RecRec 01 Debile Menthol Emile au jardin patrologique LP 1981
RecRec 02 Red Crayola Black Snakes LP 1983
RecRec 03 Ferdinand En Avant LP
RecRec 04 Werner Bartschi Klang-Klavier LP
RecRec 05 Skeleton Crew Learn to Talk LP
RecRec 06 Debile Menthol Battre Campagne LP
RecRec 07 Guigou Chevier/Sophie Jausserand A l'Abri des micro-climats LP
RecRec 08 Etron Fou Leloublan Face aux Elements dechaines LP
RecRec 09 Unknown Mix Loops LP
RecRec 10 Camberwell Now The Ghost Trade LP
RecRec 11 The Orthotonics Luminous Bipeds LP
RecRec 12 Skeleton Crew The Country of Blinds LP
RecRec 13 Bruniferd Bruniferd LP
RecRec 14 Harmonia Viva Canti Carnascialeschi Op12 CD
RecRec 15 Camberwell Now Green Fingers 12" 1987
RecRec 16 Tenko Slope LP 1987
RecDec 17 Negativland Escape from Noise CD
RecRec 18 miX 3 UnknownMIx LP 1987
RecRec 19 Nimal Nimal LP
RecRec 20 Fred Frith Technology of Tears 2*LP
RecRec 21 Zero Pop All The Big Mysteries LP 1987
RecRec 22 Unknownmix Snacks MS
RecDec 23 No Secrets in the Family Play & Strange Laughter CD 1989
RecDec 24 Werner Bartschi Wirrnis der Klange-Wirrnis der Seele CD
RecRec 25 No Safety This Lost Leg LP
RecRec 26 Christian Marclay Footsteps
box w/record from installation, poster, postcard & insert
LP 1989
RecRec 27 Unknownmix Whaha! LP
RecRec 28 After Dinner Paradise of Replica LP
RecDec 29 Negativland Helter Stupid CD
RecDec 30 Fred Frith Step Across the Border CD
RecDec 31 Nimal Voix de Surface CD
RecRec 32 Fred Frith/Ferdinand Richard Dropera LP 1989
RecDec 33 Bob Ostertag Attention Span CD
RecDec 34 Die Knodel Verkochte Tiroler CD
RecDec 35 Romeo Vendrame The Principle of Moments CD
RecDec 36 Ferdinand Ferdinand Et Les Philosophes CD
RecDec 37 Bob Ostertag Sooner Or Later CD 1991
RecDec 39 The Ex/Tom Cora Scrabbling at the Lock CD
RecDec 40 Fred Frith Helter Skelter CD
RecDec 41 The Hat Shoes Differently Desparate CD
RecDec 42 Tier Der Nacht Hot Stuff CD
RecDec 43 Il Gran Teatro Amaro Port-Famine CD
RecDec 44 Fred Frith Quartets CD
RecDec 45 No Safety Spill CD
RecDec 46 Unknownmix Domina Dea CD
RecDec 47 No Secrets in the Family Kleinzelt CD
RecDec 48 Tenko At the Top of Mt. Brocken CD
RecDec 49 Zero Pop Glows in the Dark CD 1992
RecDec 50 Various Artists Step to Another World Music CD
RecDec 512 Skeleton Crew Learn to Talk/Country of Blinds CD
RecDec 52 Catherine Jauniaux/Ikue Mori VibraSlaps CD
RecDec 53 Bob Ostertag Burns Like Fire CD 1992
recrec 54 Guy Klucevsek and The Bantam Orchestra Citrus, my love CD
RecDec 55 The Ex/Tom Cora And the Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders CD
RecDec 56 Il Gran Teatro Amaro Hotel Brennessel CD
ReCDec 57 Luigi Archetti Adrenalin CD
RecDec 58 Tier Der Nacht Wolpertinger CD
RecDec 59 Bob Ostertag Say No More CD 1993
RecDec 60 Fred Frith middle of the moment CD 1995
RecDec 61 Goz of Kermeur Irondelles CD
RecDec 62 Les Reines Prochaines Dumme Siech CD
RecDec 63 The Jellyfish Kiss Luna Hotel CD
RecDec 63S The Jellyfish Kiss Miss Edna CDS
recrec 63X The Jellyfish Kiss Cold Rain CDS
recrec 64 Die Knodel Die Noodle CD
RecDec 65 Ne Zhdali Hey, Driver, Cool Down the Horses CD
RecDec 67 Ne Zhdali Whatever happens, twist! CD
RecDec 68 The Ex Mudbird Shivers CD
RecDec 69 Il Gran Teatro Amaro Piazza Orphelins CD
RecDec 70 Fred Frith Allies, Music for Dance Volume 2 CD
RecDec 71 Pale Nudes Wise to The Heat CD
RecDec 72 Les Reines Prochaines Le coeur en beurre, double-gras CD
RecDec 77 Transfargo Mil Transit CD 2003
RecDec 76 The Hat Shoes Home CD 2002
RecDec 906 Massacre Killing Time CD
RecDec 907 Ostertag/Frith Voice of America LP 1982
RecDec 1015 Camberwell Now All's Well
* compilation of all CN material
CD 1992
RecDec 601 Debile Menthol Emile au jardin patrologique/Battre Campagne 2*CD 1994
RecDec 901 Fred Frith Gravity CD
RecDec 902 Fred Frith Cheap at Half the Price CD
recrec 903 Fred Frith Cheap At Half The Price CD/MC
RecDec 904 Fred Frith Guitar Solos CD
RecDec 905 No Secrets in the Family In a Certain Light We All Appear Green CD
recrec 906 Massacre Killing Time CD
recrec 907 Ostertag/Frith/Minton Voice of America CD
RecRec ?? Debile Menthole Live in Europe CASS
Negativland Christianity is Stupid T-SHIRT

Note: In most instances the CD reissue of a RecRec nn issue will be indexed as RecDec nn

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