, performing Aylers compositions and Don Cherry's "D.C.". ... Click to View

Judith Wegmann / Marlies Debacker / Lukas Biner / Nicolas Wolf:
Things In Between (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Featuring two pianists--Judith Wegmann and Marlies Debacker--and two percussionists--Lukas Briner and Nicolas Wolf (a duo who play concerts in the dark under the name of Night Shadow Noise)--in collective improvisations of two pianists or as a quartet of duel pianists and drummers, for seven exciting and sophisticated recordings of instant composition. ... Click to View

Irene Schweizer / Hamid Drake:
Celebration (Intakt)

Having performed together a number of times in festivals both in Europe and Chicago, the duo of drummer Hamid Drake and pianist Irene Schweizer reveals the familiarity and confidence their history brings to their improvisations, both in intense exchanges and playful melodic passages, as heard in this exemplary 2019 concert at Jazzgallery, in Nickelsdorf, Austria. ... Click to View

Tom Rainey Obbligato:
Untucked in Hannover (Intakt)

A collection of jazz standards performed with a modern approach to free playing, updating these essential melodies for the 21st century while adhering to their original warmth, from drummer Tom Rainey's exceptional New York Obligatto band of Ingrid Laubrock on saxophones, Ralph Alessi on trumpet, Drew Gress on bass, and Jacob Sacks on piano. ... Click to View

Punkt.Vrt.Plastik (Kaja Draksler / Petter Eldh / Christian Lillinger):
Somit (Intakt)

Perhaps one of the most complex piano trios active, Punkt.vrt.Plastik--Kaja Draksler on two different upright pianos, Petter Eldh on bass and Christian Lillinger on drums--explore unusual rhythmic approaches to jazz in exciting exchanges that fracture melody with rapidly veering impulse, always pulling back to reveal the mastery of their inventive playing. ... Click to View

Michael Formanek :
Imperfect Measures (Intakt)

Two decades after his last solo album, Michael Formanek returned to the studio to record these nine solo bass improvisations, each a profound spontaneous composition realizing structures and melodic development that incorporate journeys from abstraction into logical narrative territory as we follow the muse of a one of modern jazz' greatest bassists. ... Click to View

Ohad Talmor Trio (w/ Dan Weiss / Miles Okazaki):
Mise en place (Intakt)

Informed by the traditions of creative jazz; an interest in unusual time signatures; the music of Hinudstani and Brazil; through drummer Dan Weiss the influence of Indian Classical music; through Steve Coleman and Five Element compatriot, guitarist Miles Ozaki, an urban electric edge; making for an album both technically interesting and musically absolutely rewarding. ... Click to View

Brussel / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Kurvers:
Fantasy Eight (Creative Sources)

A set of succinct string improvisations using extraordinary technique and concentration with a chamber improvisation feeling, recorded at Vivaldisaal in Berlin from the quartet of Portuguese father & son improvisers Ernesto Rodrigues on viola and Guilherme Rodrigues on cello, and Berlin performers Julia Brussel on violin and Klaus Kurvers on double bass. ... Click to View

Sara Schoenbeck :
Sara Schoenbeck (Pyroclastic Records)

A document of bassoonist Sara Shoenbeck's collaborations recorded between 2019-2021 in recording studios across North America, showing the inspired curiosity she brings to improvisation through a diverse set of duos performed with Harris Eisenstadt, Nicole Mitchell, Nels Cline, Roscoe Mitchell, Matt Mitchell, Mark Dresser, Wayne Horvitz, Peggy Lee and Robin Holcomb. ... Click to View

Courvoisier / Halvorson:
Searching For The Disappeared Hour (Pyroclastic Records)

The second collaboration between pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and guitarist Mary Halvorson, six years after Crop Circles and a product of their tours together and the result of their both writing compositions specifically for their duo project, showing a level of communication that allows incredible inventiveness and moments of poignant exchange; exceptional. ... Click to View

William Parker (Parker / Carter / Drake):
Painters Winter (Aum Fidelity)

