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SQUIDCO Email Update, August 20, 2021

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
August 20, 2021

"The aim of education is the knowledge,
Not of facts,
But of values."
—William S. Burroughs

   Creative Artists

• Black Top Presents: Drake/Mitchener/Parker/Robinson/Thomas
• William S. Burroughs
• Michel Doneda/Frederic Blondy/ Tetsu Saitoh
• East Axis (Shipp/Lowe/Cleaver/Ray)
• Julius Eastman
• Leo Genovese/Mariano Otero/Sergio Verdinelli
• Devin Gray/Dave Ballou/Ryan Ferreira
• Grid Mesh (Thewes/Schubert/Willers/Kellers)
• Gerrit Hatcher
• Jane in Ether (Klein/Mayas/Voutchkova)
• Yan Jun/Zhu Wenbo
• Jason Kahn
• Kimmel.Ali.Harris
• Korekyojinn (Yoshida/Nasuno/Natsuki)
• Joe McPhee/Michael Marcus/Jay Rosen/Warren Smith
• Metal Chaos Ensemble
• Philippakopoulos, Anastassis/Jerg Frey
• Oliver Schwerdt/Baby Sommer/Barry Guy
• Elliott Sharp's Terraplane
• State of the Union 2.001 [3 CD BOX SET]

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

577 Records
Creative Sources
Electronic Music Foundation

Evil Clown
Magaibutsu Limited
Mahakala Music
Paradigm Discs
Rataplan Records
Relative Pitch
Sub Rosa
zOaR Records


   Jazz & Improvisation

Black Top Presents: Hamid Drake / Elaine Mitchener / William Parker / Orphy Robinson / Pat Thomas: Some Good News [2 CDs]

Bringing together the rhythm section of frequent collaborators, percussionist Hamid Drake and bassist William Parker, with London's improvising duo Black Top of Orphy Robinson on marimba and electronics & Pat Thomas on piano & electronics, plus improvising vocalist Elaine Mitchener, for a passionate and often ecstatically cathartic live concert at Cafe OTO.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Doneda, Michel / Frederic Blondy / Tetsu Saitoh: Spring Road 16
(Relative Pitch)

After 30 years of collaboration between French saxophonist Michel Doneda and Japanese double bassist Tetsu Saitoh, this 2016 recording was to be their last due to the premature passing of Saitoh, the two heard here in a trio with pianist Frederic Blondy recorded for Radio France in a remarkable and consuming performances of fully free and often darkly savage improvisation.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

East Axis (Matthew Shipp / Allen Lowe / Gerald Cleaver / Kevin Ray): Cool With That

A definitive album of modern creative jazz and free improvisation, from confident lyrical exchanges to creative interaction and rock solid foundations from a bedrock rhythm section, heard in these studio recordings from the New York quartet of Matthew Shipp on piano, Allen Lowe on alto & tenor saxophones, Gerald Cleaver on drums and Kevin Ray on bass.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Genovese, Leo / Mariano Otero / Sergio Verdinelli: Trio Sin Tiempo: Ritmos de Agua
(577 Records)

A lyrical piano trio album from three seasoned Argentinian-born improvising musicians -- Leo Genovese on piano, Mariano Otero on bass and Sergio Verdinelli on drums -- each contributing compositions to the album, along with one piece by Luis Alberto Spinetta, with whom Verdinelli has performed extensively; a lovely and sophisticated album of modern jazz.
     Buy      $13.99      Listen          

Gray, Devin / Dave Ballou / Ryan Ferreira : Socialytics
(Rataplan Records)

Socialytics signifies analysis of social media to reach out for human interaction, here through NY composer and drummer Devin Gray's music representing sonic examples of those attainments, heard through stellar trio playing with trumpeter Dave Ballou and guitarist Ryan Ferreira, the latter adding electronic rhythmic components to their creative conversation.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Grid Mesh (Thewes / Schubert / Willers / Kellers): Four
(Creative Sources)

Though listing four tracks, this is an indexed continuous concert from the German Grid Mesh quartet of Christof Thewes on trombone, Frank Paul Schubert on alto & soprano saxophones, Andreas Willers on electric guitar and Willi Kellers on drums & percussion, performing at Spielraum Schiffweiler-Heiligenwald in Germany in 2020 for a wildly buidling concert of free collective force.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Hatcher, Gerrit: Good Weight [CASSETTE]

Chicago tenor saxophonist Gerrit Hatcher, known for his duos with Anton Hatwich and with Julian Kirshner, the improvising trio Devouring the Guilt with Eli Namay & Bill Harris and a trio with Mars Williams & Lia Kohl, is heard here in three extended solo improvisations, with strong tone riffing on grooves, exuding warm melodies, and running demanding technical passages on his horn.
     Buy      $6.95      Listen          

