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SQUIDCO Email Update January 26, 2018

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
January 26, 2018

"If you listen to nature,
all the sounds are done in a confident way."
—Roscoe Mitchell

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Relative Pitch
Sorcerer Records
Trost Records

      Creative Artists
• Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Feat. Pika
• Becoming Animal (Massimo Pupillo/Gordon Sharp)
• Peter Blegvad
• Boneshaker
• Dog Faced Hermans
• Alexander Frangenheim/Nikolaus Neuser/Richard Scott
• Ben Hall's Racehorse Names (w/ Joe Morris)
• Christian Kobi
  (solo and with Taku Sugimoto/Yoko Ikeda/Wakana Ikeda
• Kodian Trio
• Kramer (Feat Bill Frisell)
• Lambinet/Palosz/Sokolowski/Szuszkiewicz/Ziporyn
• Lopez/Nelson/Nicodemou/Cleaver
• Made to Break
• Kan Mikami/John Edwards/Alex Nielson
• Roscoe Mitchell/Matthew Shipp
• Novaks Kapelle
• Otopus
• William Parker
• Didier Petit
• Strycharski/Andriessen
• Third Coast Ensemble

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   Jazz & Improvisation

Becoming Animal (Massimo Pupillo / Gordon Sharp): A Distant Hand Lifted [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

An album of dark atmospheric electroacoustic sound with voice and introductory narrative from Zu bassist Massimo Pupillo and Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk, the first meeting between the two, performed live at Cafe Oto for four pieces of rich sonics, emotional and hypnotic playing from two creative masters with a long history of powerful and passionate music.
     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Boneshaker: Thinking Out Loud [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

The third album from this international trio of powerful improvisers--Norwegian drummer/percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love, Chicago bassist Kent Kessler, and Chicago/NY saxophonist Mars William-- in four odysseys that take the listener from introspective playing to out and out blowing, using technique to serve their incredible dialog.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Frangenheim, Alexander / Nikolaus Neuser / Richard Scott: Trialectics
(Creative Sources)

Active and exciting electroacoustic improvisation with a strong emphasis on the electronics from Richard Scott and his uniquely developed modular synthesizer, from this Berlin-based collective trio with double bassist Alexander Frangenheim and trumpeter Nikolaus Neuser, exploring Trialectics, a complex system of 21st century thought and formal logic.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Hall's, Ben Racehorse Names (w/ Joe Morris): The New Favorite Thing Called Breathing
(Relative Pitch)

Out and unusual compositions from drummer Ben Hall and his sextet with Mick Dobday on electric piano & organ, Anthony Levin Decanini on electronics, Ronnie Zawadi on percussion, John Dierker on reeds, Mike Khoury on viola & violin, and joined by Joe Morris on guitar, for 6 "Spines", free compositions using odd compositional structures leading to superb solo and group playing.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Kobi, Christian (solo and with Taku Sugimoto / Yoko Ikeda / Wakana Ikeda: Atta! [VINYL]

Four solo saxophone improvisations, two on tenor and two on soprano, using remarkable technique and concentration from Swiss improviser Christian Kobi performing live in Tokyo and Osaka in 2017, plus a live quartet improvisation with flutist Wakana Ikeda, violinist Yoko Ikeda, and guitarist Taku Sugimoto for an open-approached performance of detailed, minimal improv.
     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

Kodian Trio: II [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

The uniquely voiced free improvising Kodian Trio formed of saxophonist Colin Webster using aggressive techniques and unusual approaches to his horn, electric guitarist Dirk Serries (vidnaObmana) throwing spiky lines in forceful and unorthodox dialog, and in-demand UK drummer Andrew Lisle providing underpinning and punctuation, in six far-ranging and impressive tracks.
     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Lopez / Nelson / Nicodemou / Cleaver: The Industry Of Entropy
(Relative Pitch)

A great example of Downtown New York modern improvisation that takes unexpected twists and turns, from the collective quartet of bassist Brandon Lopez, a frequent collaborator with Nate Wooley and Ivo Perelman, tenor saxophonist Matt Nelson ( tUnE-yArDs), vibraphonist Andria Nicodemou (Thread Ensemble, Taylor Ho Bynum), and Gerald Cleaver (Veil of Names, Uncle June, &c).
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Made to Break: Trebuchet
(Trost Records)