A 2nd season from composer, improviser & bassist William Parker, after his 2000 Thirsty Ear release Painter's Spring, this new trio album with drummer Hamid Drake, wind player Daniel Carter performing on trumpet, flute and reeds, and Parker himself on bass, trombonium & shakuhachi, paint the season with sound as they celebrate the winter through visionary jazz music. ... Click to View

Gay - Wir Saunawirt (Euphorium)

The curious album of Friedrich Kettlitz, co-founder of Euphorium_Freakestra, reciting his poems (in German) set in 25 miniature recordings, also performing on english worker's flute, pling, metal kettle, felt head mallet, temple bell, in a duo with Oliver Schwerdt on piano, as well as small percussive devices, voice, slide whistles, a zither, and little cubic cardbox. ... Click to View

Rodrigues / Parrinha / Hencleeday / Valinho:
Flat Music (Creative Sources)

Two extended acoustic improvisations of reductionist approaches recorded in the studio in Parede, Portugal in 2021 from the quartet of Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, Bruno Parrinha on bass clarinet, Andre Hencleeday on piano and Joao Valinho on percussion, guided by a poem from Rodrigues as they slowly and exquisitly explore a "Closed Window" and an "Open Window". ... Click to View

Florian Wittenburg :
Kranenburg Tree (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Using a metasynth, a software instrument that allows the user to draw or paint music, and a photograph of a small tree observed at a former train station in the German town of Kranenbur, composer Florian Wittenburg generates complex sound structures from the simple structures of the tree's branches used as a template for four rich sonic sketches. ... Click to View

Eva-Maria Houben :
3 Trios (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

"Trios" refers to the relationship of two keyboards and the pedals of an organ, as performed by accomplished American composer Carson Cooman as he patiently unfolds Eva-Maria Houben's three minimal compositions exploring the relationships between three melodic lines or three-tone chords, presented on the Organ Probsteikirche St. Ludgerus, in Billerbeck, Germany. ... Click to View

Aaron Breylin Foster / Luke Martin:
Recursive Retent (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Excerpting part of an eight-hour performance recorded over an amplified live environment of a text score for two pianists using one piano, each positioned at the opposite registers of the piano, one player creating a block of note phrases using intervals of a 2nd or 3rd with each note allowed to decay before the next, repeated by the other player following a set of rules. ... Click to View

Leo Genovese:
Ritual (577 Records)

Essentially a piano trio, Portuguese pianist and composer Leo Genovese leads his trio with Demian Cabaud on bass and renowned drummer Jeff Williams (Lookout Farm, Dave Liebman), also joined by Argentinian vocalist Nadia Larcheron for four pieces, Genovese's compositions using interesting structures that balance warmly lyrical and experimental approaches to modern jazz. ... Click to View

Ming Bau Set (feat Gerry Hemingway / Vera Baumann / Florestan Berset):
Yakut's Gallop (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Meeting regularly since 2018, these three Luzern, Switzerland improvisers have developed a shared language of collective creative improv, the best known of the three being drummer & percussionist Gerry Hemingway working with two younger generation musicians, acoustic & electric guitarist Florestan Berset and vocalist Vera Baumann, here in their first wonderfully paced album. ... Click to View

Whit Dickey / William Parker / Matthew Shipp:
Village Mothership [VINYL] (Tao Forms)

An exemplary piano trio of compatriots who have collaborated in configurations since the 1980s--drummer Whit Dickey, bassist William Parker and pianist Matthew Shipp--three New York legendary free players in their first record as a trio since 1992's Circular Temple, here in six studio group improvisations demonstrating their easy confidence in profound collective conversation. ... Click to View

Matthew Shipp:
Codebreaker [VINYL] (Tao Forms)

A fascinating solo piano record from New York free improvising luminary Matthew Shipp, a contemplative album that surprised even the pianist himself as he thoughtfully dissected harmonics to wring melodic fragments that bring sense to discursive streams of thought, his playing both investigational and charming, drawing an unlikely comparison to Bill Evans. ... Click to View