Jane in Ether (Klein / Mayas / Voutchkova): Spoken/Unspoken

Exquisitely delicate improvisation using piano, violin, recorders and voice from the Berlin trio of Magda Mayas (piano), Miako Klein (recorders) and Biliana Voutchkova (violin and voice), balancing spacious interaction with tightly detailed exchanges, fascinating in its exotic approach to sound, texture and gesture in an expressive and passionate set of improvisations.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Jun, Yan / Zhu Wenbo: Twice

Beijing sound artists Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo developed this hour-long sound composition from independent recordings, a set of abstractions through recordings in the field, mechanical and electronic devices, human voice and utterance, acoustic and electronic instruments, &c. &c., made cohesive and compelling through independent time assignments by each artist; inexplicably interesting.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Kimmel.Ali.Harris: Vivary

A diverse set of electroacoustic improvisations, including pointillistic interplay, free explorations merging contemporary compositional cues, pieces composed around specific parameters and evolving experimental soundscapes, from the Michigan trio Kimmel.Ali.Harris of Jeff Kimmel on clarinet & electronics, Ishmael Ali on cello, guitar & electronics, and Bill Harris on drums & synth.
     Buy      $9.95      Listen          

McPhee, Joe / Michael Marcus / Jay Rosen / Warren Smith: Blue Reality Quartet!
(Mahakala Music)

Woodwind player Michael Marcus' duo with drummer Jay Rosen performed with fellow reedsman Joe McPhee and a 2nd drummer at the Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf in 2018, the concept so appealing that he took it to the studio in New York, with Warren Smith handling the 2nd drum part and cementing this unusually orchestrated and elegantly passionate band as "The Blue Reality Quartet".
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Metal Chaos Ensemble: Atomic Tuna
(Evil Clown)

Based around gongs, chimes, glockenspiel, Tibetan bowls and many other metallic sounds, plus reeds and horns, signal processing & synths, the Boston improvising core duo of Metal Chaos Ensemble is formed by percussionist Yuri Zbitnoff and multi-reedist David Peck, here joined by guest electric bass player Mike Gruen to create a power trio edition of the band.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Schwerdt, Oliver / Baby Sommer / Barry Guy ‎: One For My Baby And One More For The Bass [2 CDs]

A trio sounding much larger than its three contributors--Oliver Schwerdt on grand piano, percussion & little instruments, Baby Sommer on drums, cymbals & percussion and Barry Guy on double bass--captured in concert at naTo, in Leipzig, Germany in 2019 for a joyful and assertive album of collective free improv that merges contemporary, free and jazz idioms seamlessly.
Squidco Pick

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Sharp's, Elliott Terraplane: Kick It Six
(zOaR Records)

The title referencing a Blind Willie McTell entreaty to himself, Elliott Sharp's contemporary blues project Teraplane truly "kicks" in 8 burning pieces of concentrated guitar work from Sharp, solo and in overdub, recording in Studio zOaR while performing on electric guitar, vong co guitar, lap steel guitar, console steel guitars, mandocello, mandola, basses & drum programming.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Various Artists: State of the Union 2.001 [3 CD BOX SET]
(Electronic Music Foundation)

Originally released in 2001, Elliott Sharp's production of this 3-CD set collects 171 1-minute pieces from international artists over a vast field of musical approaches, with contributors including Christian Marclay, Eric Mingus, Fred Frith, Harry Smith, Henry Kaiser, Ikue Mori, Jack Womack, Jad Fair, Joey Baron, Marc Ribot, Merzbow, Phill Niblock, Zeena Parkins, &c. &c.
Squidco Pick

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Burroughs, William S.: Ali's Smile [VINYL]
(Paradigm Discs)

Two sides of author and narrative performer William S. Burroughs: the first official reissue of Ali's Smile, a 1-sided LP released in 1971 in an edition of 99 copies, pressed to help the Unicorn Bookshop fight off an obscenity lawsuit; then 30 minutes of audio tape recorded in 1963 by Burroughs in answer to questions mailed to him by a freelance journalist.
     Buy      $27.95          

Kahn, Jason: Infinity Suite [BOOK + CD]

A 60 page book and CD from sound artist Jason Kahn, the audio composition representing an interconnected set of sound impressions focused on the Indian city of Varanasi, using field recordings of life on the street, the people, animals & music heard there, into the holy sites of the city, the school rooms, ending with a cremation and inevitable quiet at end of day.
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Korekyojinn (Yoshida / Nasuno / Natsuki): Mesopotamia
(Magaibutsu Limited)

The Japanese Korekyojinn trio of Tatsuya Yoshida on drums, Mitsuru Nasuno on bass and Kido Natsuki on guitar continue their high energy approach to prog and jazz/rock with this, their 6th studio album over 20 years, in seven new pieces of extended instrumental works maintaining the effortlessly complex & joyful interplay amid quickly shifting time signatures and melodic changes.
Squidco Pick

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Eastman, Julius: Three Extended Pieces For Four Pianos [2 CDs]
(Sub Rosa)

