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SQUIDCO Email Update, February 14, 2019

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
February 14, 2019

"I like music a lot better
When you can hear it more than one way, and it works —
The logic is there,
There are more ways to make sense of it."
—Larry Ochs

Squid Bubbles  Creative Artists

• Bloor
• Maja Bugge
• Ron Caines/Martin Archer Axis
• Laura Cole
• Alberto Conde Iberian Roots Trio
• Jose Dias
• Diceros (Rodrigues/Mira/Silva/Curado/Almeida/Chagas /...)
• Dunmall/Siegel/Pursglove/Sanders
• Dunmall/Gibbs/Owston/Bashford
• Ferran Fages
• Luis Ianes
• James Lewis Brandon (Lewis/Branch/Stewart/Pirog/Crudup III)
• Jorgen Mathisen's Instant Light
• Larry Ochs/Gerald Cleaver/Nels Cline
• Dietrich Petzold/Ernesto Rodrigues/Guilherme Rodrigues
• Howard Riley
• Rodrigues/Cirera/Pinheiro/Santos
• Rodrigues/Parrinha/Torres/Galao
• Wschod (Pinheiro/Kozera/Suchar)

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

Astral Spirits
Clean Feed
Creative Sources

Edition Wandelweiser
Relative Pitch

   Jazz & Improvisation

Bloor: Drolleries
(Astral Spirits)

Drolleries are small creatures adorning the margins of 13th-15th century illuminated manuscripts; Sam Weinberger is a Brooklyn saxophonist known for groups W-2, and this Bloor project with electric guitarist Andrew Smiley and drummer Jason Nazary, an assertive and rugged trio playing Weinberg's compositions about the perceptual phenomenon of ever-changing repetition.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Bloor: Drolleries [CASSETTE + DOwNLOAD]
(Astral Spirits)

Cassetete + Download edition of the CD listed above.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Bugge, Maja : No Exit

Recorded in Britain's longest tunnel--the Standedge Canal Tunnel--during the Marsden Jazz Festival 2017, Norwegian cellist and composer Maja Bugge's solo album uses the natural resonance of the tunnel as an accompaniment to her expressive playing, recorded at a concert that blended composed work with improvisations that respond to the tunnel's unique resonant properties.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Caines, Ron / Martin Archer Axis: Les Oiseaux de Matisse

Saxophonist Ron Caines, who led the innovative band East of Eden in the late 60s, joins a septet including Martin Archer on reeds & electronics, Laura Cole on keys, Gus Garside on bass, Johnny Hunter on drums, Graham Clark on violin & guitar, and Herve Perez on live sound processing & shakuhachi, as they merge improv with real time processing and studio collage.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Conde, Alberto Iberian Roots Trio: The Wake Of An Artist - Tribute To Bernardo Sassetti
(Clean Feed)

A tribute to pianist and composer Bernardo Sassetti from a trio that includes two members of Sassetti's Trio--bassist Carlos Barretto and drummer Alexandre Frazao--along with pianist Alberto Conde and violist Jose Valente, as they interpret Sassetti compositions, a Federico Mompou piece Sassetti played frequently, along with original compositions from all members.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Dias, Jose : After Silence, Vol.1
(Clean Feed)

Portuguese guitarist Jose Dias steps away from his quartet and trio, and from the many scores for theatre, contemporary dance and animation film that he's composed, to focus on his solo electric guitar work, in this album that applies subtle affects and a warm, ethereal ambiance to expressive and passionate pieces, each conveying a sense of narrative and purpose.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Dunmall / Siegel / Pursglove / Sanders: As One Does

Two saxophones take the front line in Paul Dunmall's 2018 studio album, the leader on tenor saxophone with fellow tenor player Julian Siegel, also on bass clarinet, while Mark Sanders drums and Percy Pursglove handles bass and also trumpet, as the band falls into a hard bop mode, weaving lines together over wonderfully turbulent and soulful grooves; outstanding.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Dunmall, Paul / Philip Gibbs / James Owston / Jim Bashford: Inner And Outer

Paul Dunmall's 2018 studio album in a quartet with James Owston on bass, Jim Bashford on drums, Philip Gibbs on guitar, and Dunmall on tenor saxophone, Gibbs's hollow-body opening up the band sound as Owston and Bashford trade rapid responses or provide solid grooves, the themes of the dialogs focused on space and time through intricate, complex and profound interaction.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Ianes, Luis: Antiguas Construcciones Utiles (Crusoe)
(Creative Sources)

With references to "Robinson Crusoe" and titles referencing islands, the sea and shipwrecks, Argentinian guitarist living in Brooklyn, NY, Luis Ianes (Parias Ensemble) records his album that roughly translates to "Useful Ancient Constructions", using effects to create percussive, accompanying, and aquatic sounds, sometimes idiosyncratic, always interesting.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Lewis, James Brandon (Lewis / Branch / Stewart / Pirog / Crudup III): An Unruly Manifesto
(Relative Pitch)

New York tenor saxophonist James Brandon Lewis leads a quintet with Jaimie Branch on trumpet, Luke Stewart on bass, Anthony Pirog on guitar, and Warren Trae Crudup III on drums, in a free jazz album dedicated to Charlie Haden & Ornette Coleman and Surrealism, modern creative music with one foot planted in the 70s and one in the 2010s.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Mathisen's, Jorgen Instant Light: Mayhall's Object
(Clean Feed)