The eighth release from Ken Vandermark's hard-hitting quartet with Austrian electronic improviser Christof Kurzmann, Netherlands bassist Jasper Stadhouders, and Chicago drummer and frequent Vandermark collaborator Tim Daisy, for 3 vigorous and extreme pieces dedicated to Shellac, Susan Sontag, and Kerry James Marshall; powerful, informed, essential.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Made to Break: Trebuchet [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

Vinyl edition of the CD listed above
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Mikami, Kan / John Edwards / Alex Nielson: Live at Cafe Oto [VINYL]

More typically a solo performer, Japanese bluesman Kan Mikami has created a distinctive path for his voice, guitar and poetic lyrics; here he is propelled in an improvisational setting with two powerful UK players--John Edwards on bass and Alex Neilson on drums--captured live at London's Cafe Oto for a growling concert of finesse and brusque attitude.
     Buy      $26.95      Listen          

Mitchell, Roscoe / Matthew Shipp: Accelerated Projection

A masterful concert recorded at Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival in Sardinia, Italy in 2005 between Chicago AACM legendary saxophonist and composer Roscoe Mitchell, performing on alto and soprano saxophones, and New York pianist Matthew Shipp, a member of Mitchell's Note Factor for 10 years, here presenting a 7 part work, pushing and challenging each other to great heights.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Otopus (Rodrigues / Humm / Curado / Piosik / Hencleeday / Almeida / Santos / Godinho): Vulgaris
(Creative Sources)

Correctly configured, the Portugese ensemble Octopus is an octet, and though named after the most common of the breed, this 8-tentacled orchestration of strings, flute, trumpet, piano, guitar, electronics and percussion, all using extended techniques, slides deftly and with incredible restraint through a large, detailed dark-water work of electroacoustic improvisation.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Parker, William : Conversations II Dialogues & Monologues [CD & BOOK]

The 2nd volume in New York free improvising basist William Parker's "Conversations" series, more than 500 pages with 32 interview between William Parker and artists including Marshall Allen, Tim Berne, Wadada Leo Smith, Mark Dresser, Henry Grimes, &c &c, plus a CD excerpting those interviews and punctuated with duos between Parker and saxophonist Kidd Jordan.
     Buy      $44.95      Listen          

Petit, Didier : D'Accord

An absolutely phenomenal example of free improvisation, both on cello and on voice, from French improviser Didier Petite performing live at La Plantation, in Beijing, China in 2016, showing profoundly great skill, a fount of creative impulse and ideas, and wonderfully idiosyncratic vocals and songs to accompany himself; an inspiring and delightful record.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Third Coast Ensemble: Wrecks

Merging France's Nautilis Ensemble with musicians from Chicago created this large improvising orchestra, here in a new suite composed by Rob Mazurek and dedicated to Great Lake Michigan and the devestation of thousands of shipwrecks over many centuries, using historical data, first hand accounts of shipwrecks off both shores, magical realism and steampunk aesthetics.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          



Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Feat. Pika: Astro Infinity Discotheque [VINYL 2 LPs]
(Bam Balam Records)

A live album in 2016 from the mind-blowing and prolific Japanese psychedelic improvising rock band Acid Mothers Temple with Kawabata Makoto, Higashi Hiroshi, Mitsuru Tabata, Stoshima Nani, S T, and Pika, performing some of their well known works and starting with Gong's "Flying Teapot", all recorded at 15th Acid Mothers Temple Festival at Tokuzo (Nagoya).
     Buy      $31.95      Listen          

Blegvad, Peter : Go Figure
(Recommended Records)

Peter Blegvad expands his trio with Henry Cow alumni, drummer Chris Cutler and bassist John Greaves, this time with Karen Mantler on keys and chordal instruments, and Bob Drake on guitar, voice and percussion, reworking songs from his solo career and work with Slapp Happy, alongside new numbers of classic Blegvad wordplay, wit, depth and humor; like the label, Recommended!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Dog Faced Hermans: Humans Fly [VINYL]
(Sorcerer Records)

Sharing guitarist Andy Moor of The Ex, this quartet's first album established them as a truly alternative and intelligent rock band that incorporated free playing, a band literate and technically skilled but upholding a punk/no-wave drive and determination, with political and socially conscious attitudes, and superlative upbeat and danceable music.
     Buy      $21.95      Listen          

Kramer (Feat Bill Frisell): The Brill Building, Book Two

Guitarist Bill Frisell joins forces with producer/arranger Kramer for an exploration of the legendary song writing teams that were developed in the legendary Brill Building at 1619 Broadway in New York City, where songwriters like Paul Simon, Burt Bacharach, Neil Diamond, Doc Pomus, Al Kooper, and Carole King created some of American culture's most endearing work.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Novaks Kapelle: Fartwind - Complete Discography (1967-1979) [2 CDs]
(Trost Records)

