These Records

"Originally growing out of the Recommended 'family' of labels and contacts we now operate as an independent business with the aim of making available music that is otherwise hard to find or neglected by the more mainstream outlets."

These Records
112 Brook Drive
SE11 4TQ
fax: 0171 582 5278

(nearest tubes, Elephant & Castle and Lambeth North, please note that These maintains a very low profile, and there is no sign on the shop, simply a buzzer labeled These at the left side of the door.) These Records also have a mail-order catalog.

Heat 1 This Heat This Heat CD 1991
Heat 2CD This Heat Deceit CD 1991
These 3 Lights in the Fat City Somewhere LP
These 4 Fat Hit LP
These 5 Slant Hive LP 1989
These 6 This Heat Repeat CD 1993
These 7 Various Artists At Close Quarters
Steve Beresford/John Butcher
Charles Hayward
David Toop/Max Eastley
Nicolas Collins/Peter Cusack
CD 1993
These 9 Barbed CD
These 10 This Heat made available - John Peel Sessions CD 1996
These 11 Various Artists :Zoviet*France:
Jim O'Rourke
The Hafler Trio
CD 1995
These 12/6 This Heat Health & Efficiency/Repeat 12" & DLP CD 1999
These 13 Spaceheads Round the Outside Live in the USA CD 1999

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