Andrea Parkins:
Two Rooms From The Memory Palace (Infrequent Seams Records)

Using piano, synthesizer, electronic feedback, field recordings and amplified objects, sound artist Andrea Parkins' long-cycle installation composition explores time and space in an 8-channel, multi-room work designed so that adjacent acoustical spaces respond to each other, creating shifting and unexpected sonic juxtapositions; CD package include a link to "The Third Room". ... Click to View

New Old Luten Trio:
Short Night [3'' CD] (Euphorium)

A 3" CD-EP of the New Old Luten Trio, expanded into a quintet by the addition of two double bassists--John Edwards and Robert Landfermann--to the lineup of Euro Free Jazz reedist Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, pianist Elan Pauer (aka Oliver Schwerdt) and drummer/percussionist Christian Lillinger, in the warm-up set before the concert yielding the album Tumult!. ... Click to View

Konstrukt feat. Thurston Moore:

A blistering set of improvisations featuring two electric guitarists--Konkstrukt's own Umut Caglar and NY Sonic improviser Thurston Moore--performing live at SalonIKSV in Istanbul, Turkey, blurring acoustics and electronics as the quintet creates intrepid environments for an intense journey in free improvisation, howling and biting along the way. ... Click to View

Vanessa Rossetto / Lionel Marchetti:
The Tower (The City) (erstwhile)

Three distinct compositions from the collaborative work of sound artists Vanessa Rossetto and Lionel Marchetti, the first a wonderfully complex work of musique concrète and acousmatic sources guided by the composers' instincts; "The Tower" expands their concepts through the addition of 18 voices, while the final track features the violin of Anouck Genthon. ... Click to View

Michael Pisaro-Liu :
Revolution Shuffle [2 CDs] (erstwhile)

Alarmed by the warning signs of social deterioration, political overreach and planetary damage warning of an imminent need for revolutionary change, composer and sound artist Michael Pisaro-Liu sought and plundered references in sound from historic and current sources, producing 53 tracks that are arranged to tell a story in a mosaic form; an incredible achievement. ... Click to View

Hyperreality (Evil Clown)

An offshoot of the Boston-area collective Metal Chaos Ensemble featuring multi-reedist PEK, also on percussion & electronics, Eric Woods on analog synth and Bob Moores on space trumpet, guitar and electronics, with guests Grant Beale on guitar & electronics and William Middlemiss Jr on guitar and electronics, in an electronic and clamorous extended improvisation. ... Click to View

Arcane Device:
n28 [2 CDS] (pulsewidth)

The darker side of David Lee Myer's Arcane Device project, six lettered works from his Noisewall Sessions 2020-2021, using feedback and controlled glitch, delicate noise and drone in long-form extended improvisations; six incredible sonic journeys, each copy of the 2-CD album a in an individual and numbered monoprint package, each copy unique from the other. ... Click to View

Arcane Device:
Ruins (No Rent)

Four mysteriously untitled and extended works of electronics subtitled Impressions From the Next Era, using feedback, aberrant sound, glitch, rich synthetics, bi-directional sound and indescribable sonic sources to fuel David Lee Myer's latest in his long-running and essential listening project Arcane Device; shimmering, inscrutable, and awe-inspiring. ... Click to View

Big Bad Brotzmann Quintet:
Bambule! (Euphorium)

An intense concert of collective European Free Jazz in two extended improvisations recorded at naTo in Leipzig, German in 2019 from the quintet of Peter Brotzmann on tenor saxophone, clarinet & tarogato, Oliver Schwerdt on grand piano, percussion & little instruments, John Edwards and John Eckhardt on double bass, and Christian Lillinger on drums & percussion. ... Click to View

Ornette Coleman :
New York Is Now & Love Call, Revisited (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

An overlooked chapter in Ornette Coleman's recording career, these two Blue Note albums recorded in NY in 1968 and issued in '68 & '71 feature the innovative alto saxophonist joined by West Coast tenor saxophonist recently moved to NYC, Dewey Redman, and Coltrane sidemen, drummer Elvin Jones & bassist Jimmy Garrison, for two sessions of inventive and accomplished free jazz. ... Click to View