Hard rocking Novaks Kapelle was an Austrian underground rock band, formed in 1967 by Erwin Novak, Walla Mauritz, Peter Travnicek and Helge Thor, with Paul Brown Steiner joining in 1970, and after a period of quiet, in 1978 jazz guitarist Harri Stojka joined the band; this double CD collects all known tracks, presenting a fascinating evolution of style.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          



Lambinet / Palosz / Sokolowski / Szuszkiewicz / Ziporyn: Musiquette. Improvisations on Gorecki

Recording in the Polish Radio studio, the quintet of Evan Ziporyn on clarinets, Adrien Lambinet on trombone, Mikolaj Palosz on cello, Kuba Sokolowski on piano and Kamil Szuszkiewica on trumpet improvise on the compositions "Musiquette IV op. 28" and "Lerchenmusick op. 53" by H. M. Gorecki, using conceptual approaches to his scores.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Strycharski / Andriessen: Ghost

Polish composer and recorder player Dominik Strycharski wrote these pieces in response to a work for the recorder by composer Louis Andriessen that he dedicated to Frans Bruggen: "Melodie"; Strycharski response is "Harmonie", performed in a duo with pianist Sebastian Zawadzki to demonstrate the impracticability of harmony in its purest forms.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

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Afrit Nebula (Edwards / Edwards / Harris):

Elio Amberg / Christoph Baumann:
Life In A Pond
(Creative Sources)

(Creative Sources)

Baker / Glover:
Love, Approximately
(Bad Architect Records)

(Squidco Records)

Thanos Chrysakis :
(Aural Terrains)

Satie Variations

Delta Saxophone Quartet:
Bowie, Berlin & Beyond

Jean Derome :
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Thomas Dimuzio / Alan Courtis:
Monk Style or Scream [VINYL]

Dunmall / Schubert / Dessanay / Bashford:
Sign Of The Times

Paul Dunmall / Percy Pursglove / Tony Orrell:
Nothing in Stone

Camille Emaille :
(Creative Sources)

Ensemble SuperMusique:
Les porteuses d'O
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Bernard Falaise :
Lezardes et zebrures
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Henry Cow:
Vol. 4 & 5: Trondheim
(Recommended Records)

Hybrid Ear (Schacher / Unternahrer / Arrizabalaga):
(Creative Sources)

Kabas + Luis Vicente + Carlos Godinho:
Negen / Live at SMUP

Dominik Karski :
GLIMMER Flute o'clock

Kern (Edith Steyer / Matthias Mueller / Yorgos Dimitriadis):
(Creative Sources)

Klaxon Gueule:
Ceci n'est pas [3 CDs]
(Sono Sordo)

Christian Kobi (solo and with Taku Sugimoto / Yoko Ikeda / Wakana Ikeda:
Atta! [VINYL]

Peter Kuhn Trio (Kuhn / Mtol / Hubbard):

Pierre Labbe :
parlures et parjures

Phillippe Lauzier :
A Pond in My Living Room

Phillippe Lauzier :
A Pond in My Living Room [VINYL]

Jose Lencastre / Jorge Nuno / Pedro Santo :
(Creative Sources)

Lisbon String Trio with Karoline Leblanc:
(Creative Sources)

Michael Lytle / Denman Maroney / Stephen Flinn:
(Creative Sources)

Miller / Martino / Nothover:
The Dinner Party

Harutaka Mochizuki :
Through The Glass
(Armageddon Nova)

#129 Winter 2017 [MAGAZINE + CD]

Aishi Oyauchi :
Hidden Though It Is Difficult
(Armageddon Nova)

Davide Piersanti / Hui-Chun Lin / Sergio Castrillon / Ulf Mengersen / Klaus Kurvers:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Nuno Torres / Carlos Santos / Stale Liavik Solberg :
(Creative Sources)

Rose / Kellers / Roder:
New World

Sainct Laurens (Pierre-Yves Martel / Philippe Lauzier):
Volume 2 [VINYL]

Schindler / Erel / Tramontana:

Mezei Szilard Trio (Mezei / Malina / Csik):

Voutchkova / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Mayas:
The Afterlife of Trees
(Creative Sources)

Wasteland Jazz Unit:
Attuned To Ruin [CASSETTE]
(Banned Productions)

Ame Zek :
First Bow
(Creative Sources)

Hubert Zemler :
Puppation of Dissonance


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