Three works for four pianists presented on two CDs from late New York School and radical outsider, composer Julius Eastman--"Evil Nigger", "Gay Guerilla" and "Crazy Nigger"--performed by internationally renowned pianists Nicolas Horvath, Melaine Dalibert, Stephane Ginsburgh and Wilhem Latchoumia, recorded live in 2019 at the Festival Musica in Strasbourg, France.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Philippakopoulos, Anastassis / Jürg Frey: Wind And Light

Wandelweiser composer and pianist Anastassis Philippakopoulos presents four solo clarinet pieces performed by fellow Wandelweiser member, Swiss composer and clarinetist Jürg Frey, and three solo piano pieces performed by himself, in a beautiful album of delicately minimal and fragile music inspired by and reflecting the natural landscape of Greece.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          


The Squid's Ear The Squid's Ear is Squidco's companion online magazine, featuring reviews of Squidco items from independent writers.

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Amalgamated (Bengsten / Newell / Klampe / Richards):

David Birchall / Adam Fairhall / Michael Perrett / Yoni Silver / Otto Willberg:
Aggregate Glows In The Cold
(Creative Sources)

Lucio Bonaldo:
Concrete Union
(Creative Sources)

Joseph Branciforte / Theo Bleckmann :

Chansons du Crepuscule (Helene Breschand / Elliott Sharp):
(zOaR Records)

Tom Cora / David Moss:
Cargo Cult Revival

Axel Dorner / Roger Turner / Ra Ra da Boff:
London Leipzig Berlin

2 Trios & 2 Babies

Die Abenteuer des Birg Borgenthal

Grand Casino [3 CDS]

EUPHORIUM_freakestra :
Soundz Offfe Drzk Wahuh [2 CDs]


Four Letter Words (Piet / Wark / Harris):

Four Letter Words (Piet / Wark / Harris):
Pinch Point

Gay - Wir Saunawirt

Per Gardin / Vasco Trilla:
(Creative Sources)

I/O: Carlos Santos / Ilrich Mitzlaff:
Studies on Colour Fields Modulation
(Creative Sources)

Izquierdo / Lewandowski / Kuldkepp / Mayer:
Favourite Galaxy
(Creative Sources)

The J. & F. Band :
Cajun Blue
(Long Song Records)

The J. & F. Band (Fonda / Tononi / Durante / Grissom / Irabagon / Parrini / Rodgers / Sharrard):
Me and the Devil
(Long Song Records)

Throw Neck

Jean Jone Claude (JC) / Raymond Boni:
Visions of Sound

Jean Jones Claude (Jc) / and friends:

Jean Jones Claude (JC) / Esti Kenan Ofri / Oren Fried:
La Sprezzatura Ensemble

Kenneth Kirschner / Joseph Branciforte:
From the Machine: Volume 1 [VINYL]

Small Pauer [3'' CD]

Liuzzi / Massaro / La Volpe / Martusciello:
Elica Multisensory Improvisation
(Creative Sources)

Modelbau (Frans de Waard):

Chris Moore / Adam Shead:
The Flower Of Paradise

Bill Nace:
One Note (Solo Guitar 2) [VINYL]
(Open Mouth)

Never (Bennett / Wright / Darrup):
Not Nothing

New Old Luten Quintet:
Big Pauer

New Old Luten Septet:

New Old Luten Trio:
Short Night [3'' CD]

Omegatre (Colafiglio / Romano / Cicala):
Terre Rare
(Creative Sources)

PEK Solo:
Completeness for Flutes and Double Reeds
(Evil Clown)

PEK Solo:
Complex and Real Dimensions
(Evil Clown)

PEK Solo:
(Evil Clown)

PEK Solo:
For Alto (For Anthony Braxton)
(Evil Clown)

PEK Solo :
Semantic Notions [3 CDs]
(Evil Clown)

PEK Solo / An Orchestra of PEKs:
(Evil Clown)

Matt Piet:

Werner Puntigam / Beat Keller / Georg Wilbertz:
(zOaR Records)

Rodrigues / Carvalho / Rodrigues / Valinho:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Joana Sa / Luisa Goncalves / Carlos Santos:
(Creative Sources)

Oliver Schwerdt :
Prestige / No Smoking [2CDs]

Oliver Schwerdt :
Storming Bauhaus [2CDs]

Oliver Schwerdt / Gunter Sommer :
Dry Swing / Tandem Spaces

Elliot Sharp :

Elliot Sharp / Orchestra Carbon:
(zOaR Records)

Elliot: Sharp Tectonics:
Field & Stream
(Knitting Factory)

Somnoroase Pasarele:
0RT0 (I-IV)

Synkretika (Carl Stone / Elliott Sharp):
Live in Tokyo
(zOaR Records)

Un Poco Loco (Fourneyron / Beliah / Gesser):
(Umlaut Records)

Anna Webber:
Idiom [2 CDs]
(Pi Recordings)

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