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  Claire Chase 
  Density 2036 (2013-2015) & (2016-2017)  
  (Corbett vs. Dempsey) 

   review by Brian Olewnick
Claire Chase: Density 2036 (2013-2015) & (2016-2017) (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

These are the first two volumes, comprising four discs, of a massive project conceived by flutist Chase to extend through the year 2036. She has commissioned many dozens of new works in honor of the 100th anniversary of the seminal modern flute composition by Edgard Varése, 'Density 21.5'.

While it's impossible to know, should the project last through its completion, what the range of composers will be, one presumably gets at least a taste of it here. I think of it as wide-ranging within a certain ambit, one that might be described, not entirely seriously, as the "Bang On A Can" esthetic, an organization with which Chase has collaborated. That is to say, a premium placed on complexity, professional dexterity and an at times ungainly blend of academicism and street influences as opposed to what one might think of as a post-Cage/Wandelweiserian approach more concerned with placement of sounds in space, interpretive freedom on the part of the performer and an de-emphasis on technique. That said, Chase also extends her requests to composers from the jazz lineage and genre-straddling ones like Pauline Oliveros, so it's quite possibly far too early to make any predictions. Incidentally, the works chosen are by no means only for solo flute, encompassing over-tracking, electronics and collaborations with other musicians.

CD 1 (2013-2014) opens with 'Pessoa' by Marcos Balter, for six bass flutes. It begins in lovely fashion, a solo bass flute echoing shakuhachi forms, spare and floating, joined midway through by a small choir of flutes offering appreciative commentary. Things grow complex, the flutes eddying and swirling, always gently — a beautiful work. 'Luciform', by Mario Diaz de Leon, for flute and electronics, is one of those problematic ones for this listener — an intricate dance between the flute and dizzying electronic effects that seem a bit dated and unnecessarily hurried and dense. Bravura, but more éclat than substance. This is followed by two works from Felipa Lara, 'Meditation and Calligraphy' for solo bass flute and 'Parábolas na Caverna' for solo amplified flute. The former offsets plangent tones, sometimes imbued with subtle overtones, and harsher, sharp breath attacks; a short, strong piece evoking an uneasy stroll. The second is an expansive piece, the amplification seeming only to serve as an audio-sharpener, the attacks varied, running through perhaps a few too many variations to maintain a consistent feeling, but the playing intense and heartfelt enough to compensate. Each of Lara's compositions is impressive in its own right. George Lewis has been working with electronic accompaniments to acoustic instruments for a good many decades by now and his 'Emergent' is an excellent showcase for his approach. Utilizing the software he developed to allow for a responsive accompaniment of a human instrumentalist, the work begins like a furious territorial squabble between songbirds, for its duration fluttering back and forth from this aerial encounter, to much lower, almost sub-aquatic burblings and more probing interactions. Again, quite impressive, both in performance and conception. Du Yun's intriguingly titled 'An Empty Garlic', for bass flute and electronics, has its ruffles but is also gentle and fairly melodic in parts, certainly somber, with Chase singing softly through the flute, almost a lament. The disc concludes with a very fine reading of the project's inspiration, Varése's 'Density 21.5', incisive and vibrant.