Saxophonist Jorgen Mathisen (The Core) composes for and leads his quartet with fellow Norwegian players Erlend Slettevoll on piano, Trygve Waldemar Fiske on double bass, and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen on drums, through six lyrical free jazz compositions, often in a Coltrane mode, his music influenced by sci-fi, Sun Ra, and Philip K. Dick; a solid record of modern jazz.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Ochs, Larry / Gerald Cleaver / Nels Cline: What Is To Be Done
(Clean Feed)

The first release from the trio of Nels Cline, Gerald Cleaver, and Larry Ochs in a 2016 concert at Gallery5 Arts, in Richmond, Virginia, captured as part of the trio's series touring around the Northeast each December since 2015, playing what Larry Ochs describes as music that "seeks sonically to soothe, to inspire, and to conspire", in three urgent and powerful improvisations.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Petzold, Dietrich / Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues : Ljubljana
(Creative Sources)

German violinist & composer Dietrich Petzold joins violist Ernesto Rodrigues and cellist Guilherme Rodrigues, Petzold also bringing along a viola, clavichord and bowed metal objects, as the three perform live at SKUC Gallery, in Ljubljana, Slovenia for the 6 improvisations that build from languid tonal environments to detailed, rapid improv, all with remarkable control and patience.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Riley, Howard: Live In The USA

The brilliant UK pianist John Riley is caught live in a US tour in the fall of 1976, recorded at 3 locations in NYC and in Buffalo, NY, each of the well-recorded improvisation a masterwork of extended form as he plays both outside and inside the piano, ranging from warm sections of lyrical quality to fast-paced streams of consciousness in a Cecil Taylor mode; magnificent.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Rodrigues, Ernesto / Albert Cirera / Rodrigo Pinheiro / Carlos Santos: 3 Phases (I) White
(Creative Sources)

"3 Phases", or different aspects of the approach that violist Ernesto Rodrigues applies to improvisation, in three different groupings over three different days, all live at O'Culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon, Portugal in 2018, here in an ea-improv setting with Albert Cirera on tenor saxophone, Rodrigo Pinheiro on piano, & Carlos Santos on field recordings & sine waves.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Rodrigues, Ernesto / Bruno Parrinha / Nuno Torres / Paulo Galao: 3 Phases (II) Grey
(Creative Sources)

"3 Phases", or different aspects of the approach that violist Ernesto Rodrigues applies to improvisation, in three different groupings over three different days, all live at O'Culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon, Portugal in 2018, here in an acoustic sax trio with strings, with Bruno Parrinha on soprano, Nuno Torres on alto, Paulo Galao on tenor sax.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Diceros (Rodrigues / Mira / Silva / Curado / Almeida / Chagas /...): 3 Phases (III) Black
(Creative Sources)

"3 Phases", or 3 aspects of the approach that violist Ernesto Rodrigues applies to improvisation, in 3 different groupings over 3 different concerts at O'Culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon, here in an electroacoustic ensemble with Miguel Mira, Guilherme Rodrigues, Joao Silva, Eduardo Chagas, Paulo Curado, Noel Taylor, Miguel Almeida, Andre Holzer, Andre Hencleeday, Carlos Santos, and Joao Valinho.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Wschod (Pinheiro / Kozera / Suchar): Wschod
(Clean Feed)

Red Trio pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro joins Polish free improvisers, drummer Kuba Suchar from the European band Robotobibok (which became Mikrokolektyw), and double bassist Zbigniew Kozera from Sundogs and LEM, for five collective improvisations, diverse and dynamic dialogs of profound technique and creative intention.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          



Cole, Laura: Enough [2 CDS]

Pianist Laura Cole's first solo album presents 2 CDs; the first a collection of arrangements of pieces given to Cole for the album from friends and colleagues, including Robert Mitchell, Alex Wilson, Nikki Iles, Jason Yarde and Corey Mwamba; the 2nd disc, "As Warm As The Sun" is a collection of compositions and improvisations by Cole herself.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Fages, Ferran : Detuning Series For Guitar
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

The 2nd part of a trilogy for guitar and sinetones composed between 2015-18, alongside "What Might Occur (Rereadings of Triadic Memories by Morton Feldman for guitar and sinewaves)" (2015-17) and "Un Lloc Entre Dos Records" (2017); this work, originally written in 2016, and revised in 2018, is heard in a recording at GMEA, France, with guitarist Benjamin Maumus.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

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Gestalder / Marion / Becheanu:
3 vues d'un paysage / 3 views of a landscape
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Jason Hwang Kao (Bynum / Daley / Drury / Filiano / Li / Swell / Guowei):
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Songbook #7 [VINYL]
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Tom Rainey Trio (w/ Laubrock / Halvorson):

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Santos:
Le Havre
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/ Rodrigues Leblanc / Ferreira Lopes:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues / Miguel Mira / Anna Piosik / Carlos Santos:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues / Miguel Mira / Carlos Santos:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Lauri Hyvarinen / Abdul Moimeme / Carlos Santos:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Paulo Curado / Bruno Parrinha / Eduardo Chagas:
(Creative Sources)

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Trio Heinz Herbert (Landolt / Landolt / Hanni):

Valid Tractor (Pat Thomas / Dominic Lash / Lawrence Casserley):
On The Validity Of Tractors

Vandermark / Wooley / Courvoisier / Rainey:
Noise Of Our Time

VocColours & Andrei Razin:
(Creative Sources)

Xenofox / Joke Lanz:
(Oltrarno Raw)

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