Dai Fujikura's 'Lila' begins the second disc (2015). Scored for solo flute, bass flute and contrabass flute, it's in sections that span tour-de-force playing, quietly contemplative work (very attractive and, again, echoing shakuhachi music) and a third that kind of fluidly slips between these poles while edging sideways into other areas. The following two pieces, Francesca Verunelli's 'The Famous Box Trick' and 'Limn', bu Nathan Davis, both employ bass flute and electronics, the latter also calling for contrabass flute. The Verunelli is fluttery and ethereal for a while, before plummeting earthward, then splaying out in a complex welter of buzzes, sizzles and drones. 'Limn' opens things out a bit, airy though full of activity, much of it semi-vocalized, spat or otherwise breathily rasped by Chase, the lower flute and electronics often providing a thick, underlying bed. Subtitled 'a monodrama for solo flute', Jason Eckhardt's 'The Silenced' is more a compendium of extended techniques all too commonly heard for decades. The late Pauline Oliveros wrote 'Intensity 21.5: Grace Chase' specifically for Claire Chase (Grace was her grandmother), scoring it for speaking flutist, percussion and her live effects processing program known as the Expanded Instrument System (here played by Levy Lorenzo). It's an expansive work, with multiple plies flung out into space. Many of these are vocalizations — sputtered, whispered, moaned, cackled — perhaps testing the receptiveness of many a listener for whom such extended vocal techniques can be perceived as overweening and even embarrassing. For this listener, the results were mixed: the pure sonic aspects, the contrast in "blocks" of sound were inherently enjoyable enough, luxurious even, to provide a counterweight to any discomfort afforded by the baroque vocal gymnastics.

Disc 3 (2016) contains five pieces, all involving the flute(s) in the company of other instruments or programs. Suzanne Farrin's 'The Stimulus of Loss', is written for glissando flute (on which the mouthpiece is capable of sliding) and Ondes Martenot. The instruments mesh beautifully and complementarily. The lines they trace are delicate and bending, flexing gently but with firm spines — a lovely work. In recent years, both Tyshawn Sorey and Vijay Iyer have been striving to bridge the divide between jazz and contemporary "classical" music, the latter especially in his monumental 'Pillars' from a couple years back. Here, Sorey performs in duo with Chase on 'Bertha's Lair', and indeed much of the time, it resembles a vigorous, if tightly controlled, improvisation. Heard either way, as a written work or improvised, the pair succeeds in producing an exciting, vibrant performance; one would hope to hear more of this collaboration. Iyer's 'Five Empty Chambers', uses pre-recorded music from Chase (contrabass, alto, C-flute, piccolo and ocarina) and, via computer, fashions a rhythmically complex and percussive work. It achieves a nice, spikiness and sizzle, but again is perhaps more effects-driven than substantial. 'Gama XV: Piece for Two Speaker Dresses', by Pauchi Sasaki, utilizes, in a way difficult for this listener to picture, "speaker dresses" (plus violin, vocals and electronics) which seem to be just that, speakers worn as dresses, their output processed by the composer. Whatever the particulars, the work is breezy and dreamy, somehow evoking George Crumb, very refreshing and immersive. The disc closes with a very complex work from Richard Beaudoin, 'Another Woman of Another Kind', scored for flute and eight voices (sung by Roomful of Teeth) with texts by Paul Griffiths. The approach to the vocals varies widely, from rhythmically shouted, to choral-like singing, quavering microtones, spoken numbers and much more, some of it self-referential. The performances are very strong and confrontational, effective in that sense, if the overall structure seems somewhat unwieldy; this listener went back and forth, drawn in at times, put off by its in-your-face insistence at others.

The entirety of the fourth disc (2017) is given over to Marcos Balter's 'Pan', an eight part suite for speaking/singing flutist and large ensemble (Chase overdubbing the ensemble parts, largely percussive). While it might take some doing to parse out the specifically Pan-related aspects, there is a sense of a kind of agitated idyll brought forth, a distant, mythical soundscape of panpipes, winds and soft chimes, interrupted by occasional violence. Balter's palette is varied, even touching on something close to minimalism in 'Pan, Echo'. The vocalizations, as is often the case, can sound a bit routine (in an extended technique sense; you've likely heard similar over the years), but the piece as a whole is cohesive and texturally imaginative, conjuring into being its own world, which is no mean feat.

For any given listener, a project this extensive will necessarily involve hits and misses but Chase and the works she's commissioned, to these ears, score pretty highly. I should also add that, apart from being wonderfully performed, all of the pieces here are gorgeously recorded, using an apparently new system called Constellation, from Meyers Sound. The next fifteen years should be interesting....

Claire Chase: Density 2036 (2013-2015) & (2016-2017)
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